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Work 1 - Vacations!



So Now I'm Back! From Outer Space!

Hello everyone! This is the first blog i'm posting since vacation! And i mainly want to talk to you guys about Vacations in general so the first topic in my "Work" Series will be Vacations. But before i get to that i just want to give you a small update about the show! So i am experimenting with new streaming programs and i am hoping to get a better quality from them. vVvphersghu has offered to help with overlays and I'm really exited to work with him. Also There was a large amount of people that were allowed to enter my "Alive Man" Contest. Details HERE ( Scroll down to Alive man Contest )

Here is how the contest went:

BlueDragon asked: is he from vVv : No

He Guesses: Classick : No

Top League of legends Player

vVv Magnet asked: is he president of something : No

He Guesses: Athene : No

Athene is Apart of Raizor, Played WoW and claims to be the best Paladin.

5. Turtle Asked: does he work for a video game merchandise company? : No

He guesses : Alex Seropian

Alex was one of the initial game developers for bungie

6. vVvExodus Asked: Is he a SC2 PLayer : No

He guesses: Tsquared :No

Tsquared is a pro MLG player

Thanks for participating everyone!! Better luck next time! The alive man stays a secret for now!

So on to the show!

I Just got back from my 2 week vacation form work and school. I start school at 8 am ( Wake up at 6:30 AM ) finish at 3PM, leave to go to work get there at 3:40 PM start work at 4 PM and finish at 9PM home by 10PM. VERY Long days so a 2 week vacation from both at the same time was awesome! But i had the idea for this blog after getting a 2 day weekend from both. ( Because my 2 days off of work do not follow. Usually Monday, Wednesday ) My main point is it doesnt matter the length of time off, but what you do with that time

So specifically on these 2 days off that i got, i DID NOTHING! i told my girlfriend i needed me time, video game time, time to relax, and do nothing. It was magical!!!! I dont know if you guys know this. But if you have 2 days off in a row... your lucky and don't waste them! I often see people working on there days off. A common thing is to catch up on homework, cleaning, do chores, garden, ETC. Those are not days off! you need the rest, the zero stress! its so rejuvenating.

My 2 week vacation was mostly spent with my girlfriend and friends, ( Which was fun ) but not relaxing... i went camping... OUTDOORS! in a very secluded place. NOT RELAXING. you have to plan it out. pack the car, drive there, unpack, put up the tent. and then be pissed that in a few nights you gotta do it all over again... Not relaxing. The best part of my vacation?! was playing video games, and marathoning tv shows. NO JOKE

You guys might think im crazy, but need to try it. Take the time for you. no stress do as you feel, you don't need to play video games. you might think camping is very relaxing. The point is do what you can FOR YOU. you have 2 days out of 7. relax and take it easy! Have a good summer to everyone and use your time wisely! Im exited to get back into the swing of things with the #vVvCommunity.

So Make sure to be watching for the next episode of the #vVvCommunity show




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