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vVv Gaming League of Legends Community Draft Tournament Day #1



Hey guys! I told you that I would do my best to have the VODs of the vVv Gaming Community Draft Tournament that we held last Tuesday and I finally got them completed. Be warned though, for some reason when you record in OBS there tends to be audio problems when making highlights, so you have have to refresh the video once or twice in order to watch it with audio. I tried fixing it but apparently as of right now this is the only problem. Next time I will try to record it and have it as a file on my PC that I will just throw up onto YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

So here it is guys! Game 1: Team YaaaaAAAAP vs Team No Show/Beast



Team YaaaAAAP

Game 2: Team No Show/Beast vs Team YaaaAAP



Team No Show/Beast

Game 3: Team YaaaAAAP vs Team No Show/Beast



Team YaaaAAAP

Team YaaaAAAP moves on to Grand Finals

Thanks to everyone who was in the stream hanging out and watching! On Tuesday, June 4th we will be having Team No Practice vs Team Ron Mock at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific). The action can be found on twitch.tv/livevvvcommunity. Hope to see you guys there!

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one request either make this a league or a tournament. League spanning over a few weeks not during normal inhouse nights and times or a tournament. One weekend set aside to play every match... Please because after this week I am not skipping my after work sports to play in a LoL match.

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