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Pathfinder Online Alpha 6




That is all.

Pathfinder Alpha 6 is BY FAR the best build of the game so far. You can really tell that the people of Goblinworks Inc. are putting their heart and soul (and most likely some broken fingers) into this game. The new UI is 100x better, the characters are starting to look better and better. In all honesty I think that at this rate by the time its per say Alpha 8 we will be having graphics better then that of WoW.

In other news. It has been rumored that Obsidian Games is going to make a "Neverwinter Knights" style game of Pathfinder for the computer. Those who haven't played Neverwinter Knights please do so, its an amazing game and while I am not supposed to be plugging DnD on a Paizo post but none the less.

In other other news. My internet is fixed. This means MORE MORE MORE Pathfinder!

IN THE BEST NEWS. Recruit a friend is coming soon, that means that if you want into the Alpha make sure to let me know or ask a friend to recruit you. This will give you access to the Alpha for the rest of its duration! Lets go!

Keep up the good work Goblinworks Inc! You guys are doing me a solid.

10/10 Will play this game.


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