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Scuf XB1 Controller Helps Tips & Recommendations




***Remember all these are based on what I use or have used, but it is up to you to decide what you wish to use. I am just trying to help***

Buy a rechargeable battery charger that can charge both AA & AAA batteries. and have at least 6 AA or more batteries. Use 2 AA in the controller with the others charged or charging. Most come with AAA also which would be the best so you can use them on your headsets.

  • Best I used is this:

Sanyo Eneloop Ni-MH Charger (with 8 "AA" and 2 "AAA" Batteries, Plus 2 "C" and 2 "D" Adpaters)
. Found at Amazon.com = $36.29 + Tax

*****EXTRA: Have 2 containers label one "Dead Batteries" and the other "Charged Batteries". As you can guess that you place all batteries in the correct container. I use this so I know what to charge, when I need to, and how many to.*****

  • PLEASE READ: By reading these tips below it will maybe hard to understand because the controller is very sensitive and adjusting it is very hard to do it unless you are not told or shown how, if you wish to contact me to help you to make your controller work the best way possible for what game you play.
  • Also remember the setting of each game are different are not the same adjusting your controller will be hard to when playing other games.

GT: vVv WooTang


The Grips:

These are a pain to take off and get annoying if you try to do it the way the instructions tell you to.

Easiest way to do this is to start at the top side of the grip and pop it loose, then continue this down the grip until it pops right off, if you don't have nails or don't wish to use them use a small flat head screw driver, but if you will scratch the controller.

Now if you wish to be a little bit more crazy, just simply drill a small hole in the grip that will allow you just to the key straight into the adjustment screw, my friend does this but that is to extreme for me to do.

Best way to adjust your triggers:

  1. Turn the key clockwise (right) until the gun is aims or shoots by itself ( if you add pressure the gun will aim or shoot )
  2. Then slowly turn the key to counter clockwise (Left) until it stops aiming/shooting
  3. Make sure that if you add pressure to the area it will not aim/shoot itself
  4. Once it stopped aiming turn the key so until it works the way you wish

IMPORTANT: If the adjuster is set where if you just tap the trigger than the by adding pressure to that area will make it aim/shoot. If this happens turn the key a 1/2 - 1 turn or more if needed to fix this. Also when adjusting because you are adding pressure to that area it will aim/shoot, to make sure this does not effect the way you wish to have the triggers as you wish just simply make the adjustment and let go of the key and see what happens.

Remember that if anyone wishes to contact me just send me a message via XB1 or leave a post here. GT: vVv WooTang


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