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One Key to Winning at Hearthstone



For this blog I decided to take a slightly different approach from my usual entries and focus on something I think gets overlooked a lot. especially in competitive gaming. Please take the time to read through and I would love to get some feedback on this type of stuff to see if it would be well received in the future!

Hearthstone is a game about skill, RNG, and mindset. Having the right skill will only take you so far, and then a little bit of luck kicks in to either boost

you further or push you back. There is however one more factor that is often overlooked in not only Hearthstone, but all professional competitions, and that is your mindset. How you feel and think going into a game, as well as throughout it has a large impact on how well you do.

If you have ever watched poker you are probably familiar with the term “being on tilt”, which is a reference for being upset basically. When someone

is on tilt they make poor choices due to lack of concentration of focus. This can happen from such things as having bad pulls to the opponent having just the right cards to counter you. The important thing to do though is to always remain calm and assess the situation. If you pull crap cards, getting frustrated is not going to help you any. Being upset will only hinder your playing and hurt you.

Here are a couple ways to stay calm while playing, especially when stuck in a tough spot. The first is to practice something called primals. Primals are

a technique primarily used in the MMA world to deal with nerves. The most common technique is to simply scream as loud as you can. This action will send endorphins through the body that create a calm sensation. The second technique is the heel stomp, which is frequently used in Thai Chi. The heel stomp is a tension relieving exercise, which is fairly simple to execute. Simply close your eyes, put your head straight and forward, bend your knees and put your hands to the side. Then quickly lift your heels while keeping your back straight and drop all the weight on your heels, slamming them into the ground. When you hit the ground let out an exhale and even a grunt to relieve the stress.

These are two quick techniques that can be used before, during, or after a game to help to keep you calm. While you may thinkthat your

mental state doesn’t affect your gaming, you would be wrong. Keeping calm, especially in times of high stress, can do wonders for your decision making and skill level. You will be able to see things much clearer and make better decisions. Try these out the next time you decide to play Hearthstone or any game really, and see how they affect your play!


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