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Curse of Naxxramas Leak



Curse of Naxxramas Leaked Pictures!


Last night someone of Reddit leaked a ton of images for the upcoming Curse of Naxxramas Hearthstone expansion. The images can be seen below and consist of cards, bosses, and much more! They appear to be legitimate from what can be seen. A writer at PCGamer inquired to Blizzard to confirm the leak and the following response was given "We appreciate your checking in with us, but we don't comment on rumors or speculation." The expected release date is sometimes this summer, and is being hyped up through class specific card releases weekly.

Curse of Naxxramas will be the first solo full story expansion for Hearthstone and is set in the same layout as the famous WoW raid. There are 5 wings that will have to be unlocked over a 5 week period, 30 new cards most of which are deathrattle related in theme, and a plethora of story line! The current rumor is that the first wing is free and subsequent wings will have to be unlocked via in-game gold or real money. It is a perfect time for Blizzard to release some new cards to shake up the meta game, as it has been pretty much the same since release.








We can see an example of the overall layout of wing selection. Looks like a standard layout that is to be expected.


These are the recently shown hunter webspinner cards that are sure to buff the Hunter class right back up. The fact that they are 1 drop is rough, even though there only 1/1 cards the deathrattle really makes these very viable.


This looks to be a preview of Loatheb and his hero class ability. If the other boss fights are anything like this looks to be we are in for some serious fights!


These are speculated to be playable cards for players. They are very nice cards to have and for only being 5 cost drops they are sure to see some serious play.


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