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A change for the better



After making the decision to start taking my life more seriously, I started thinking about my living conditions. Right now, I'm living with 4 other people in a two bedroom apartment. There are two people in each room, and I sleep in the living room because I sleep like a rock. I'm almost certain I could be sleeping on concrete with a gunfight going on and still sleep like a baby. We have all 5 of our computer set-ups in the living room because most of us have different sleeping schedules and it makes it to where people can still be on their computers and let others sleep in peace. It makes for a fun enviroment but comes with quite a few downsides.

On more than one occasion, we've gotten on each other nerves with either the volume being too loud or laughter and talking too loud to hear what you're trying to listen to. I have a hard time focusing on things as it is, but it becomes almost impossible for me to do something about it with no place to get away from it all. If I ever want to start cracking down and getting stuff done, I need my own space.

Luckily enough for me, a coworker of mine has a room open for rent at his place. It would be about $80 more than what I'm paying now in rent but would come with so many added benefits. My own room, a washer/dryer, and air conditioning(Thank god). I would also be only a 5 minute walk away from my current job instead of the 30 minute drive I make now. So I decided to go for it and should be moved in by the end of the week. But this is has been sort of a bittersweet decision.

I've lived with my 4 other roommates for 2 and a half years now and have grown extremely close with them. I consider one of them to be my best friend. He let me move in rent free, with no job and paid for my food for 3 months while I looked for a job. If it weren't for him I'd probably still be living with my parents. I wouldn't even have my current job without him. Its just been alot of fun playing games, watching anime, and just goofing off with these guys, but I think this is for the better. It couldn't last forever.

Despite all that I'm looking forward to the change. Life can be bittersweet but it goes on nonetheless.

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I'm glad that you will be able to have your own space to relax and concentrate in your own time. I understand why it's bittersweet for you considering all your soon ex-roommate did to help you out. I would say thank you to him by offering to take him out somewhere, like paying for him to watch a movie or something or buying him a drink (If you can). Maybe he'll ask to crash at your place every now and again because he needs space from the mad house, who knows?!

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