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Entry #23 WCG National Final

vVv michs09


WCG 2012 National Final – New York City

This year World Cyber Games held the National Final at Comic Con NYC, which was just a massive event that included new games, promotional opportunities, comics, celebrities and MUCH MUCH MORE! The convention center packed in more than 100,000 hyped fans which built up a nice atmosphere to hold a gaming event within all the madness.

The event included the top 8 players in the nation, who all qualified via online weeks prior to the event. In my group I had Juanqui, Brian, & Aman (All very tough opponents who each was very capable of winning the event, in all honesty each of the 8 qualified players had the ability to come out on top depending on luck and different matchups)

Unfortunately I failed to make it out of group play at the event, with a record of 1-2 (Losing to Brian / Aman) - FIFA is all about decision making, composure in front of goal, and defense + luck factor. My games were all extremely tight and included extra time matches and even PK battles where I was unsuccessful. It’s really frustrating losing out on 50/50 balls that you need to win, or hitting the post in matches where opportunities are few and far between but “Welcome to FIFA”. Positive Note: All the games ran smoothly without any delay or lag at the event – Which is something organizers have struggled with in the past.

Side Note: Brian (3rd) & Aman (2nd) at the event

I’ve been to NYC multiple times and there are one of the kind elements to the city, however my performance overshadowed my stay for the weekend. I’m ready to up the training in FIFA 13 in order to prepare even more thorough to make sure I can get my revenge over the competition. I would like to thank vVv, the community, and all the sponsors for making events like this possible.

For Pictures from events make sure to check my FB page HERE

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Congrats on qualifing for the event and good luck in FIFA 13. I'm moving to competitive FIFA because the audience is worldwide for football, plus I've always been a big fan.

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