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What is Perspective?

vVv WaKai


Perspective is having the capacity to encompass the entirety of the situation, subject, and world. This allows for a higher level of understanding to be reached. It ties in with awareness and how people reach a wall within gaming and life.

Blind certainty- a close-mindedness that amounts to an imprisonment so total that the

prisoner doesn't even know he's locked up.

This ties in very closely with how most of us play League of Legends. We all fall in the trap off, "why did he feed" or "this player sucks".

If we where to take an amateur and a professional gamer. The amateur thinks of what to do next. While the professional thinks of the possibilities. As Rivington the 3rd said:

It's like they're playing inside the minds of the EULCS team, not what are we going to do.

Game 1 of NALCS vs. EULCS at 3:24:00.

To better illustrate my point let's take a situation In a high diamond LoL match:

Here we have a draaaaven going in on a ezreal and nami. The circles represent the before and current positions while the arrows represent movement(excluding the red).


Draven is in a good position financially, making this move logical. But there is more at play then is apparent.

Let's now focus on the minimap. A big part of going from "ok" to "good" is map awareness. This is the first step in achieving perspective within the game. What follows is automatic. Pro's do this questioning and reasoning within miliseconds. When looking at the minimap some may come to the immediate conclusion that draven is overextended. But first we must look at the possibilities.

What is possible in this situation?

  • A gank from the jungle
  • A gank from top lane
  • Nobody is there

This may be the level of understanding that many of us have reached, general map awareness and knowing when to go in is good. But what separates the good from the great are finding the motives. This gives insight on what they are going to do next. Knowing a players motives will up your playing level considerably.

What are the possible motives?

  • This is a time when teams like to take dragon, as the global gold gives a team a considerable advantage. Which makes going in a time like this very dangerous. This makes the potential for a gank much higher.

  • Ezreal and Nami are struggling. They are down in farm and kills. Have they been asking for a gank?

Some exercises on gaining a better perspective are:

  • When ever you click on a minion for a last hit, look at the minimap. This is a perfect time to be looking. As you've already dedicated your movements into killing that minion. Giving you an opportunity to see whats going on. Eventually this will become muscle memory.

  • When going in a League of Legends match. Put yourself in the other teams shoes. Think of their motives and the possibilities that stem from these motives. Be ahead of them, aim to foil their evil plans!

  • During the death timer. Think of what the thoughts leading into that death where. Are all the possibility's accounted for? Was it the right chain of thought, If not, why?

All these exercises will allow for a bigger picture to be viewed. While reading Octavia Butlers Lilith's Brood a character spoke of a very real trait within humanity. It's the choice to be ignorant.

Intelligence does enable you to deny facts you dislike. But your denial doesn't matter.

A cancer growing in someone's body will go on growing in spite of denial.

Many players motives, particularly in a solo q match. Is to get fed and carry. While getting a kill is one of the possibilities . It's not the possibility. We have to remind ourselves that there is more at play then we tend to admit. And that in the end it's up to us to remove that blind ignorance and see what is in plain sight.


This was the hardest post I've done so far. I had trouble piecing all of this together. I hope that you've learned as much as I have on this complex topic.

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Thank you for all your support.

Ignorance is a choice!

Good Luck and Have Fun in achieving a higher level of perspective!


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