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A Little Trip To Guam

vVv Vall


I was only 4 at the time when my family and I were stationed in Guam. I live with my grandparents and at the time my grandpa was active duty. A little bit about Guam when I was there at the time is that it was always warm. Since Guam is out in the tropical ocean storms tend to role in from time to time. The beach was only 5 mins away from my house. And you knew practically everyone from how small the island is. Well I have two little experiences from this small island.

I wasn't going to complain about staying here. It was nice and warm and I made plenty of friends. Well see Guam isn't that far from Japan I suppose. so we saw quite a bit of Japanese people here. Before we got our temporary home we stayed at a hotel where this one Japanese lady took a liking to me. I guess she just loved children or something. But each and every single day she would stop by and give me a present. Between stuffed animals to candy to little knick knacks. This went on for a year and as a little child I wasn't going to stop her.

Another thing to know when I was younger I was a reckless child. Always trying to do things I probably cant do. Well at the time my Grandpa was deployed out, it was probably a month into it. When I started to miss him. Its never fun not knowing what's going on with someone you cant contact that you care about. Well at the time a storm was rolling in. But this storm turned out to be a typhoon. Depending on how long the typhoon has been out in the ocean is how strong it is when it hits land. Well this one turned out to be a category 5 typhoon. Now I don't remember how much I weighed but I was pretty light at 4. Well I believe that second wave of winds which are the strongest was when I decided to make my move. I simply was feeling very alone not knowing where my grandpa was, so I simply walked outside. I only made it about maybe 5 steps when I noticed something. My feet weren't on the ground. Yep, I was actually beginning to be lifted off by the typhoon. This only lasted for about 5 seconds though when someone reach up and grabbed me. I was pulled back in dripping wet from being outside and the door was wide open still. That's when we heard a big cracking sound and saw part of a tree hit the spot I was just in. Me being reckless almost made a bad accident happen. And for some reason that experience will never leave me since I can still remember it so clearly. Sometimes things will just always stay with you.


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