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Review on applications in general

vVv Vall


As we all know we all started at the same place at one point of time or another. And as for myself I am still in this same place. My names Soraya “Vall” Soule and I’m a vVv applicant. I’ve never seen such an organization reach out forth towards there “apps” to help them strive to obtain their own set of V’s. I can gladly say for myself that I am clearly enjoying the experience. The amount of members you get to meet as well as the other applicants is really amazing. I can clearly say vVv treats their community like a family. Each day I get to come home and enjoy the rest of the night with the community playing 8’s and or just playing a game in general. I feel very comfortable and able to express myself in my own way around everyone. Least to say I have a ton of fun.

Now as an applicant it’s not all about applying and hoping to get in. I can clearly see that for myself. As an “app” Members of the community want to see how you can apply value to vVv. They don’t want to just give V’s away to people who won’t put forth the effort. This can be done numerous of ways whether it be streaming, being a GFX artist, or etc. Also as an applicant it’s greatly appreciated to stay active in the forums. This is a good way to meet more members and other applicants as well as get some information across. As an applicant the community also wants to see if you’re willing to support the organization you’re trying to be a part of. This also includes supporting the sponsors too. This is achieved by through social media and supporting the vVv teams. And it’s not such a bad idea to wear the vVv gear too. Lastly if you ever have an issue with another member or applicant is to first discuss it with them in private. The last thing everyone needs a little drama here and there. And if that doesn’t work then your next option is to contact a staff member. From there they will help you. The things I’ve mention hear all follow under the guidelines of the 5 pillars. This is something that applicants and members look up to.

It’s really not that bad in my mind.

As expressed applicants have a pretty decent wait time before they even get the chance to go in for an interview. But why is that you suppose? Well it seems to me that the community wants to see how you progress along side of vVv. How you’re applying yourself to the community. Also to see how you get along with others and how active you are. It’s understandable to a point. To be honest sometimes I think the longer the wait the more bored you get and start to lose interest. But then you have to think there are other applicants also. But honestly I’m fine with the wait.

Lastly applicants are on the lookout for endorsements. As for myself I have not acquired one yet, but you can’t let yourself down. Endorsements are like shout outs in my opinion honestly. But it’s a shout out with detailed answers along with it. This helps along with the application process and may shorten the time. But that doesn’t mean go around asking for them. You have to earn them and if the members endorsing you think you’re ready.

Now I’ve gotten to have a couple one on one’s with an applicant and a member and ask about their experience as an applicant.


1. What is your name? And why did you decide to apply for vVv?

My nickname is CJ. And I’ve been watching vVv on Game battles and streams and I saw one of their players and I got invited by one of the community members and got to play with them and from then on I’ve wanted to join.

2. How would you say you are adding Value to vVv?

I’m a player that’s always on always willing to play with other members even though I’m not the best player. I’m still trying to get better.

3. If anything what advice would you give to your fellow applicants?

Post on the forums and play with other members that are on. And also try to do something different something like blogs something that would make you noticeable.

@vVv Bizkit

1. What is your name? And why did you decide to apply for vVv?

Theodere Anthony “Bizkit” Molling

2. As a member already can you give a brief description on what it was like being an applicant?

When I was an applicant it was very different from how you guys value experience now. Value then was based on much social media and how much activity you had. It was fun and I enjoyed it as well.

3. If anything what advice would you give to your fellow applicants?

The advice Id give to applicants now is, think outside the box. We all think of ideas everyday but the ones that are different from the rest is what we look for. Think about how you can make the biggest impact on vVv whether you entertain, educate, and/or dominate.

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