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How gaming has helped me



Take a moment a scan over this link


While the media Bashes how gaming is bad for you and is harmful to the body and mind , Is gaming really that bad for you ? In my opinion gaming can actually help you in many ways . Gaming can open doors you may never thought would be there. When I started gaming I only dreamed of going to an MLG Event much less placing top 40 at one . Without gaming I would never have met many of the friends I have now , I have a friend In Just about every state you can think of , Maybe not Alaska . I have also learned that you don't have to be the best to win , Just have the best Internet or a LAG switch I kid I kid. . Gaming also teaches that there is a higher goal and with strict practice and focus you can get there , You must have self discipline and Passion to get better and you can achieve anything .(and Alot of GFuel to get you through those late night practices ) . The gaming industry now makes more money than Hollywood. And Who ever said that there's no money in gaming ? , Next time a jock laughs at you calling you a nerd just remember someones gotta buy the game you make.

Not exactly an essay just some thoughts


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