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No Hope chapter 4

vVv Vall


chapter 4 (David)

Blood was running everywhere, covering the walls and the floors. Amy was staring at him screaming for help as he saw someone trying to grab her. "NOOO!" and in that instant she was bit and he couldn't stop it from happening nor save her. The room began to darken and in a flash the image of more blood was splattered everywhere as his mom's face began to fill his vision. The look of the lifeless eyes staring at him and in the moment of pure pain she fell to the ground and whispered, "you're the only one that can stop this." David couldn't take it anymore and screamed in his dream causing him to sit up straight screaming in reality.

"It was only just a dream," David kept muttering to himself. Sweat was running down his face and his breathing was more ragged. He looked around and noticed he was in his room by himself. Amy was no where to be seen. Pulling himself out of his bed he looked over at the alarm clock, 3:00 a.m. He turned over seeing a suitcase already filled with his things. "Amy must of woken up and packed for him" He thought to himself. He went over to his drawers and pulled out fresh clothes, changing into them then heading out of his room. He walked down the hallway and saw Amy who was on the couch in the living room staring out the window lost in thought.

"Heard you scream, you ok?" Trey came up behind him pulling more luggage with him. David blushed a little in embarrassment that everyone heard him scream. Trey snickered and pulled the rest of the luggage into the living room. Amy finally turned around tarring her eyes away from the window and walked over to David. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes and tip toed to whisper in his ear, "I had another one."

David could never really piece together what Amy would say. But ever since she was able to talk she would randomly stare in the distance blankly and begin mutter strange things. Sometimes it would be a language he didn't even know, but he was pretty sure it was gibberish. But then at other times it would always include him and someone else. She would always mutter, death, must win, and the demon. But yet he never knew what that met. Amy punched him in the arm snapping him out of his thought process and pulled on his sleeve. "David this time I got more," she turned to make sure know one was looking, "Its only happening in this state like a bubble and know one can escape."he looked at her dumbfounded and had nothing to say. Amy just kept looking at me as if she was serious. "What do you mean?" he finally asked. "I don't know, I just saw a bubble," Amy finally looked away, "lets go help Trey."

We all walked over picking up some luggage and carrying them out to the car. Its nice that we had a truck big enough to hold all our luggage. Its quite common to see trucks here down in Kansas. We finished loading up the truck as John walked out the house. John was acting slower then normal and a little sluggish. David instantly took notice and moved closer to Amy. "You able to drive?" David helped Amy into the truck. John pretty much just growled and stepped in to the front seat of the truck, bringing the truck to life. Trey moved over and got into the passenger side leaving David and Amy in the back seat.

The truck rolled back as john turned the truck to take off. David looked out the window as he saw his neighbors, or use to be neighbors walking around stumbling and moaning. Every time he saw a little kid he would turn back to Amy was sitting there just twiddling her thumbs in concentration. The truck was very quiet except for Johns constant coughing. They finally made it halfway out the city when a wheezing sound was escaping Johns mouth.

The truck began to swerve a little as they entered a tunnel. John was coughing more and more and soon he couldn't stop himself and turned the wheel completely causing the truck to nearly flip. The truck skidded to a stop as a loud pop sound came from the tires. The engine then began to smoke as the truck died on itself. David quickly jumped out the truck bringing Amy with him. Trey jumped out as well as everyone backed away from the Truck. John unbuckled his seat belt and opened the door collapsing onto the ground. He looked up at David with pain stricken eyes. John stood up and held onto the car for support, "Come here," he looked dead eye at David. "No" and David took a step back.

John began to laugh uncontrollably and looked at Amy. "Then you come here," Amy only whimpered and scooted back. "DAMMIT I SAID COME HERE!" and with that john whipped out the gun and shot upwards. John was huffing more not even paying attention to his step kids. "What the hell is wrong with you?" David held on closer to Amy, backing up into Trey. "Put the gun down," Trey tried to calm their step dad down. John just kept coughing and collapsed back to the floor. That's when David noticed he was coughing up blood and it wasn't red. "You were bit and didn't tell us," David was fuming. "You could've killed us all," rage began to boil within him. "Like I care what happens to you guys now, you're not even my kids."

That felt like a slap in the face to David. "Fu..." was all he was able to say as he heard Amy scream. David turned to where Amy was looking to see a hoard of the dead stumbling towards them. He ran over to John and yanked the gun out of his hands and aimed for the hoard. BAM, BAM, but it was no good there were to many of them. "RUN!" Trey yelled, but there was no way out on the other side of the tunnel were more of them closing in. Amy ran up to David and hugged him tightly. Trey moved closer to John, since he passed out. "What do we do?" Trey kept turning his head back and fourth.

David couldn't think of anything as the dead kept moving in from both sides. He fell to the ground lost without hope and began to mutter out dammit. That moment was when a loud engine began to fill the tunnel along with the moaning and groaning of the dead. A Big truck equipped with spikes plowed through the Dead and a young girl about David's age jumped out. She whipped out a shotgun and popped two of the dead in the head. "Well don't just stand there get in!" She yelled. David hopped up and ran towards the truck with Amy already climbing in and Trey following close behind. The girl hopped back in the truck with them and hollered out, "DRIVE" and the truck took off. David was breathing hard as he turned back seeing the hoard dive in on Johns lifeless body.


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