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Curse of Naxxramas Update



Gold version Naxx cards have been revealed to be available to players the other day. It was stated in a recent blue post that by defeating the bosses in Heroic Mode we would then be able to craft the golden versions of the cards. You can see the blue post below for specific clarification.

Hey guys – there is a bit of confusion here that I wanted to help clear up.

First, let’s start off by quoting something I mentioned yesterday about golden Naxxramas card acquisition:

So, crafting golden cards was always a part of the equation during internal testing when it came to Heroic Mode. However, you were not able to craft golden versions of a card until you defeated the Heroic Mode version of that boss. Getting a golden card as a confirmed drop from a Heroic Naxxramas boss was never a part of the equation – they have always been craftable, but the ability to acquire and craft them used to be through defeating the Heroic Mode version of that boss as opposed to just getting the non-golden version of the card through Normal mode in order to craft the golden version.

This didn’t feel like a good reward for defeating a Heroic Mode boss in Naxxramas, so we took out the part where you had the defeat the boss on Heroic first to craft the card. In this manner, it made acquiring the golden version of Naxxramas cards more accessible to everyone.

This was not explicitly clear that crafting golden Naxxramas cards has always been a part of the equation in my initial post, hence the confusion that has manifested. For this I apologize – I hope this explanation helps clear up what may appear to be contradictory statements, but was in fact simply just omitted information in the initial post, where assumptions could easily be made.

Another change that has come up is that of how deathrattle will trigger. The new change will set it so that the order in which deathrattle triggers on minions that die simultaneously is first played first triggered. This is going to have a fairly large impact on the game as it will require a bit more precision when playing cards. This change will have an even larger effect due to the increase in deathrattle cards coming out with the Curse of Naxxramas expansion. Below is a twitter exchange to confirm the upcoming changes.


Finally, we have the released costs of the wings for Curse of Naxxramas pack. If you are planning on using real money your best bet would be to buy all the non free wings for $20. If however, you wish to simply buy them with gold you better start saving. It has come out to 2800 gold required to unlock all the remaining wings. The best way to do that would be to start doing your quests frequently and resetting any quests that is below 100 for a chance to get one worth 100.



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