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After Using The Scuf XB1 Controller Review: Final Thoughts



After playing on the XB1 Scuf Controller here are my thoughts

The Paddles:

The XB1 Scuf Controller that its very hard to get used to unlike the 360 controller, the main reason for that is that the spacing of the paddles. When I was playing I was having problems pressing the peddles, the paddles are placed in a style causing me to change the grip on the controller so when I was playing it was very uncomfortable. In a way the stiffness of the paddles make it hard to press at some times because they are new and will become easier to press the more I use them. If I was holding the controller in the normal grip I would be pressing down on the top of the paddles which made me have to use more pressure to use them, but like I said that this will go away as use them more and more. The stupidest thing about the paddles is that when you add, remove or replace them the paddles are attached to the battery cover. By doing this it makes the paddles are exposed and can be damaged when one is not being careful

The Trigger stoppers:

Also when pressing down on the triggers the stoppers in the trigger made it feel weird and could use some adjusting, but I am not going to rip off the grip so I do that. In reality it all comes down to the person: if they like the distance of the pull of the trigger, the way they grip the controller, how they like to press the paddles and the pressure needed to do so. I hate the that the adjusters are in the grips and are a pain in the ass to remove them and sometimes I feel like I am breaking it, this makes me not to mess with the controller,

In a way there is not much to say about the controller due to the fact that it is just the regular controller with the paddles and the way the user would like the way that they holding it. I wish I could go more into details about the controller but its just the addition of the grips, trigger stoppers/adjusters, and the paddles. Also the way the user would customize the controller to their personal liking that would make the most impact on the way the controller feels and used.

Last Words:

The Scuf Controller is a very good for gamers it can also be the very bad for them to. People with small hands will have a very hard time using the controller, due to its design of the controller and the setup way the paddles are setup it will be very hard to use it. I was was very pleased on how it works in and feels when holding it, but due to its design sometimes it is hard to use the paddles and if you are a person with small hands it will be very very hard to use them.

So Basically

  • People with small hands would have a very hare time to use the controller
  • Paddles are very close together and people with big hands can easily hit 2 paddles at 1 time
  • Female gamers with long or semi long nails will probably break them when trying to remove the grips
  • Upgrade the joysticks higher and in the Dome Shape
  • Runs off 2 AA batteries
  • You should by a pack of Rechargeable batteries, because it will save you money
  • You don't really need to adjust the triggers it aims/shoots as soon as hits the stopper ( but I can show you how to make them better )
  • The grips are a pain to get off and adjustments are really not needed unless your not using it for games like TitanFall or COD
  • The mic adapter takes some effort to connect, this is because it needs to be at a certain angle and you will need to wiggle it around some
  • Paddles are connected to the battery cover

My Rating of the XB1 Scuf Controller in a rating of 1-5:


If this helps you dont for get about the link button :D


Recommended Comments

I dont think they will, once they have already made the product they will stick to it unless there is a high amount of people complaining about it and telling them what they wish to be changed. Other than that they will continue with what they offer, the only thing may change is new colors for the controller because we all know that hey are not going to change the controller design they will just add the Scuf upgrades and thats all

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