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Blood Moon Chapter 1 Preview.



Chapter 1

It was a calm New Orleans night, the moon was a dark shade of gray high in the sky there were only a few stars out that could be seen. Standing at the corner under a lone street lamp, stood a man just watching as people passed by talking on cell phones or listening to their MP3’s. Unnoticed he started walking the French Quarter towards the Saint Louis Cemetery, to anyone else Darius Drake seemed like a normal ordinary 23 year old guy short black hair eyes as blue as the sea with a slight red tint around the iris. There was a certain edge to him that kept people at a distance but none the less he seemed normal to the outsiders that looked on, except he has a dark secret one that has been plaguing him for years.

As he reached the gate to the cemetery’s entrance he pauses and stares at a couple walking by holding hands, a sudden sadness hits him as a single tear falls from his eye he remembers a time long ago a time of happiness. As he turns and walks into the cemetery he walks down a stone path weathered with age a path that he’s walked countless times in the past, as he passes new gravestones he looks on down the path seeing it change from new to old tombs he’s entered the oldest part of the cemetery where the above ground tombs and crypts lie. There at the end of the path lies a tomb and atop the tomb stand a statue of an angel with its hand outstretched towards the heavens, as he gets closer to the tomb the sadness overtakes him again a pain he feels in his heart a thing he thought long dead. The tomb reads Emma Drake loving wife there is another name which is covered by dirt so Darius wipes with the end of his shirt sleeve revealing another name and at the sight of the name he falls to his knees it reads William Drake beloved son. He stares at both names the sorrow and pain hits him once more, he closes his eyes and as he opens them he stares out over a huge plantation acres long as he standing there on the porch he’s watching a small boy no older then 2 playing with a wooden horse.

As Darius watches his son William play he hears footsteps behind him as he turned he sees in the doorway of the house a beautiful woman no older then 22 with long blonde hair as fair as silk, blue eyes that are like looking at the sky, with skin so fair. Darius smiles and thinks how he’s the luckiest man alive he walks towards her and takes her in his arms and kisses her so passionately and lovingly. When he opens his eyes he’s back at the cemetery staring at the tomb he stands and puts down a small wooden horse atop the tomb, as he lets go of the toy he closes his eyes again but when he opens them this time he’s walking in the door of his house he calls out “Emma my love I’m home” nothing is said back he walk around the corner towards the parlor when he’s hit by a strong smell of copper suddenly he’s hit with fear cause he realizes that its not copper he’s smelling its blood. He runs into the parlor he pauses and falls to his knees there on the floor in front of him lies a body on their stomach he is paralyzed with fear as he reaches to turn the body over he is whispering “please lord not my Emma” as the face comes into view he screams at the top of his lungs “No!!!” There lying in a pool of blood is Emma his wife her throat is torn open and blood is pouring out, he pulls her into his arms crying when suddenly terror hits him where is his son.

Darius gets up and runs throughout the house screaming for William but no response as he reaches Williams room he’s hit with that coppery smell he pauses as he opens his son’s door to see there, lying in his sons bed a beaten and bloody body of a child he falls to his knees with pain he reaches for the body of his son but can not bring himself to touch the body, he moves a lock of hair from the boys face and breaks down and he puts his head in his hands and starts crying again. When he lifts his head this time he is back at the cemetery staring at the tomb of his wife and son. There is more dirt covering up writing under their names he wipes the dirt away to reveal the full engraving on the tomb it fully reads Emma Drake loving wife born, 1784 died, 1806 William Drake beloved son born, 1804 died, 1806.


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