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3/3/14 Updates - R.I.P Annie Support



Another week and another list of changes have been checked into the PBE for league of legends. While there are not an abundance of changes to be discussed at this point, there are several important changes to talk about! Today I will be discussing the latest PBE changes and the effects these changes will have on the current meta from my point of view. For those of you who have not had a chance to peruse the new patch notes, you can find them here.

----- 3/3 CHAMPION CHANGES -------------------------------------------------------------------------

** NOTE: Colors are reflective of my opinion on the changes proposed. [Negative Change] [Minimal Impact Change] [Positive Change]

Kassadin [Reworking day and night]: I think that we can all agree, Kassadin has been a juggernaut at drawing picks/bans for the better part of the past 2 seasons. He is the only champion to be consistently banned out for the majority of his lifespan due to his incredibly strong kit for assassination, which allows for quick movement across the map and huge amounts of spike damage. Since the Kassadin rework is highly volatile, I am going to refrain from going into specifics until the changes are more concrete.

The general Idea behind the proposed changes is to remove some of Kassadin's scaling from AP and make him benefit from having a sizable mana pool. I think this idea is a good move for kassadin as it better defines his role within the current meta without losing his "uniqueness". By having kassadin scale off of a combination of AP and mana ratio, it places kassadin in a position similar to Ryze. Kassadin will be able to forego some of the typical AP items for more tank centric items without losing significant late game strength. In my opinion, I believe that the current changes to Kassadin's kit will make him a very strong AP Bruiser-Assassin for Top/Middle/Jungle.

Annie [bye bye bot lane, Hello Mid!]: Okay so Annie has been a flavor of season 4 since the get go. Annie is not intended to play the support role and it appears that Riot is taking steps to enforce that. Riot has nerfed annie's base damage on her abilities but buffed the scaling AP ratio on her abilities to reward players who build annie as a mage. Annie was also given a generous boost to her Disintegrate (Q) which will now half the CD timer upon killing a unit with Disintegrate. All in all, I think these changes will accomplish what Riot is trying to accomplish with Annie. These changes will severely hamstring Annie's strength as a support due to her damage and harass being much weaker, however, it will increase Annie's sustain, wave clear and late game potential.

Disintegrate ( Q ):
  • ​​​New Effect: Killing a unit with Disintegrate now reduces the cool down of Disintegrate by 50%
  • Current Damage: 85/125/165/205/245 + 0.7*AP
  • PBE Damage: 80/115/150/185/220 + 0.8*AP
  • Around 300 AP is when the new Disintegrate out powers the old

Incinerate ( W ):
  • Current Damage: 80/130/180/230/280 + 0.75*AP
  • PBE Damage: 70/115/160/205/250 + 0.85*AP
  • Around 300 AP is when the new Incinerate out powers the old

Summon: Tibbers ( R ):
  • Current Damage: 200/325/450 + 0.7*AP
  • PBE Damage: 175/300/425 + 0.8*AP
  • Around 300 AP is when the new TIbbers out powers the old

Maokai [Rotting Away]: I am and always will be a big fan of Maokai as he was my first jungler I ever became proficient at. That being said, Maokai has had some problems fitting into the meta as he stands. Maokai's biggest issue is that he does not generate enough pressure in the jungle or on the map to create openings. Yes, maokai is a decent ganker but he moves so slowly through the jungle that ganking is detrimental unless perfectly timed and executed. Riot has made a good step in improving maokai's sustainability by reducing the mana cost to both Arcane Smash and Vengeful Maelstrom, however, I do not think it is enough for this tree to spread it's roots. Maokai is just missing that "umph" factor to bring him.

Arcane Smash ( Q ):
  • Current Mana Cost: 55
  • PBE Mana Cost: 45

Vengeful Maelstrom ( R ):
  • Current Mana Cost: 75 mana, 30 mana per second
  • PBE Mana Cost: 75 mana, 20 mana per second

Nautilus [Have Shield, Will Tank]: In season 3, Nautilus was my favorite jungler. As I main support and love champions with "hooks", nautilus was a fantastic transition champion into the jungle. Nautilus suffers from the same issues as Maokai as that he is ultra tanky. Ultra tanky junglers who have decent ganks but weak damage and high cooldowns are not fitting into this meta. These ultra tanks can not utilize all of the extra gold introduced into season 4 as they do not need a lot of items to preform their job and they do not scale extremely well with damage attributes. He is meant to be a big ol' tank who initiates and controls the "front line" which is why i think the changes made to Titan's Wrath is a step towards the right direction. By increasing the strength of the shield gained and reducing the cooldown, nautilus will be more sustainable in the jungle and he will get a nice spike in damage with a lower CD on Titan's Wrath. I would say that this change is a step in the right direction but I think there is more to be done. Maybe if the buff to Naut's damage from Titan's Wrath had a fixed duration outside of "when the shield is active" he would be a more reliable pick. What I mean by this is that If Naut casts Titan's wrath to "soak damage" and the damage eats the shield, the damage buff should remain active for a fixed amount of time.

