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No Hope- chapter 1

vVv Vall


Chapter 1 (David)

Everything was swirling around him turning his vision to a blur. His breathing began taking the form of ragged puffs while his leg felt as if someone had poured hot oil on them. Anger continued to boil over him, blinding him with rage. To think he had to live with him, a guy who treated everyone so poorly, he just couldn't take it anymore.

Finally his legs began to give and buckle until my movements became, but a hobble. he looked around to see where his flight had taken him. He recognized the area immediately; it was his neighborhood next to the forest. The place was decent enough, it had everything nearby and everybody knew each other. Yet no one knew who my step dad really was, how could they? I looked around for a place to sit, only to find a big white rock covered In moss. I walked over by it and sat on top of it trying to catch my breath. The smell of pine wood made it easier to think clearly. As his mind began to clear, he started to ponder what caused him to run in the first place.

He was walking home like any other normal day from school. At the time his smile was really noticeable on his face. His sixteenth birthday had finally arrived. As he stepped inside his house, something was very wrong. His brother Trey who had recently turned eighteen a few days ago, was next to his little sister. Amy so young at the age of five was huddled into their brother. Trey looked up at him with sad eyes. And that's when David's smile began to vanish. And at that moment he knew that he was the cause of this, he who causes so much pain in this household.

David ran upstairs calling for his mom, but to no avail only silence greeted him. He then ran back downstairs and called out for his mom again. "David, you won't hear from her," Trey whispered out. David turned around and stared at Trey and a whimpering Amy. David walked over to them and picked up Amy off of Trey's lap. He held her tight in his arms and in response Amy began to relax.

Amy and him had a bond like no other siblings. Besides sharing a birthday, Amy was just always full of joy. She always knew how to calm him down and put a smile on his face. He looked into her big brown eyes only to see sadness in them. This only made him feel angry towards his step dad. His step dad whenever he came home, he would always have an angry look on his face. He would then take David's mom to the back of their room and close and lock the door behind them. Then all you would hear is crying and yelling. It never ended well for his mom. he looked at Amy and kissed her on the cheek then gently set her back down on Trey's lap and turned to walk back out the door.

"Something bad will happen to that man, I just know it," David clenched his fist tightly till they turned red. His brother looked at him still holding on to our sister very closely. "You know mom will get worried when she sees your not home for dinner," Trey kept staring at me. "Better go out then do anything stupid back here," David looked at his brother then to his mom's door. "I mean why is she still with him?" he looked back over to where Amy was sitting, "stay safe and you know I love you," he tried to smile for her. Amy smiled that precious smile he always loved and answered back, " love you to big brother." David then turned away not even looking back and ran outside.

He sighed, and looked at his watch. Best be heading back home now David thought to himself. Amy might be worried sick to where he is at, he sighed again. David jumped off the rock and brushed the moss off his jeans as he started to head back home. He looked up at the sky which was a weird pinkish red. As he kept on walking he began to feel very anxious, as it someone was following him. He began to pick up his pace a bit, yet the feeling never went away. It actually started getting worse. David finally looked back to see a tall man standing a few paces behind him. The man was still hidden in the shadows partially so it was hard to see him clearly. Then the man began to moan and stumble towards him. David's scream only lasted for a few seconds as the man slowly kept getting closer.

That's when the smell hit him causing his knees to buckle making him fall to the ground. It smelled like decaying flesh that has been out in the sun for weeks. The smell was strong and musky which in response cause David to gag. He looked up at the man to see that he was missing right arm at the elbow. He also had his clothes torn up and was missing a part of his flesh to his thigh. Bits of flesh was torn out in other places as well. When he looked into the man's eyes they were blood red almost black. As he continued to stare at the man, He appeared to be even closer to David then before causing him to panic. David turned to look for anything he could use to defend himself. Nothing looked useful. Lost in concentration for a weapon the man finally reached to David and fell on top of him. David yelled and tried punching the man in the face, in response he growled a deadly growl at him and tried to bite his neck. David then punched him again and he fell to the side. He then stood straight up and found a stick over to the left of him that looked sturdy enough that it wouldn't break and grabbed it. The man then got back up moaning as he outstretched his arm towards David. In response David threw the stick into his chest. The man stumbled a little bit then moaned again and moved closer to him. " What the hell, why won't you die!" He reached for a rock he saw nearby and bashed his head in. Black blood spewed out all over David's clothes and all over the ground. The blood smelled even worse then the decaying flesh which knocked the wind out of him as he fell back to the ground. He looked over to the guy he just killed and he began to panic once more. Did he just kill that man? No he was already did, wasn't he?

He couldn't believe what happened, like that stuff only happens in movies or stories. And then the smell hit him yet again, but only it was farther out. David looked forwards towards the tree line to see more of them coming out. Walking and stumbling over each other. They moaned and groaned and moved so slowly. Some were missing arms or legs, or jaws and eyes. Blood oozed out from open wounds. There seemed to be hundreds of them coming out. But what struck him the most was the little girl in front of them all. She had pieces of hair missing and her right hand too. Her stomach was ripped open dragging her insides behind. On her back was a torn up teddy bear. He stood up with tears in his eyes. That little girl looked a lot like Amy.

And that's when it hit him, not Amy. He have to get back to her. He turned and began to run back home, hoping nothing bad had happen to her or the rest of his family. The closer he got to his house the more of the dead he saw. Friends and neighbors that were once alive all dead roaming the streets eating whatever they can get their hands on. David finally reached to the front yard of his house only to see the front door open. And between him and the front door was at least ten of those dead people. He had to get inside somehow without letting the dead notice him. He turned to his left and saw another rock smaller then the one before. He picked up the rock and looked over towards the metal trash can at the end of the curb. He then chucked the rock at the trashcan which made a loud clanging noise. The dead then turned towards the noise and started shuffling there way towards the trash can. David waited a few seconds before moving slowly towards the front door. when he reached the front door a cold chill hit him real hard causing Goosebumps to form all over. It was dark inside and not a sound came from within. He just hoped that nothing bad was waiting for him inside as he took his first few steps back into the house.


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