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The Return of My Team Black Angel Gaming, New Twist



blog-0625045001396615641.pngSo, I am officially returning Black Angel Gaming. This is a team designed to develop not only mine, but other local talent in the Pittsburgh area. I am currently talking to a few players locally, some followed by pros/top am's and one by vVv Gaming its self. Once the final roster is fully confirmed I will make another blog releasing the details. As I mentioned in my away post, this is not full time at all. Just enough time per week to develop to play a LAN monthly, and keep brushed up on the feel of playing LAN events.

I will be updating the team twitter as soon as possible, but have just received a team partnership with Cinch Gaming. Cinch is very similar to Scuf, except where Scuf uses paddles, Cinch uses small buttons located near your middle or ring finger. With the feel of the X1 controller in my hand, I find the buttons to be a lot more convenient and comfortable, instead of resting on the paddles like i did on the 360, since I was used to the paddles, I had to adjust, but it was quick and easy! Like what you see below? Use our promo code BaPgh for 5% off your purchase!



Thank you guys for reading! Follow us on Twitter @bA_Gaming!

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