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No Hope chapter 3

vVv Vall


Chapter 3 (John)

"I've told you for the tenth time when im drinking to leave me the hell alone!" John reached his back hand and slapped Amanda hard causing her to fall to the floor. He knew by now he was drunk, but he didn't care he always liked feeling in power. Just the thought of Amanda cowering in fear with him in complete control always made his day. He knew that Trey, David, nor Amy would dare interfere them. They always thought it was just a normal argument. But to John it was a game and nothing more. He lost interest in Amanda for awhile now. Going around and sleeping with whoever he wanted.

John looked over at the door to make sure it was locked. "Get back up and tell me what I told you," John turned back to Amanda. Amanda only looked up at him and her eyes changed showing little fear. "No." John kept on staring at Amanda, "what did you just say to me?" John walked closer to her nearly only inches away. Amanda stood up and pushed John away, "I said no." John was beginning to stir with anger. Nobody tells him no. "Im taking the kids away and im leaving you, you are a danger to me and the kids, I want nothing to do with you," Amanda turned around and started to move towards the door.

John was beyond mad now he was blinded with rage. Nobody try's to take everything away from him. In that moment of blind rage he reached between the mattress of their bed and pulled out a knife. He then lunged forward and slashed the knife on Amanda's back causing her to fall back down. As soon as the first drop of blood hit the floor it was over. John kept slashing the knife repeatedly over Amanda, listening to her screams of pain and fear fill the room. With each strike the screams were becoming fainter and fainter till there was no more. John began to pant heavily as he regained himself. He looked down at his wife dead on their floor.

John kneeled before her and grabbed her letting her head rest on his arm. He pulled her closer in and started stroking her hair. "See now sweety this is why you don't make your hunny mad," he looked at her face covered in blood, "Don't worry I still love you I wont tell anyone what happened here." John began to smirk at the sight of what he just did. The weak don't deserve to live in this world, john thought to himself. John then threw Amanda back on the floor and stood up to go retrieve a fresh pair of clothes. He was trying to come up with a story for when the kids see this, but he was having a hard time thinking. As soon as he pulled his pants on he began to feel uneasy.

A slight moaning sound began to fill the room. "What the hell I thought I killed you," John was in shock as he turned to see Amanda starting to get back up. She was still bleeding again, but this time it was tainted black. Amanda opened her eyes to reveal that they were a deep red filled with rage and death. She lunged at John and in return he jumped back. He ran for the door, but Amanda was in the way. She started to shuffle closer to John moaning louder with each step she took. "Get away from me!" John yelled as Amanda lunged again, this time sinking her teeth into his arm and ripping out a piece of flesh. John screamed in pain and pushed Amanda away causing her to land on the floor. John reached for the drawers and pulled out a pistol blood was running down his arm and onto the gun, as he aimed up and fired into Amanda's head. The room went instantly quiet except for Johns heavy panting.

John left her there as he ran out the room and saw the door was wide open and someone was stumbling into the house. The man reached to the living room then took a whiff and smelled the blood on John's arm and began to moan. John instantly pulled the gun back out and shot the man. He fell to the floor and went silent. John went over and pulled the man into the closet from a force of habit. The floor was stained with black blood. John went back over and started to head over to the bathroom. "Trey," he panted, "Amy!" but it was silent. John went into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He reached beneath the sink and pulled out some bandages. He also grabbed some peroxide to clean out the wound. John looked into the mirror and was extremely pale. He pour the peroxide onto his arm and winced as it stung. He then began to hear talking from outside the door as it sounded like Amy, Trey, and David talking in the living room. John was trying to finish up wrapping his bandage as he opened the door to his kids.

David was talking and in the middle of it John interrupted him, "we get out of the city and stay far away," He then turned and looked at Amy, "The weak won't make it through this world anymore." As soon as the words came out of his mouth the image of Amanda appeared for a split second. He kept looking at Amy in deep concentration as he was wondering why he thought of Amanda. And with that David moved closer to Amy as if he was going to strike his own daughter or something. "We leave by morning, pack anything that will keep us going on this trip, it's going to be at least a ten hour drive." And with that John turned and walked away back into his room. As he closed the door he sat down on the bed and started coughing into his hand. When he looked at his hand he saw a hint of black blood.


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Thanks yea ik about the errors sorry :/ I'm just goin to continue writing and when the whole story is complete I'll go back over and fix it before I send it off to the editor again :)

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