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The Carrying Fallacy in League of Legends

vVv WaKai


While this approach isn't a guaranteed way to win, it's a robust way to not loose.

What Carrying Really Looks Like in The Real World

Let's say we have two ships. One is divided in to compartments, and the other is just a plain ship. The plain ship is more efficient as it can carry more cargo per voyage. The ship with compartments is less efficient due to the added walls as well as being much heavier.

Why The Slow Inefficient Win The Race

This is often characterized as a comical saying of a turtle in a race. There's actually a lot more truth to this. If we look at our 2 ships again, in a linear situation( going from point a to b along a straight path in clear deep water) the efficient ship will win hands down. Yet, the world and league of legends are no where near linear representations. They live in the extremes where things suddenly happen without any notice. Now let's imagine our ships in a race with obstacles they have to dodge in murky water. Our efficient friend will be fragile to any mistakes caused by the captain. But even the most experienced make mistakes and the sinking of this big ship is inevitable. A few leagues behind is our robust friend, due to more compartments pulling a more even weight, if one becomes damaged the ship can still make it through. All bet in a much uglier yet victorious way.

What Do These Ships Have To Do with LoL?

The focus when trying to rise the ladder is to essentially carry. Yet this is where the fallacy lies. Aiming to get as fed as possible(putting all the kills in to one person is more efficient as it requires very little team work). This way of carrying resembles our big ship, carrying all your teammates to victory. But what happens when the carrier makes a mistake? The team sinks, and sinks very rapidly.

Now imagine these same teammates, given each a compartment as well as yourself with relatively the same size. While one compartment or teammate failing is highly likely. There will still be relatively smooth sailing to a victorious end.

Share The Pie, Fatty

Aim for ASSISTS. Share the piece of the pie when ever you can. Which means setting yourself up in a position that allows you to help each teammate as much as possible.

Good Luck Climbing The Ladder!

Have negative/positive comments or suggestions? Feel free to wright them below.


Recommended Comments

You can also apply this to farm. Have 12 kills already? Maybe let the ADC who had a rough lane get that 300 farm from farming your lane instead of trying to go ub3r l33t h4x0r ALL THE GOLD carry mode. In LCS matches one of the things I noticed is that the teams aim for even gold distribution with priority on their carries. Meaning one carry would have a lot more kills, but the other would have a lot more farm.

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One thing I always watch for in streams is teamfight exiting - when a champ will stop targeting an enemy to let another have the kill. I'll pause the game and look at stats when I see this to ascertain why that happened. One of my biggest issues in those situations is to keep right-clicking until they're all dead... not always the best idea. :)

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