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Where Have I Been



So who knows how long this is going to be but basically I am going to be explaining a bit of my lack of activity lately. I have had a lot going on but it's stuff I want to get out.

One of my main reasons for a lack of activity is the lack of a passion for Call of Duty Ghosts. I have been playing it yes, but enjoying it is a total other story. It is one thing to get irritated and upset with a game every once and a while, but I was at the point where it was every game, and I lost interest in even playing. If I wasn't playing with my team and had a lot of dedication to them I don't know what I would have ended up doing. I will be switching to Titanfall on release date and hopefully will never have to insert Call of Duty Ghosts into my Xbox ever again.

Upon playing Titanfall with former applicant Ch33zy, I told him I haven't had so much fun playing a game in a long time! Everything felt so well made in beta I have extremely high hopes for the full game!

Second I have been in and out of doctors appointments recently. Nothing serious but it has been taking a lot of time out of gaming time. Just a little info on it two Thanksgivings ago I was diagnosed with something called Henoch-Schonlein Purpura. In October of this year, I had a relapse and another in January. There is a possibility of damage to my kidneys so I have been in and out of doctors appointments just to make sure no serious damage has been done. I will be going in for my last appointment tomorrow then hopefully there will be no more relapses. I'll link an article that explains stuff pretty well if anyone is interested in it.


Third, I have been redeveloping a relationship with one of my best friends from high school. I have had a lot to reconcile with her (because my ex made me lose all contact with her and now I realize thats when I should have broke things off with her) and things have been going really well. Now that we have rebuilt trust in our friendship again, things have gotten a lot more serious recently. She's cool with the whole gaming thing (unlike my ex) and knows I am going to be playing a lot of Titanfall once it comes out. So until then I have been trying to give her extra attention that she will be missing once I get on a grind.

Last, I have school and thats self-explainable. Just need to find a balance again for everything! I have my X1 and 360 with me right now and once we switch over full time to x1 I will be leaving the 360 at home. Feel free to hit me up any time my gamer tag is vVv Trivium, tweet me @vVv_Trivium, and I will link my new GB account below!


Can't wait to start playing full time again and hope to see you all soon! <3


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Good to hear from you buddy! and its great to hear you are getting better with your medical condition :) welcome back <3

Thanks bud!  Excited to be playing titan fall with you guys!


Welcome back!

These stories are always great to read, thanks for sharing Trivium and it looks like things are starting to really look up for you! 

Thanks WaKai!


Glad to see all is progressing well with you emotionally, mentally and physically :)

Thanks biz!  Got to talk to you a bit about stuff while it was all going on!  Thanks for being around I'll hit you up on XBL soon!


Sorry to hear about the medical problem.  Glad to hear you found a woman who supports you gaming, you pimp you ;)  Look forward to playing Titanfall together!

Thanks broski!  She's awesome if I go to Anaheim she said she's going to go so you'll all get to meet her!  She's super awesome!  I can't wait to hit up Titanfall too bro! xD

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