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2/18 - 2/19 PBE Notes Analysis & Discussion



blog-0223618001393005574.jpgHey guys,

Welcome to the first article for my new Around the Rift blog! The purpose of this blog is to discuss upcoming changes and the effects that they might have on the current meta. Today I will be discussing the latest PBE Notes from 2/18. I will be providing my analysis of these changes and the positive/negative effects they may have if they were to go live. For those of you who have not had a chance to peruse the new patch notes, you can find them here.

----- CHAMPION CHANGES -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

** NOTE: Colors are reflective of my opinion on the changes proposed. [Negative Change] [Minimal Impact Change] [Positive Change]

Corki [situational Pick]: I think that adding an AD ration to his Phosphorous Bomb in addition to the AP ratio will make Trinity force an amazing item on him. The problem with corki is that he is good at a lot of things but not excellent. I think that caster based adc's like corki are just a tad weak compared to aa centric adc's like Cait or jinx in this meta unless you are running a poke comp.

Gragas [Godlike Still]: They removed the AD ratio for gragas's body slam which will lower the damage to be a bit more manageable. The thing to write home about here is the reduction of AP ratio to gragas's explosive cask and whether or not it will have a major impact. Currently, every 100ap gives Gragas 100 damage to his ultimate. With the proposed changes, that number would be reduced to 80. Typically gragas can get to about 400-600 ap with relative which would translate into 80-120 damage lost on his ultimate if the changes go through. Honestly, to gragas... this is just a drop in the bucket. I think that while this is a good step towards bringing down Gragas's power, it is not enough. I think Gragas's ult ap ratio needs to be .6 or .65 for it to be in line with others.

Kassadin [What is a nerf?]: Oh Kassadin, try as the might... you will still rock the a 100% pick/ban rate in solo queue. There's a reason why Kass is not played as much in competitive play and that's because he is a high risk high reward play style. You have to take risks on kassadin to snowball which is why he hasn't been nerfed. Why play Kass when you can get moderate risk high reward champs like Kha'zix, zed, leblanc, etc.? Anyways, Kass's silence was nerfed by .5 sec, he lost 20 base dmg to his Q and 40 base damage to his E. All in all, he's still a monster who will take the big risks and be rewarded for it. His late game is a tad weaker now but you won't feel much of a difference from current play to this change.

Miss Fortune [Dethroning Jinx?]: Okay so this one was interesting... First, the new formula for the 2nd hit of double up results in the same damage from the old formula. This is important to note because it is neither a buff or a nerf:

New Formula - Based on 100 AD

1 point: [25 + (0.75*100)] = 100 * 1.2 = 120 dmg

2 points: [60 + (0.75*100)] = 135 * 1.2 = 162 dmg

3 points: [95 + (0.75*100)] = 170 * 1.2 = 204 dmg

4 points: [130 + (0.75*100)] = 205 * 1.2 = 246 dmg

5 points: [165 + (0.75*100)] = 240 * 1.2 = 288 dmg

Old Formula - Based on 100 AD

1 point: [30 + (0.90*100)] = 120 dmg

2 points: [72 + (0.90*100)] = 162 dmg

3 points: [114 + (0.90*100)] = 204 dmg

4 points: [156 + (0.90*100)] = 246 dmg

5 points: [198 + (0.90*100)] = 288 dmg

Secondly, Impure shots now scales off of AP rather than AD. While the maximum damage for impure shots is increased, you would have to build AP to make use of it. The saving grace for this change is the MASSIVE attack speed buff that MF will now get from activating the ability. MF used to gain 4/6/8/10/12% attack speed for 6 seconds whereas now she will gain 30/35/40/45/50% attack speed which is much needed. One thing to keep an eye out for is the scope of the change to the wording of this ability. Impure shot's used to only apply on a successful basic attack, however, the word "basic" has been removed and replaced with "...causes her attacks..." if this is the case, then this is a massive buff. By using her ultimate, MF will be able to apply a 50% reduction of healing to ANYONE who takes a tick of damage. This is huge and can be used as a hard counter to sustain supports/compositions.

