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Competitive Call of Duty Ghosts



Lots of roster changes to the teams in the Competitive Ghost scene...Who made the best changes? Whos looking to be on top now?

I have mixed feelings about who will be on top. Ive always liked Parisite, but not sure if there roster changes are gona work...it looks like Impact all over again. and everyone knows the problems they had before.

What about Optic? Or Envyus? Or Complexity?

Should be interesting for sure for the up-coming tournament at UMG Philly.

Things always change for sure. What does everyone think?

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the esports scene is getting bigger and bigger and im glad to see these up and coming events in Philly also your right about Curse Lv they almost look like Fariko impact all over, but im going to root for the underdog Envy

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