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Miracle Whip




Hey there and welcome back to "The Coin"! I just got back from Florida so that is why this blog is so late from the last one, but better late than never.

Today I would like to discuss the rogue class in Hearthstone, and in particular a rogue deck that many have probably heard of and some even play, and that is the Miracle Rogue.

While I call this a miracle rogue deck it is a mix of tempo and miracle, but the main focus is on the miracle. It is a fairly advanced deck to use and is not recommended for beginners. It is an extremely fun deck to play though and very powerful.



Miracle Rogue Guide

To start I will cover what has changed from your standard miracle rogue deck, and that is the addition of Perdition's Blade and Mad Bomber. You might notice that I won't be using VanCLeef , Assassin's Blade , and Fan of Knives, and will replace them with the Perdition's Blade and 2 Mad Bombers. The Mad Bomber is useful in that for the majority of time you won't have minions on the board and a lot of aggro decks run 1hp minions. By putting in the Perdition's Blade we can make it act as another SI7 Agent without the loss of value from combo's.

Pros and cons

This deck does very well against aggro and face damage decks, because of these new cards. It will however do worse against control decks, but not by much.


The main way you will get wins is by bursting damage with Leeroy Jenkins, Shadowstep, Cold Blood, Eviscerate, and those can be hard to get all in one hand. To do that you're going to need to delay and have a lot of card draws.

That is the very basic design of this deck, and all cards help to either burst, draw, or delay. The most important card to get is your Gadgetzan Auctioneer and to couple it with either Shadowstep or Conceal.

To make Auctioneer most effective you will want to have a decent amount of spells to use and save them for when completely necessary. Next you will want to make sure to play defensive to your minions, and keep the board clear. Never attack to the face with your hero if you can make a play next turn, and always have your weapon out before using Auctioneer so you may cycle with Deadly Poison.

Card Roles

-Backstab is going to be the best way to get your combos out early and a great way to cycle cards late game with the Auctioneer.

-Preperation is very good against aggro or to get combos out, however it is rare. The main use for the card is to be used with the Auctioneer.

-Shadowstep used with Leeroy Jenkins to finish off a game is incredibly powerful. If you're playing an aggro you can also use your Shadowstep against a damaged SI7 Agent or with Coldlight Oracle to burn through your opponents deck or have sap destroy minions.

-Cold Blood is also an excellent card to use to cycle Auctioneer and do a good amount of damage. It may also be used to do damage and conceal a minion or force a small minion to be dealt with.

-Conceal is also a card that should be used with Auctioneer, or to secure lethal.

-Dealy Poison may be used for damage to face, activate combos, or as a removal.

-Blade Flurry is a board clearer or to be used for a double attack in one turn.

-Eviscerate is also an excellent removal and for securing lethal, or to do damage through taunts.

-Sap is an excellent delay, and can be used to get to Assassinate if used with Coldlight Oracle. It may also be used to remove taunts or secure lethal.

-Shiv may be used to delay.

-Bloodmage Thalnos is used to cycle through your deck and get +1 damage.

-Mad Bomber has a battlecry that is great for removal or damage to face, and it really won't matter to much if it hits you.

-Perdition's Blade is great for damage to face, removal, or to max out Blade FLurry.

-Coldlight oracle is great for cycling, or to burn through the opponents cards, but you should be careful as it may be more beneficial for your opponent to draw 2 cards than you.

-SI7 Agent is your bread and butter for making it past early game, and can be used very effectively with Shadowstep.

-Leeroy Jenkins is going to be your main source of damage and is to be used with shadowstep idealy.

-Gadgetzan Auctioneer should never be sent out if you kno wit can be killed instantly, and will want to be protected with either Conceal or Shadowstep. If you use conceal you should be careful for Shadowflames, Flares, and Deadly Shots, however you also need to be careful that you don't use shadowstep and not have enough damage to lethal late game.



You will always want to mulligan for survival cards, and feel free to throw away Auctioneer against decks that coud be aggro. If you play right you will survive long enough to get the cards for late game.

Your main search when getting your starting cards is to find Backstab, Deadly Poison, Mad Bomber, Perdition's Blade, SI7 Agent, and the Coldlight Oracle. You may also keep Blade Flurry if you drew Deadly Poison, and Shadowstep if you drew and SI7 Agent. Feel free to mulligan and duplicates as you only really need one of each.


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