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Hearthstone: 101 Intro to Hearth



How to get started in Hearthstone:


Welcome to "The Coin", a blog all about Hearthstone! My name in game is DayLyte and today I will be bringing you a guide on how to get started in Hearthstone.

First Steps:

When you first get into the game you're going to want to get the following things ASAP.



Character Unlocks

The best way to get these is to play against the AI, which will more than likely net you more wins faster than online play. While it may be boring, it will help you to unlock all the necessary items much faster.

First Games:

Once you are all settled in and ready to play you will see that the first class you will be playing is the mage. This is a great place to start as they are a very well balanced class. I personally play a mage deck in ranked play and has worked out very well for me, even with an over abundance of hunter decks.


This is a decent mage deck that is completely free and will help you to level up.

1 Arcane Missiles (2)

2 Arcane Explosion (2)

2 Frostbolt (2)

2 Acidic Swamp Ooze (2)

2 Kobold Geomancer (2)

2 Novice Engineer (2)

3 Arcane Intellect (2)

3 Wolfrider (2)

4 Fireball (2)

4 Polymorph (2)

4 Gnomish Inventor (2)

4 Ogre Magi (2)

4 Water Elemental (2)

6 Archmage (2)

7 Flamestrike (2)

Once you have your deck built you will want to beat each of the different AI opponents for 100 gold. After you have done that you are going to do it again, but on expert level for another 100 gold. You should also note that the game does not show you which classes you have beat, so you should keep track on your own as to not waste time repeating. Once you hit level 10 on the mage, you should begin switching to other classes to level all 9 of them to 10 which will get you not only another 100 gold, but all the basic cards.

Once you are comfortable with your play and feel you have a decent deck, you can venture into online play in the "Play" mode. Winning here grants you stars, and each time you fill up your bar of stars you will rank up. There are 25 ranks to go through, and beyond that start the legendary ranks, which I will get into another time. Every time you win 3 matches in Play mode you will also get 10 gold.

What to do with gold:

You should also have a good supply of gold after beating all the AI's (100 for unlocking the heroes, 100 for beating all the AI, and some spare for small achievements.) With that you can either buy a pack of cards for 100 gold, or go into the arena for 150 gold. Your first arena entry in completely free, and you should take advantage of that by being prepared.


If you choose the smarter path of spending your gold on arenas, then you are guaranteed at least one pack of cards. When you go into an arena you will choose out of 4 heroes. From there you will do a draft where you will be given three cards to choose from at a time to build your deck. Once your deck is built you will begin playing games. Depending on how well you do, you will get keys, each win will move you further up in key ranks. You may get crafting items or gold along with your card pack depending on if and how much you win in the arena. If you can manage to win 4 games in the arena then you will at least break even. If you can win 7 games you will get your 150 gold back, and much more. If you feel you can win at least half your games I highly recommend spending your gold on arenas.

How to Get More Gold:

At this point you may have spent all your gold and be wondering, "how do I get more?", well there are a couple ways to do that. The first is through achievements and daily quests which all give different awards, so take a look through the achievements below. The second is by winning games, as stated earlier winning three games will net you 10 gold.


Win 100 games in any mode. (300g)

Win 1000 games in any mode. (300g)

Unlock every Hero. (100g)

Defeat every Expert AI Hero. (100g)

Collect every card in the Basic Set (all heroes to level 10). (100g)

Collect every card in the Expert Set. (100g)

Disenchant a card for the first time (95 dust) (Used to create new cards)

Daily: (One per day, randomly, stacks up to 3 even if you don't login)

Win 2 game with [insert 2x Random Class] in any mode. (40g)

Win 7 games in any mode. (100g)

Destroy 40 minions. (40g)

Play 20 minions that cost 5 or more. (40g)

Play 40 minions that cost 2 or less. (40g)

Cast 40 spells. (40g)

Deal 100 damage to enemy heroes. (40g)

Win 3 games with any class. (40g)

Win 5 games with [insert Random Class] (60g)

With all of that you will be off to a solid start in Hearthstone in just a few hours of play, and you'll have plenty of gold to get going in arenas. Best of Luck!

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