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The Scuf XB1 Controller Review: The Good, Bad, Horrible



Yesterday I finally got my XB1 controller and yes it a great product and is but I feel like they should have done better or not have do at all. Now my controller is look just like the original because I am to cheap to by a $20 color change. All that is different is the paddles and the grip that they provide.

It's not often that I have the complaints and be kinda disappointed in the product of anything that I buy. After you read this you decide if it is worth it.

The Good:

  • The paddles that is what Scuf is know for and makes their product one the best things out there for us console gamers.
  • The grip which makes it easier to hold on to
  • No vibration because in some games it gets annoying and you cant turn it off
  • Trigger stoppers are inside the trigger itself so it looks like a normal controller
  • The joysticks can be customized to make them more comfortable depending on your the size of your hands
    • ( I highly recommend to raise them and make them the dome style )

    [*]Comes with custom light colors ( I have blue )

The Bad:

  • Runs on batteries which will cost you a lot of money in buying batteries if you use it a lot. Unlike the 360 where you plug it in to charge this runs off 2 AA batteries that they provide you.
    • I recommend that you just buy rechargeable batteries

    [*]The Paddles are very close together, unlike the 360 controller due to the design of the controller they had to make the paddle very close together and it is sometimes a problems for someone who has big hands like myself or any female gamers that have long nails.

    [*]The trigger stopper adjusters are in the grips of the controller, yes that's where they really are. So now to adjust your stoppers you have to remove the grips which they show you how

    [*]The Adjustment Screws are can easily stripped and you cannot used them

The Horrible:

  • The Paddles are attached to the battery cover so ever time you remover the cover to change the batteries the paddles come off to. By removing them away from the controller it self if makes them easier to be broken.
  • As I said that earlier remove the grips but the thing is grips is pain in the ass, they say "Pull Here" and show you the spot but its so freaking hard to do it. The first time I did it I thought I just broke my controller. I consider my self to be a strong young man and I was pulling my hardest to get them off, and for the female gamers be advised your nails will be broken if you have long or in the middle. But they do provide a tiny plastic tool to help you.

Note: The headset adapter requires a special way to connect it. I does not pop right on here is the link to help you out



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