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Cog in the Machine - My First Podcast



Well, for more than a year I've been wanting to host my own podcast. I bounced around different ideas, struggled to figure out who I could bring on as co-hosts or if I could do the whole thing myself, threw the project in the recycle bin at least half a dozen times and resurrected it half a dozen more, but now FINALLY here it is. At first I wanted to try something along the lines of a radio talk show, but then I realized something like that requires structure and a better idea of current events. I'm sort of out of the loop on a lot of things at the moment, so THAT idea got scrapped too.

So what the hell is my podcast about anyway? After recording the talk show portion of it I came to the realization that my shtick has always been bitching and moaning about things. I mean, that's what The Zero Logs became thanks to the monthly FAIL articles and the reviews of terrible games (which will both return in the future, I promise. I had a lot of fun writing the reviews particularly because I was basically reliving hilariously bad games as if I were simply talking about them.

And my podcast was born. It's basically me reliving some of the funniest moments from jobs I hated and in the future there will be other people talking with me. If you wanna know where the name comes from... it's got a double meaning. These jobs which will be discussed made me feel like just another interchangeable piece of a much larger machine. And the podcast is basically a cog in MY machine.

So without further ado here's the link to my very first episode of my podcast: Cog in the Machine! Enjoy! :)

LINK: http://citm.podbean.com/

P.S. I know the sound quality sucks. Give me time to get my equipment and you'll notice dramatic improvements overnight.


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