Ryze [From the Ashes]: Well shit, ryze will have a lot of sustain in lane now. By giving Ryze 1/2 the mana cost of Q back when killing a target, riot has given ryze the power to farm more efficiently without running oom early. This will allow ryze to cast 3 Q's at the same cost as 2 currently. That could equate to an additional 60/85/110/135/160 (0.4 * AP) every 10 seconds in which he can use to harass. I think that we will definately start to see this champion again, especially with the way ryze player's tend to build. Running a Ryze could potentially free up item slots for your jungle/top for more damage or sustain.

Tee[no]mo[re OP Traps]: The days of teemo farming endlessly and leaving little presents for people around the map are finally over... sort of. This nerf was a huge one cutting the AP ratio of teemo's shrooms in HALF. Idk about you, but this pleases me greatly.

----- ITEM CHANGES -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Aegis of the Legion [still luxury]: I main support and I have been forgoing this option because it was too costly for the return on investment. I feel like in this meta, you need to build effectively for the largest source of damage on the enemy team. I still feel like the resistances are a tad weak for the price of the item. For 1875 gold, I can buy:

  1. Negatron Cloak: 720g - 40mr - Builds into Spirit Visage/Banshee's Veil
  2. 2x Cloth Armor: 600g - Builds into a warden's mail
  3. Finish Warden's Mail (+20 armor + 15% atk spd slow) or Buy Ruby Crystal (+180hp)

Aegis to me is a luxury item if you are ahead in jungle now or on a squishy support. Why would leona/thresh/lulu/annie want to build an aegis when they can go full on tank and allow for their jungle/top to tack on some damage.

Ancient Coin [No difference]: Honestly, the removal of hp/5 and the addition of 5hp per kill is fine. If you are relying on that hp/5 to keep you alive, well then you are just doing it wrong. Yes, you do have less sustain in lane but it's minimal.

2/19 Ancient Coin Update [Have mana, will travel]: Ancient coin now has 5 less mana regeneration :(. Not game breaking but I can bet that I'll be making more stops to the fountain!

Boots of Mobility [Can't slow me down!]: While the base movement speed enhancement has been reduced, these boots weren't meant to be so effective in combat. These boots are for roaming and supports/jungle's utilize them for early game vision control and map pressure. The cost reduction on this item just makes it 200g more accessible to the role that needs it (support) while not really changing anything for supports in combat with these boots equipped.

Relic Shield [heal op]: MASSIVE buff to the healing that you return upon killing a unit. Prior to this change, you used to heal for 2% of your maximum hp. that is 2hp restored per 100 max hp... pathetic. The new heal gives you a base 40 hp restoration which, if you do the math, would mean you would have needed 2000 max hp in order to mimic this with the old passive. It is also nice that it gives 25 additional base hp.

Face of the Mountain [situationally amazing]: Now that it does not cost HP to the wielder and scales off of the receiver's AD, this active is really legit for bot and Leona. In order to get a 300 dmg shield from FOTM you used to need to have over 3000 hp, which as a support... can take a long time to get to. What's cool about this new active is that it rewards ADC's who form a lead from CS'ing effectively. The more GPM the ADC has the bigger they get, which gives them more ad that turns into a larger shield. I think this item will work really well for ADC's that don't need to build Attack speed first such as Jinx or the upcoming Miss Fortune changes.

2/19 Face of the Mountain [Less AD, More AP]: The ad ratio on the shield was scaled back to 100% from 150%, however, 30% of the targeted champions AP is now calculated into the total strength of the shield! As a support who takes advantage of roaming, I like this change. It allows me to go this item route and still be effective outside of my lane.

