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Blog #21 FIFA 13 Demo - Deadly 7

vVv michs09


FIFA 13 Demo

New features: What I’ve noticed from the demo – Deadly Seven

1. Impact Engine

This might be the first year in quite some time where pace isn’t everything in terms of defense, throughout experimenting with the demo it’s finally possible to use the larger center backs without having trouble defending through balls or keeping up with the speedsters…. What’s changed???

In this FIFA installment it’s quite easy to put your body between the ball and attacker therefore creating a separation. What this means is a strong player can slow the attacker down or just simply get in the way similar to “real football” which makes up for his lack of pace. I’m excited for the launch of the full title coming September 25th.

2. Through Ball System / Player intelligence

This big change has me yoked for the new installment, players now really curve there runs and if your opponent is playing a high pressure tactic your able to deliver pin point ground through balls in behind the defense to punish them for overplaying . It’s quite interesting also to see the computer AI move so well and fill space when moving forward with the ball naturally. In FIFA 12 I don’t know how many times I’ve faced the frustration of not being able to get my attackers into the right positions on the counters.

3. Offline AI

Well nearly every year the computer (AI) when you play offline is so boring and terrible that it ruins FIFA’s offline modes because they attack slow and never have any direction. As the difficulty would increase they would just finish better but still the speed of attack would sometimes include 30 passes just to get a shot on goal. Well finally this year it appears to revamped, they see the pitch great like an actual opponent. They adjust to your movement, which is much better than any FIFA AI I can remember, so I’m looking forward to actually playing a few seasons of career mode this go around.

4. Mini Games

The added mini games are pretty sweet, and basically just provide you some practice that includes different techniques used in the actual games such as crossing, free kicks, pks, passing etc… They have a point system and it’s much more enjoyable than shooting on the goalie while waiting for the game to load.

5. First Touch Control

In this FIFA they have revitalized the first touch, it adds a definite random factor at times but when you execute a properly timed first touch it leads you right past a defender on to the goal. I’m still frustrated with certain aspects of the first touch control mainly because players with high skill sets will still struggle to bring down driven switches or long balls regularly.

6. Goalies

The keepers in the demo do some serious work; they have the ability to get to most shots which means you’re going to need to be extremely clinical in terms of finishing. I was quite impressed with how they defended balls in the air, and got down really well on breakaways… I am playing on World Class versus the computer so it could be different on a lower difficulty.

7. Tactics

Tactics! Tactics! Tactics! In FIFA 13 the game is a lot more complex than FIFA 12 in terms of tactics. EA has nearly doubled the amount of formations and in order to really get your players to move forward / defend to correlate how you wish to play your definitely going to need to examine different tactics. I’m excited the game looks a lot more complete than FIFA 12, which is EA’s most prestigious title to date.

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