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Summer Recap - 06/09/2012

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The End Is Near!

So summer is ending, and kids are going back to school. With a lot fun, and laughs,

troubles, disappointments, and work. Its time to switch from this "Vacation" mode and get things

into gear! But before that id like to share my summer, experiences, and learned morals in this

short 2 months. Starting with vacations.

Vacations are very important to a persons health. Its lets you take a brake, de-stress.

brings up your morale, happiness, and mood. But what do i mean by vacation? A trip to

Disneyland? Camping? Maybe, it all depends on what you get out of it!! For instance during my 2

week work vacation i went camping. Outdoors, beer, food, friends. Now thats a vacation...Expect it wasn't, It was stressful because my friends are horrible planners, required doing a lot of work getting to and from the camping site. And turned out to not really feel like a vacation but more like work. So when i say vacation it can be anything! If you have 2 days off of work and you have made sure that your plans are chilling around, spending time with the family, chilling on mumble playing games. As long as it put you in a better mood and it doesn't feel like work, Then your on Vacation!

#vVvCommunity show did not advance as much as i hoped during the summer. It was the peek time during work, and with lots of people quitting my scheduled got hectic. Then adding trying to help a friend through a very big rough patch, what i wanted to do with the show ended up not happening.With summer being over work will slowly decrease giving me more free time to work on this project. But i still face time restraints with my friend...And now with politics

Because as awesome as Canada is, it still has issues and sadly living in Quebec, a GIANT issue has occurred. We just had an election for who will run the province of Quebec. We happen to be divided by language in our provincial election. English vs French. The French Separatist Party has won the election with a minority. Now with a minority they cannot do what they hoped for which was separate the province and become its own country, it has created a large tension between the English and French. The hole platform for the Partie Quebecois ((PQ) The winners of the election) Is to ensure that people can only learn french, and everything must be french. Because of this the English people get scared and move out of Quebec. Two nights ago after the election, an English man walked into the PQ Headquarters and tried to assassinate the leader. A failed attempt, but creating more tension. So now we have a war in the streets where its not really safe to walk around. Last night my friend and I where assaulted by three French guys because we were speaking English. With this i too may be running away from this province.

With the police doing absolutely nothing for our case, and trying to persuade us not to press charges because the case will be thrown out before it goes to court. I don't really think the police are on our side... so sadly I will be dealing with more nonsense and will have less time to deal with my pass time activities. With all that said. Welcome School year, And i hope more gets done with the vVvCommunity in the next couple of weeks.


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