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Blog #22 Career Mode: Back to Business

vVv michs09


Career Mode: Back to Business

So check this out I've been playing a lot of career mode in FIFA 13, because it’s actually enjoyable thanks to EA Sports making some significant changes from the past few years. I've really never been able to spend much time with any offline game mode in FIFA mainly because it’s just so repetitive, and lacks depth however things are changing this year.

What Impactful changes have been made?

1. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) is finally educated, they make the right reads and play with sense opposed to the boring monotonous style we've been punished with throughout the past few years. The AI makes adjustments to how you play and they attempt to attack in every manner. (Long shots, quick passing, crossing, free kicks, deep balls)

Side note: The AI plays similar to how the team there using would play in real life, tactics & everything which makes for quite an experience when playing offline.

2. Added Depth (especially as a manager) – You can now manage national teams, make all the call ups, while also working with your club squad. Competing in International competition is something that’s definitely been highly desired in FIFA titles and it's going to be a staple in future installments for sure. Great NEW FEATURE!

3. Player Development – I really have enjoyed how it takes time and isn't as easy to increase statistics with your player right away. In order to really grow and gain that captaincy you’re going to need to do work on the pitch consistently while leading your squad to victory.

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Newest Career Mode Vid w/ Dirty Mike


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