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Zombie Report 3



Its That Time Again!

Zombie Report 3 ! Today's Report will Strictly all State Of Decay. If you love zombies and you haven't heard of this game then you're lucky the you've been living day to day without the URGE to play this game all the time and then not being able to fulfill that URGE because the game hasn't released yet. The basics: Single-Player Sandboxed Zombie Survival. Adding to it: Xbox Arcade title, With MMO as a future update. If you have seen DayZ, Picture that with beautiful graphics, Campaign, and a hole lot more to do. The developer UndeadLabs, and there project State Of Decay Will take Zombie Survival to where we always wanted it.

To touch back a bit, State Of Decay ( Code Name Class 3 ) Will release as a single player Zombie survival game Xbox Arcade Game. With feedback of the game, Class 4 a future title, MMO Zombie Survival Game, will release as a full Tittle. And Class 3, will have a CoOp update.

Getting back to the point. This game is going to have some crazy features. In a recent Blog post from Undead Labs, they tell a story from the eyes of some of the NPCs of the game. And behind what they're saying is a bunch awesome features the game will have. Starting with!

Your Home

In the Blog post Linked Below in multiple places they talk about "The place you call home" and what it can do for you. Its main purpose? A place to rest, heal up, and give you protection. There will be a night and day, and you definitely dont want to be about during the night when the zombies can see you, but u cant see them. It also gives you a place to protect other survivors and create a community of people with different traits and skills. Its been written that depending on where your staying, you will have a certain amount of space to build upgrades to your home. Also you need to make sure you have enough room for everyone, Beds and all. What can you add to your home? Confirmed: Farms, Infirmaries, Workshops, Training Area, Cooking, and storage. Defensive add-ons like barbwire, watch towers. and Hopefully a lot more!

Your Community

With in your home, you have all of the survivors. As mentioned above each survivor has different abilities, but they also have pros and cons. Everyone reacts differently to things. Your Community has an overall Moral, And you want that as high as possible. but more so, each survivor has a moral, or a mood, and they effect other survivors, so one survivor can be "proud" and give everyone a boost by showing leadership skills, where another survivor can act cocky, and as if they're better then the rest, and bring everyone's mood down. There are easy ways to change peoples moods. For example, Finding some luxury items like alcohol, or killing a nearby horde of zombies. Keeping your morale up is very important.

The problem is you cant survive on morale. So you always need to make sure you have Food and Water, Medicine, Ammo, Building Materials, and Fuel. These are your resources you will be working with every day. Some more important then others, but you never want to go long without one of them. Another resource you can use is influence. You gain influence by doing good things for your community. And with that influence you can ask for deeds back.

Day to Day

In day to day life as a survivor, you need to keep in contact with your Community. Radios have become the main way to communicate from distance. If you see a Horde of zombies heading for home, its always good to let everyone else know before they get there. What else can the radio be used for? If you find other surviving communities, you can contact them when you need help or advice, if you need a little ammo and have some extra food, why not trade? You also need weapons when you go out, or are being attacked by zombies at base. But what happens when you gun conks out!? Maintenance of your things is a crucial thing. So workshops can help you repair, and maintain weapons. Scouting areas, building, and surroundings is a great way to keep your people alive, and have a high moral. scouting the town and clearing out infested building will do all of that. In doing that you will be able to keep the attacking hordes away, and in smaller numbers. You know what they say, If you see one zombie, there is probably more. So keep them at a low number and you shouldn't have as big a problem.

To close up, This game will be awesome! and not only it will be even MORE AWESOMER! when the MMO version releases. Like a lot of people did when vVv played Starwars The Old Republic. I will be tweeting my adventures as a survivor. and i hope others will do as well. So keep your eye out for this game, Undead Labs has said the game is due for release early 2013, So all we can do is hope its sooner then later.


Undead Labs Blog


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