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No Hope chapter 2

vVv Vall


chapter 2 (david)

when I first walked into the house, not a noise was to be heard from. I looked over to the living room to see blood everywhere. I walked over to the blood stain and examine it only to find that it was tainted black. Someone in this house has been hurt, but who? I walked over into the kitchen and rummage through the drawers. Hoping to find something to protect myself with. The only thing I could find was a steak knife. "Well I guess this will have to do for now," I thought to myself. I gripped the handle tightly as I started to walk down the hallway.

The first door to my right was just a closet, but it was closed tight. As I started to walk by I heard a soft whine come from within. I drew the knife up high as I reached slowly for the doorknob. My hand began to shake and my breathing was becoming short. Suddenly the doorknob turned on its on and a tiny little Amy peeked out. "D-David I-is th-that you," she managed to stammer out. Amy then flew the door open and grabbed me in a giant hug. She then began sobbing uncontrollably muttering out, "there's so many there's so many." I hugged Amy back and looked directly into her frighten eyes, "Amy go to the living room and stay there, where is everyone else?" Amy looked up at me and began to tremble," They were moaning so loud outside I just ran in hid, I don't know where everyone else went," Amy sobbed again. I simply nodded and turned and began walking down the hallway some more.

The next door to my left was my brother Trey's room. Still holding the knife I reached for the doorknob and began to turn it slowly. When I opened the door I saw Trey holding a baseball bat ready to swing. "What the hell David I could've killed you," Trey dropped the bat on the ground. "Where's mom and John?" I asked. "Shit when all this started to happen I haven't seen them leave the room, I ran quickly to my room, but lost sight of Amy is she ok?" I nodded, "She's in the living room go stay with her I need to check on mom." I turned away from Trey and began walking to my mom's room.

I began to feel like something was really wrong. If Amy and Trey didn't get hurt then who did? I reached to my moms room and opened the door expecting my mom to be ok like everyone else. That's when my knees buckled and I fell to the floor. The sight was just to gruesome for me to handle. Tears rolled down my face and my stomach began to turn. There was my mom sitting perfectly still on the side of the bed. She looked directly at me and said nothing. A wheeze escaped from her mouth and she finally collapsed onto the floor. A knife was directly sticking out of her chest she was bleeding black blood everywhere. I finally got the nerve to stand up and move my stiff legs over to my now dead mother. She had turned while I was gone and then was killed. I saw a bullet hole through her head, "John must of shot her," I thought. Her eyes were a deep red color and she had cuts covering her from head to toe. But the one thing that was lacking was a bite mark. Mom had died probably from being stabbed to death. But who could've done it? With tears still rolling down my face I reached over and closed my mothers eyes and said my goodbyes right then and there. I had to be strong for Amy's sake.

I walked back out to the living room and saw Trey holding Amy trying to comfort her. "We need to get out of here," I simply stated. "yea and go where?" Trey looked up at me. I began to think of a place coming up with nothing to mind. "We go to the country side where your grandparents live," said a voice behind me. I turned to see John finishing tying a bandage on his right arm. "we get out of the city and stay far away," then he turned and looked at Amy, "The weak won't make it through this world anymore." The way he looked at Amy made me angry and I moved slightly closer to her. John had a pistol slightly hanging out of his front jean pocket. There was a blood stain on it as well, except it was red and not black. "We leave by morning, pack anything that will keep us going on the trip, its going to be at least a 10 hour drive," and with that being said john looked away and walked straight into mom's room not even looking at where her dead body was laying.

My mind went straight to the bandage. When did he get hurt? Even more how did he get hurt? I sighed and began to stumble slightly. So much was running through my head and I was starting to feel dizzy. Trey looked over at me with concern, "David you and Amy get some sleep, Ill stay up and watch the house ill wake you up in a few hours so you can pack." I simply nodded and turned towards Amy who finally got off of Trey. She was still shaking, but didn't say anything as she walked to my room. I knew she wouldn't be able to sleep well after something like this, and I think she knew this as well. I walked over to my room and simply climbed into bed. Amy followed next and cuddled up next to me. "David," she whispered. "Ya." "What happened to mommy?" Amy looked up. My chest began to hurt as I thought about what I saw. "Mommy is sleeping now and she won't be able to wake up." Amy quietly began to cry and moved closer into me. I wrapped my arms around her as I let her cry herself to sleep. I held her tight as the room began to get dimmer and dimmer. And finally I myself began to fall into a restless sleep.


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