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The Antifragile Gamer

vVv WaKai


Closing Words

This whole blog, what I've been writing up until now is from experience. A lot of what i've been writting is about Antifragility which is what benefits from negative effects. An example I like to use is training. The human body is anifragile. As when you go lift weights, or run. Your body first becomes weaker, as you've just used your muscles in a intense way. Then during recovery you're body will build more muscle in order to overcompensate so that it can do more next time. And this is what antifragility is, there's an initial down side, but ends up having an upside. And that is what I've been trying to focus on with this blog, which leads to the closing and beginning of a new one. "Wakai's Musings" has had a great run, but I've found that the word "musings" doesn't get to what I want to say. While deep thinking is something I enjoy doing, it's deep thinking triggered from personal experience. I hate theory, I will always go by what works in the real world, opposed to what works in theory. I found that I developed my theory from what I've experienced. The new blog I'm beginning called "The antifragile gamer" will be a series that focuses on my climbing of the League of Legends ladder and what I've experienced that works.

A New Antifragile Beginning

This will not be a one two step to succeeding in League of Legends. Anyone who thinks that way is a complete idiot. There's no down-a-right-x-a-b cheat code that will teleport you to gold or whatever your goal is. The new blog will focus on how not to be a sucker. In other words, I'll be focusing on being antifragile. Showing how to have the least amount of down side and most upside. There always be a down side, always, but there are ways to mitigate how much down side you have. Which is what "The antifragile gamer" is all about.

Ready for a bumpy ride?

Fuck yeah! <----- Goes to my first entry in "The Antifragile Gamer"

No, I'll keep imagining the perfect road to success...


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