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Professionalism: In eSports and in Life - Inspired by Lord Jerith



Hi guys its Trivium! Long time no talk? Anyways, we had an outbreak within Agent eSports, which spread onto Twitter. It infuriated me and I immediately though of vVv and The Five Pillars. For those who don't know I am an ex member of vVv, and I still love this organization! Many don't know, Jerry is a huge inspiration and one of my most favorite people in the world! I spoke to him a few times before, but when we met at MLG Columbus back in November, I was awe-stricken by the amount of intelligence one man can have, and motivated by his wording. Honestly, he's one of those people that can tell you more about yourself than you knew about yourself before! I'm sure everyone else who ever met him can agree with that as well!

Well anyway, here is the article! If you enjoyed it please retweet this tweet it would be very much appreciated! #BelievVve!


@Agent_Trivium on professionalism in @AgenteSports, eSports, and in General.

I expect everyone in @AgenteSports to maintain a higher level of professionalism, weather you are planning on going pro or not. If were giving you the chance, the least you can do is show we don't just pick up anybody. If you were able to look at our DM's on the Agent twitter and see how many people would love to have your opportunities, maybe you all would stop taking things for granted.

For those who don't know I was a player and staff member for an organization known as Vision Valor Victory, or vVv. When you apply and earn an interview to become part of the organization, you are expected to know and be able to explain the "Five Pillars of vVv Gaming" which I will link for everyone at the end of this article. These were written out by the owner himself and one of my personal mentors, vVv Lord Jerith. These pillars were established for two purposes: one as a guide to give every single person wanting to be involved in the a concrete post explaining what is expected of them as a member of vVv: and two, help vVv maintain the prestigious image it has managed to upkeep over 7 years, and earning itself over 120 top 5 placements in 20 different titles.

Is there a correlation to maturity over social media and respect for the teams each player represents? I'd say so.

It doesn't matter if you are a youth AM wanna be AM team, or a T8 team, act mature. If you think the players of Evil Genius, Complexity, Optic, Team Kaliber, or even Annex are where they are today by complaining about their team mates on social media, or down talking their own organization where the public can see or hear it? I don't think so.

Of course everyone messes up and says something they don't mean, or a harmless joke is taken the wrong way. But when it turns into a 14-15 tweet battle back and fourth, that is UNACCEPTABLE. I don't care if you have 40 followers and half of them are smurf accounts you made to make yourself look better (which thats a whole other story), that is still 20 people that get a poor taste in their mouth of you, as a representative of an organization, therefore making the organization, your team mates, other players, the staff, the designers, and the organization as a whole look bad.

Of course I used a small example and that may or may not have gotten the point across. Lets move on a larger scale now.

Your an AM team with a combined total of 1200 followers (we will say 500 per player and 200 on the team/org Twitter), you drop one player and announce you have an open slot on social media. Everything between you and the dropped player is worked out behind closed doors, everyone looks good.

On the other hand, if you say something along the lines of, "@'insert name here' is dropped from our team LF1" and nothing was resolved prior, or the dropped player wasn't informed before the Tweet went out, thats a major problem. Especially when names get thrown back and forth at one another, people cry and carry on, etc. Now that looks bad in front of a lot more people. Lets say somewhere along the line something gets 4-5 retweets from randoms with 200 followers a piece. Thats an additional 600 that see your immaturity, now your at an 1800 person reach. Thats how a lot of teams get a bad rep.

Even outside of eSports this little lesson is very, if not more, applicable. One day every single person reading this will represent something, weather its a small business, clothing brand, musical group, or even just there self. Being able to show the correct level of maturity, based on the situation, is key in anything you do, and problem solving is the most important skill in both the workplace, and at home.

Why not practice on a small scale? Learn how to interact on a day to day basis. Most importantly, hold yourself to the highest standards. Who knows, one day you could be interviewing for the position of a lifetime and how you compose yourself could determine your fate of that position.

One more thought before I end this post, I want to leave everyone something to think about and its a quote from Lord Jerith himself:

"It's not about what an organization can do for you, but what can you do for the organization".

For those of you not understanding that quote, I can tell you right now you will need a lot of work, especially if you want to be in the gaming and eSports industry.

This quote simply means , if you do good work for somebody (an eSports organization in this case), it will get recognized. If you are someone who puts 110% of their effort into something, passion, and maintain a positive presence in the [eSports] community, the organization will grow, and because of your involvement, YOU will grow.

In conclusion, just problem solve behind closed doors, and if you do get in an argument in public on social media, there are things called "Direct Messages". Send them there, leave them there. I want nothing but the best for the people we at Agent eSports pick up as players, but I also expect them to give us their best. If I see poor representation, I will take note and let you know in a PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL message. If problems persist, actions will be taken. On the other hand, I will do my best to reward the positives as well.

Thank you for reading this and I sincerely hope that this has opened some peoples eyes.

As promised here is a link to the 5 Pillars of vVv. Everyone should read this!


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