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Ranked Preparation Kit

vVv WaKai



With the start of the new season comes the dreaded placement matches. A place where all your hopes and dreams get crushed... or will they? The following kit will give you the tools you need to survive the treacherous journey ahead. In this kit, you will find tips on optimizing for the win, champion selection and minimizing risk.

Optimizing for the Win

As humans, we have a limited amount of focus. Optimizing for the win means focusing on what will bring you the greatest chance of success. When we begin to focus on negative events, we OPTIMIZE for the loss. Do NOT confuse this with ignoring negative information. Such as, an on-coming gank or a tank focusing your adc. What follows, is where you decide to put your FOCUS. Do you focus on, “well, my adc sucks” or focus on HOLY SHIT my adc is getting slapped in the face and I need to go help him! Optimize for the positive outcome. Lingering on “what ifs” and “bad teammates” will only make you frustrated and cause you to make mistakes. Optimizing for the win means focusing on actions that will help you help your teammates do better.

Pff, that wasn't even close!


Champion Selection

In order to avoid making mistakes in champion select, being prepared for most negative circumstances, and having a diverse champion pool is a must. Aim to be proficient in at least 2 champions for every role. This is the most IMPORTANT tool in your kit, without it, you will be very fragile to trolls, and other unfortunate circumstances.

Minimizing Risk

Find a partner in crime. The buddy system is an effective way to overcome personal slumps and misgivings. Having a buddy to rely on to help each other up when the going gets tough will save you many a match. But the buddy system has much more to offer beyond minimizing your risk. It will make leading a team easier and open up opportunities for more complex and game changing plays.

Be WARNED, make sure you can rely on your partner. Simply because a friend is able to pubstomp in one game, does not mean he will do so for the remainder. Consistency is key and aim for those that make as few MISTAKES as possible. While also having an ability to either lead or follow the team. Make sure to find a reliable buddy before going on your ranked journey. Some criteria include;

  • How cool headed are they?
  • Do they take unnecessary risks?
  • Do they play the blame game?
  • Can they take criticism?
  • Can they follow or lead a team?
  • Do you enjoy playing with them?

An example of a duo's unlocked potential at leading teams:


While these tools won't guarantee better placements, they will help you play a better and more consistent game.

Being robust to change is key to overcoming the woes of Ranked play.

Good Luck!


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