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Week 7: Science Relating to Gamers: Why Practice Doesn't Always Make Perfect, Aggression in Video Games and Bio Computers

vVv WaKai


Researchers have found that there is more at play when becoming an expert. Intelligence as well as innate ability play a big role in how people become a professional. The test was conducted with musicians and chess players. This also goes against the american dream of if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything. But the rebuttal to this was that having the ability to see that a person cannot become an expert within a specific field encourages diversity within a person. I know I can relate to this, I find I have a very easy time writing, and picking up a game. But don't have the ability to go in depth because I tend to jump everywhere, trying new things. This curiosity is good in writing as it gives me the drive to write but is bad in gaming when you want to be focusing on a set of champions or builds.

The results contradict what the researchers believed would happen; That people would be more aggressive towards non-human characters. The most defining part in this article, was the fact that this aggression is only verbal and not physical."But the study also notes there was no significant increase in levels of physical aggression after fighting human-looking video game characters, something that suggests social prohibitions against violent acts remain strong." It's really important to look at the whole picture. Especially in an article like this. I believe that humans feel more competitive when perceiving another human. But when faced against a non-human we do not feel that we'll be challenged. Instead it becomes fighting for survival.

The biggest question right now in the technology world; Will Moore's law hold true? Moore's law is a law that represents how technology doubles in performance every two years. It now seems that with new advancements in this field of bio technology that the law will still continue to hold true after silicon reaches it's performance ceiling. These advancements also bring scientists closer to unlocking the genetic code. As organisms are much like computers where they interact and carry out actions in a logical manner.

Personally, I have found these articles really interesting this week. I hope you have as well!

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Stay informed!

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