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Good Luck to the 16 teams competing in Riot’s offline qualifiers this weekend

vVv RobZ


With so much on the line and this being the first event for many of the players teams, I wanted to wish you all the best of luck and share some tips that I believe will help the players and fans get the best experience, and so that all teams have an equal chance to win, regardless of their individual LAN experience.

These are tips that I've picked up from a few years of experience of competing professionally, managing teams and players, observing the best and worst practices from many teams in various communities.

• Don’t eat garbage during the event or the days leading up. You may or may not be fed by Riot. Regardless, make sure that you get breakfast and enough sleep (8hrs) every night leading up to and during the tournament. Staying up late and then chugging energy drinks before your match will be bad. Don’t do that. Drink water.

• Make sure that the settings and gear that you were using at home are as close to what you’re competing with at the event. Keep your settings in a google doc or e-mail yourself them just in case. Know the resolution and size of the monitor that you use at home and consider that when you’re setting up at the qualifier. You may want to consider changing settings or using windowed mode to replicate your setup.

• Play round by round. Kill by kill. Focus on each match and each game as it comes to you. The second you start thinking about the rest of the tournament and teams you have to play next you will play differently. Don’t over or under estimate any team, play to win and give respect to your opponent. Say gg, shake their hands and pls don’t swear on stream.

• If something breaks in game, your computer freezes, your gear stops working – ask for an admin immediately and pursue for them to review the situation. Don’t wait until after the match because it’s likely that nothing can be done unless it happens again.

• Connect with your team when you meet them for the first time. Get to know them; try to build as much team chemistry as you can before you start playing.

• Utilize your practice time, breaks and nights. When you are not playing you should be studying, talking with your team and mentally preparing for the next match. Remember, you are not here on vacation, this is a huge opportunity for you.

• Understand that at least one of your teammates is probably extremely nervous. Identify who it is and try to make them comfortable and relaxed before they throw the game from nerves.

• The world is watching. This is your opportunity to tell your team’s story, gain massive amounts of fans and followers and even sponsors down the road. Take all interview opportunities, be yourself and tell the story. Stay Hungry. Stay Humble. If you have a team sponsor, ask the interviewer if you can shout out your sponsor or organization. Befriend them. They are your portal to the fans and reddit.

• Meet the Rioters. They are awesome. Thank them for the opportunity.

• If you have an active twitter or facebook account, keep your fans updated. Your tweet might just end up on the front page of reddit (+2000~ followers easily). For Extra points, take pictures of the venue and your hotel room, etc

GLHF to all teams!

Originally posted on Reddit


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