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Cheap / Free to Play, Games



The Best Things In Life Are Free

So lets look at some awesome Cheap or ( Torrent available ) Games that you could relax take a brake from the competitive scene and just nerd out on. Today we will be looking at Cortex Command, Faster Then Light, and Prison Architect.

Cortex Command

Available on Steam, ( or other less legal ways to download ) Cortex Command is a Genius 2d Pixel-y Real-Time Tactical / Strategy game.

Point of the game? Take over the world and kill the enemy teams brain. Each Team plays a different Race, Each race with its pros and cons. You start with some money, A brain. Your first job is to secure a planet for yourself. On the main screen each team chooses which territory they will attack and how much money they will spend to do so. When everyone turn is done the battles commence. You can end up in a crazy action packed game with 3 others teams trying to eliminate you.

The game plays a lot like Worms, accept there are no turns during combat, its real time and you control your team with basic actions, You can call down more troops to fight, or to mine gold. you can set them to mine, patrol, attack enemy Brain. You call down for support and have a large variate of ways to destroy the enemy. Its a single player or splitscreen game.

Cons There is no Online multilayer, its very new and riddled with bugs, (Since the last time i played) and there are issues that need to be addressed during end game which prevent the losing team to ever be able to catch up.

It is a must play game and if you want to support them by buying the game on steam, Go for it! But in its current buggy state i am waiting before I invest

Faster Then Light

This game is quite simple compared to Cortex Command but ends in a way more frustrating and hard play through. You are the captain of a ship behind enemy lines and you have information that can destroy then imperial fleet. Your Mission is to fly all the way back to the rebel sector and deliver the news. The hole game your running from a deadly force in your ship. You ship has its health and a shield. If your hull is destroyed you lose, if you run out of fuel, you lose, if all your crewmen die... you guessed it... YOU LOSE. There are many ships to unlock that makes you play the game in a hole different style. Your starting ship is the basic generic ship. You use lazers and missiles to get to the end. But you unlock stealth ships that avoid all conflicts, or ships completely manned by robots, and defended by flying droids, and ounce you do that you can switch it to "Hard" mode. As if the normal mode wasn't hard enough... Hard More is Impossible! Lots of headaches but also make you want to win that much more. Games are fairly quick and it keeps your score so you can compete against your friends scores.

Prison Architect

Last but not least, Prison Architect Alpha. Yes it is in alpha so expect it to be broken! To sum it up quickly... Prison Tycoon. Build a prison that can hold inmates. keep them tamed, don't let them escape, and try and avoid your prison being burned down to the ground. Its fun, there is a slight learning curve at the beginning of the game, but a quick youtube tutorial on how to most effectively set up your prison will get you on the right track. If you like the tycoon type games, then definitely give this game a look.


More Cheap/Free to PLay Games coming soon, let me know what you think about the games, or if you have any FTP games of your own you'd like to share Hit Me Up.



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