Titan's Wrath ( W ):
  • Current Absorb bonus: 10% bonus Health
  • PBE Absorb Bonus: 15% bonus Health
  • Current Cooldown: 22/21/20/19/18
  • PBE Cooldown: 18 at all ranks

Sivir [Let me see you Tweak gurl]: I'll admit I don't play the ADC/Marksman role fairly often, however, I do have insight from a support standpoint. Sivir is losing strength on the "subsequent target damage" to her boomerang blade by 5%. This isn't game breaking but it is a slight reduction in damage output that I believe was justified. Ricochet costs a bit more to cast now but this is balanced out with the buff to the mana regeneration from spell shield. I believe these changes are small tweaks to balance sivir and reward good sivir players without punishing bad ones too harshly. If these changes were to go live, I'd think sivir would still be a solid pick behind lucian or jinx but more in line with the other "tier 1" adc's.

Boomerang Blade ( Q ):
  • Current Subsequent Damage Reduction: 10%
  • PBE Subsequent Damage Reduction: 15%

Ricochet ( W ):
  • Current Mana Cost: 40
  • PBE Mana Cost: 60

Spell Shield ( E ):
  • Current Mana Return : 60/75/90/105/120 mana returned upon blocking enemy spell
  • PBE Mana Return : 80/95/110/125/140 mana returned upon blocking enemy spell

----- ITEM CHANGES --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

*NEW* Feral Flare [Very Nice, How much?] : I'm not quite sure why Riot has an attachment to Wriggles lantern when none of us do, however, I like what they've done here with Feral Flare. Basically, your wriggle's lantern gets a free upgrade when 25 BIG monsters are slain. This upgrade gives the wielder a free 5% attack speed boost and +5 Attack damage. There was some concern as to what is considered a "big" monster but those concerns were squashed when Rioters explained that the Largest monster in each jungle camp will be counted towards the 25 needed. With this free 5% attack speed, I can see Wriggles being picked up on certain champions or teams looking to push early dragons/barons. I will probably pick this item up if you plan to do more counter jungling than ganking


Recommended Comments

I think that she will stay as a support, that ap buff they gave her not changing at all, if someone will pick her in competitive as a mid lane he will get punish because Annie is not a mobile mid lane and a close gap jungle + mid can easily win the lane.
the fact that they going to buff her just saying to me -> play more Annie as a support = more dps in team fights from the support.

like today a good support can pull off dfg in late game, now if u have a support Annie w/ dfg + tibs + the full combo that like a huge threat to the Ad players.


you didnt add on Annie that they drop the att range

>Attack range reduced to 575 from 625.

honestly? wont change much she would still harass like crazy + the main thing about her is the crazy engage and the lvl 6 at bot

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Hey SoreScar, thanks for your input... a few things to note:


1. The range change for Annie's auto attacks was mentioned in my original posting, however, on 3/4 riot reversed those changes.

2. Annie's base damage was nerfed while her scaling was buffed. This is a change that makes Annie player's who build support weaker late game. It takes over 300ap to make those abilities do more damage than what Annie is currently doing on live. It's very hard to generate enough gold on a support to hit 300ap (lets be honest, this happens once in a blue moon) therefore the damage you will be doing on annie will be weaker compared to the damage she currently does.


If the auto attack range nerf had not been reverted, then Annie would be dead as a support in my eyes. 

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Hey Spard :D great answer but I'm still strong standing as a main support that Annie will stay.

Annie scale as a mid lane comper to support:

The lane not because weaker at all, she keeping that harass (the auto attacks) and she have more magic dmg from those buffs, ofc she will never be as much strong as a mid lane that farming all the time, but her true potential is with the stuns.
and as I mentioned she could never be a good pick for mid lane because of close gap champs, if u not picking a mobile champ for mid today you pretty much screw and if Annie flash that leave her with nothing much to stop the jungle coming again .

What riot need to do if they want her out of the support:
If Riot want to remove her from the support position they doing the wrong job, they need to nerf her stun because that why ppl keep picking her over and over, not because of the harass as much at the engage and the fact that she can walk free in lane and just "stun" ppl in a sec. 

tl;td - she have more potensial as a support, Annie as a mid lane is far of be even legit because her lake of mobility.

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I believe what you say about scorescar but at the same time i also think she will be a better mid as well. I have many personal experiences when going mid with annie and having opponents such at LB or Akali or Katarina. She has in fact the ability to stop gap closing very easily early game if done properly. As for the jungle. If you have enough knoledge to predict the basic meta of things as well as keeping other lanes in mind and atleast one river bush warded. If you keep your stun up by using q to constantly farm and e to give that extra count. Then you should be pretty safe from jungle attacks. They should have almost no chance to catch you off gaurd if doing this. 

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