Spellthief's Edge [shitcicle]: Cool, I can do 15 additional damage every 10 seconds on a tower now. Such amaze, many damage. Potentially devastating active for initiation if you land it, but I doubt it will be utilized more effectively than FOTM or AC. Honestly, I'd probably try this item out on Annie with the new active depending on the target reticle. If it has the same target reticle as tibbers then combining the 2 would work really nicely (1s stun into a 1.5-2.5s slow)

2/19 Spellthief's Edge [Just keep tuning]: Riot partially reverted some of the changes to tier 1/2 of the Spellthief's Edge giving it +5ap and +1 gold per hit (t1) / +10 ap and +2 gold per hit (t2). While I don't think it is enough to make me want to invest in this item on traditional utility supports like Nami or Lulu, it may be powerful enough to consider on mage supports such as Annie, Lux or Morgana. I think this item will have the most benefit on these champions because of the chain of cc that can be applied. Stun/Imobilize > AoE slow = OP

Farsight Orb [i see you stealthing, you hating..]: Much needed change to see any enemy units regardless of stealth. This will make trading in lanes against a stealth mid/jungle much safer early/mid game. As support, I will definitely start with Warding Trinket, switch that out to a Farsight orb on first back and then use Farsight until I have the gold to purchase a 3rd tier sweeping lens against stealth comps.

Ionian boots of lucidity [5% off]: I'm mainly upset because this was the only niche item that could give me the 5% CDR I was looking for. The price reduction is nice but I don't think I'll be investing in these boots as I can get a kindlegem for 75g more. Changes reverted as of 2/19!

Ohmwrecker [Ohm... NO]: Please just stop. This item was never used, will never be used and is a waste of time. Turrets do not do enough damage for this item to be worth 1975g. If Riot want's supports/tanks to pick up this item, they will need to give it WAY better stats or a better active.... honestly, if I could use ohmwrecker to redirect it's attacks on the enemy team for 3 seconds, then I'd purchase it.

Sightstone / Ruby Crystal [i get it]: More accessible for support freeing up their resources to keep up with the rest of the team.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter [pfft]: Whatever, just 2 extra CS for it. I think it was priced low to begin with.

2/19 Doran's Shield [stat efficiency]: Riot partially reverted the Hp/5 nerf to doran's shield and returned it from 0 hp/5 to 6 hp/5. I think doran's definitely needed a nerf but the orginal nerf down to no hp/5 regen was over kill. I think 6 hp/5 is a good spot to sit for this item and brings the total "Stat value" to be barely efficient for the cost. The big thing to note is the passive on doran's is still op.

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Recommended Comments

Here are some of my thoughts on the changes - mostly I only wrote about things that I highly disagreed with (quite a lot, no hard feelings) or wanted to offer my own opinion to give some food for thought. I'm assuming you are aware of some of the most recent updates, like removing the mana return on Ryze's Q, so I did not comment on those.


Gragas: If they had gone through with completely removing the AD ratio on his Body Slam, it would be BRUTAL. Currently, he is allowed to max W second at no risk - but the nerf to E (and even the new, reduced ratios) force him to put at least an extra point into E to make sure it stays relevant - I can't see players giving up just how good W is, but either way, Gragas loses a ton of his current early game power. Also, it's extremely unfair for his ultimate ratio to ever go down to 0.6 or 0.65 (in fact, they rebuffed it to 0.9) because he only has two spells for damage - he NEEDS this extreme damage to be a threat.


Kassadin: The reason that Kass isn't played as much in competitive play is because he's permabanned, not because he isn't picked - plenty of competitive players are more than willing to pick Kassadin and build teams around him if he's open. In addition, champions like Kha'Zix, Zed, and LeBlanc don't quite serve the same purpose in games as Kassadin does - sure, they might be "assassins," but they bring pressure through winning their lanes. No other champion in the game can go 0/0/0 or even a few deaths in the early game and put out exponentially more pressure than Kassadin. He roams harder and faster than any other champion and his mobility as an assassin is unmatched post-6. Competitively, he's often picked in order to force picks out of the enemy team - especially CC picks - and makes it a little easier for teams to deny champions. In essence, you are correct that Kassadin will remain godlike, but you are incorrect in believing that people would rather choose Kha'Zix, Zed, or LeBlanc if Kassadin is open - there is little to no contest (LeBlanc is arguable) among the assassins that Kassadin is king.


