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Is There A God or a Higher Being?



These are my thoughts, I do not mean to offend anyone of any culture or beliefs.

In almost every religion, belief, or culture there is a person that is a Higher Being aka a God or Goddess. But is there really a person like this or is it a something that people have slowly turned a person in to this Higher Being.

For instance the Bible the mostly Christianity and Mormons, there are others that also use this but this the 2 I do know use this. As you all know that the Bible is a book that has lasted for hundreds of years and most likely longer. Most people would say that this it was written now so that is how it was then. Think to yourself how many people have written this, has it been written exactly the same every time, are there things that have been placed in there or taken out by men who wrote this? The answer is most likely yes.

We all know no one is perfect and all humans make mistakes and if they say they are perfect they are full of crap. Over the hundreds of years until we came up with the ability to copy and print all documents, letters, and papers have been written by humans. Since the original Bible was written there is most likely that things have been left out, added to the writers likes and things that have been blow out of proportion.

I found this off a site on yahoo.com stating:

(The Bible is a collection of 66 books, written by over 40 different authors, with the time span between the earliest and last of about 1500 years.

The first five books appears to have been compiled around 1400 BC, with quotes from them found in other literature, inscriptions, etc from that time forward.

Different books by prophets (15 of them) would be added between about 1000 and 500BC. Also the first of the five "books" that make up the books of Psalms appears to date from around 1000 BC.

The history books that complete the bulk of the Old Testament appear to have reached their current form before 500 and 450 BC, under the guidance of a priest/scholar named Ezra. The Hebrew scriptures were completed by 450 BC, and have remained unchanged since that time.

The New Testament was written by several authors between 48 AD and 95 AD. Quotes from the first three gospels appears in other sources as early as 55 AD, so they had to have been written within 25 years of the life of Jesus. Because "the book" did not exist until almost 300 AD, all early New Testament books were kept on scrolls. It as not practical to use a scroll with a work the length of the New Testament on it, so they books were kept in different collection (the gospels, the letters of Paul, etc.) They first appeared in a single volume just after 325 AD. Fifty copies of that original volume where made, and three manuscripts still exist today that, if not some of those original 50, are copies of them.

So there is no single time or author of the Bible, expect - of course - they One behind the all the different authors and books - God. )

Now with that many books, versions, authors, and just over past years there will be mistakes. Because all of these historical documents have been written by humans there will be mistakes on them including: misspelled words, things that have been unreadable, letters or words that have been mistaken or changed, there a so many ways that something can go wrong.

So with so many ways for one document or book that has so many versions, authors and the time frame that it was written to now.

Did a man really walk on water?

Did a man with his wife and sons build a boat that saved the animals that survive today?

Did a man part the waters?

Or all these things that have things that have said that have happened slowly been blown out to proportion?

No man will ever know all these answers until a time machine is built any can once and for all a man or God did all this.

But no matter what has happened religion has given the power to unite people of different race, gender, and age into groups that believe that there is something greater than themselves. They find this as a way to better themselves, improve on what they thought was ok for them in the earlier years of their life, or just to reach out to the community to improve the and help others.

Yes some may use this as a tool to make people do things that are bad or illegal, but the people will do anything they can to reach total peace within themselves may be a victim of people can control people by saying you must to this or that, kill, steal or anything else.

But in the end the main question is.

Is there really a God or Higher Being? Or has it been transformed into what we know as it today? Are there documents that now the date back to the original time of the events that has it happened?

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