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An introduction and Goal Setting



Hello everyone, Shorlong here! I am starting this blog for multiple reasons. But before I get into that, I would like to introduce myself...

(scrolls to introduction post on forums.....finds it....copy.....paste....)

My name is Tim, but you can call me Shorlong. I'm also known as BloodRaven or SevasTra from some older games (namely CoD1, Raven Shield, Ghost Recon 1 and MxO). I've been into video games my whole life, starting with the atari all the way up to now. I currently own only a PC and a PS2 (and a broken 360...) but plan on getting a X1 and a PS4.

I am married to an amazing woman (also a gamer, but not a social gamer) and we have a little zoo (we used to do animal education shows and worked with a local zoo on conservation). I breed carpet pythons and certain species of gecko (mostly day geckos). I am also an independent film maker, focusing on horror films. Finally, I am (obviously) a huge fan of games, and have gone to school for game creation and development, and am looking to pick that back up again.

I also dream of having my own show about games, some sort of news thing (similar to Jess McDonald on gamespot) just giving updates on the games announced or new rumors and reveals, esports updates and the like. Unfortunately, similar to the X1 and PS4, I have to wait on that due to money for a decent camera (I can't rent cameras for that like I do for a film, as the price is outrageous for such a small need. It costs around $1,000 a day to rent a decent camera, vs buying one that would do the job for $500....)

(Decides to write now...)

So, a few other tidbits of information. I play a lot of different game styles. I play DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online), TERA and LotRO (where I am a guild leader in all three). I also play several single player games (Batman series, Tomb Raider, South Park). I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Final Fantasy Series, especially Tactics.

So, what are my goals with this blog?

Similar to my youtube channel of the same name, Shorlong Sucks at Games, I am looking to have fun. However, I have loftier goals than that. I also plan to use this space to speak my mind about gaming in general, and also, my aspirations on becoming a pro.

That's right, I want to be a pro. My problem? Well, I'm really not that good. But, I figure if there is a good time to become a pro at a game, it's in the beginning. So, I am trying to hone my craft for Titanfall, and I will use this spot to talk about my progression, as well as give updates on the esports side of things.

So, that's it for now. I am hoping to make this a daily blog (along with my daily videos on my channel.) Thanks everyone for reading!


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