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SludgeHammer Game ( Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare ) 6-15-2014



Hyped about the new Call of Duty? But don't know where to get the latest information. Don't worry I can help you, for about 3 years now I have been getting the latest information on new Call of Duty's games. With the help other blogger friends, Microsoft employees, and family in the gaming industry, i'll make you excited about the next game without ruining any special gifts for players like DLC, add-ons, and Player packs.

Enough about me now its time for what you have been waiting for:

Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare Guns (AR) :

1. Mystery Bullpup

2. ARX-160

3. AK-12 (Redone)

4. P416

5. SIG556xi Carbon (Rename disclosed)

6. Galil ACE 22 (Rename Disclosed)


1. Negev/ PKM


1. P99

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