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Who Am I?



So while I'm away I want to try to do at least one blog entry a week just to stay a bit active. Once again my post is in our away section, but as of now its until May 10th. I'm currently on a bus headed to Penn State University Park campus so I have plenty of time on my hands (Three hours to be exact). I promise I'll try to make these as entertaining as possible :yucky::yucky::yucky:

So I am nearing around half a year here as a member of vVv. I had the chance to develop a relationship with many people at MLG Columbus and it was such a great experience! For anyone contemplating on going to any event I highly suggest going at least once. But for the people who I haven't met, especially those who play MMO's because on the rare occasions I am on mumble, its my once a month game of League of Legends.

Starting off with the literals of who I am my name is Alex Ribeau. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Currently I am attending Penn State as a Psychology major. My ultimate dream is to live Bam Margera's life. Through all of his ups and downs he's been through, I still think he lives the most awesome lifestyle of all time! Who else has taken a jigsaw and cut a moonroof into his Lambo, with Billy Idol should I add. A skateboarder, Jackass star, musician, actor (kind of), and the star of two TV shows! Forget the money he has, his just lives his life! If the man wants to take a trip to Helsinki, Finland he takes a trip to Finland.

Ill post a video here later. Youtube is blocked on the bus...

All my life I have played music. I started at the age of 6 playing piano, but quickly transitioning to guitar because its more fun to me. At an early age, I was playing songs from bands such as Ratt, Scorpions, and Def Leppard. As a huge metal fan, my taste has changed a lot. I listen to bands like As I Lay Dying, Children of Bodom, and, go figure, Trivium. At 15 I joined my first band and have played maybe 30 shows throughout Pittsbugh. I did this until I was 17 and this is when I learned to never change for a girlfriend ever again. She wanted to spend more time with me and my band practices schedule (because I played in two at this point). The passion and aggression I play with is greater than ever, but I don't pick things up as fast and can't play with extreme speed. The transition back has in no way been easy for me. I strive for perfection since it's probably my biggest passion.

I currently have a kick ass girlfriend! I do have to travel to see her, and thats why I am on this bus. She is super supportive of anything I do, weather it be gaming (sometimes she'll watch me play on twitch) or music, which is the reason she ever started talking to me anyway. Even through there was a point where I was a… ummm… butt hole (keeping it PG) to her and we went our separate ways for a while (which this is a whole other story I really don't want to get into) we are both willing to forget the past and see what the future could bring.

Other simple things about me, which I will list in bullet points.

- I'm not into politics and not religious, but I respect the boundaries and am open to listen to anyones ideas and opinions.

- I love dogs and strongly dislike cats.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger is my favorite actor (in case you didn't notice my forum signature).

- I wish I was a comedian on a daily basis.

- I tend to be easy to get along with and it's really hard to get on my bad side.

If anyone wants to ever talk, feel free to message me on here, send me a tweet @@vVv_Trivium , or send me a message on Xbox live. Twitter is always best if you really don't care if people see :P

This was pretty general, just trying to give some people I haven't met a bit of info on who I am as a person. If theres anything people would like me to talk about I'm open to almost anything! Just drop me a comment down below!

Thanks for reading talk to you guys soon!

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