Teemo: Buffed the ratio back up to 0.5 - will hurt less like a bitch, but I honestly don't care about the damage. The main problem currently is the duration of the shrooms is too long. Until Riot addresses that, Teemo will still be a top-tier pick.


Aegis of the Legion: The reason that Aegis fell off competitively from 100% build rate is that 1) the build path for Aegis is weird now, 2) jungle meta shifted to assassin, 3) supports prioritize CDR over tank stats. In terms of cost-efficiency, it is EXTREMELY cost-efficient even without the HP/5 stat, as long as at least one other teammate is benefiting from the aura. In total, it gives your team 2.5 Negatron Cloaks (+20 MR per allied champion) - it's incredibly good if your team will group/teamfight early and much less good in compositions that focus on picks or splitpushing. It's much more dependent on what your team's game plan is, but I wouldn't consider it a luxury item at all - in fact, it's almost mandatory against certain champions/compositions like those that include LeBlanc. In these cases, your own tankiness won't have a purpose because you're not the one who will be focused.


Ancient Coin: I feel like you're highly undervaluing the HP/5 sustain in exchange for 5HP/kill. The point was not relying on the HP/5 to "keep you alive," but it allowed you to play more aggressively more often - in case you lost a trade, you can sit back for a while to wait for HP regeneration. I'd consider this to be a straight-up nerf, especially in the case that you're losing lane (if you're being zoned, you won't get any HP benefit and you'll be forced to back more often if they're winning most of their trades).


Boots of Mobility: It's extremely cheap now, which is a huge incentive to still pick up the item. In all other respects, it's a huge nerf to supports who used the movespeed to put out pressure in the lane and not lose anything even if they lost the enhanced move speed AND for junglers who used it to move through their jungle faster, move to lanes more quickly, and put out more gank pressure - though I suppose these benefits are exactly what Riot wanted to address. I'd like to experiment with them due to the cheap cost in exchange for the huge MS nerf, but I think the changes will relegate it to more specific playstyles (i.e. Lee Sin & Pantheon will likely still buy it, but Vi will be much less likely to do the same).


Spellthief's Edge line: You're MASSIVELY undervaluing the benefit of an additional flat damage in the early game that procs on both spells AND autoattacks in exchange for -5 AP. Contrary to what you stated, the changes to this item immensely benefit poke-heavy supports, which is exactly what Riot intended to do with this item. Talisman is too strong in most cases to use either one of the other lines, but Frost Queen's Claim has amazing new active in addition to a huge range buff + giving cooldown reduction. For example, the item will be AMAZING on Lulu - since her autoattacks will pack additional damage from the Edge PLUS her passive. Honestly, Thresh is even a contender for the item since it will double-proc with his Flay's autoattack passive and Frost Queen's Claim will give him an unbelievable amount of CC. Several other supports can make extremely efficient use of the item, such as Sona, in addition to a buffed gold/10, so I feel like you're discounting the item much, much more than you should be.


Sightstone / Ruby Crystal: The price is actually 50 extra gold for a 40HP gain, and the general inefficiency of the item still stands as an issue. I don't see how this makes it "more accessible" - until after you switch to a sweeper and need to upgrade it. Generally, Ruby Sightstone is no longer effective as a rush since you can place 2 with regular Sightstone and then utilize your trinket for the third ward - not really worth upgrading.


Doran's Shield: Just to make this clear, Riot never nerfed it to 0HP/5 - the intial nerf was cutting it in half (source: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/fbA0jHAe-dorans-shield) . The HP also was brought down to 80HP from 100HP, which makes it a little bit worse. The passive, of course, is still good, and these nerfs still don't give top laners a reason to start anything else - just allows damage to stick more easily.

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