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Finals / MGS2 @ 1Up




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What's up everybody?

So, today is December 13th, currently I'm sitting in the 3rd floor of my library, supposed to be studying for my calculus final tomorrow. Anyway, I've obviously been knee-deep (or neck-deep, possibly) in work, thus being unable to write anything for the blog, which is unfortunate. However, once my final is over tomorrow, I will be done with school until I come back early for a winter intercession class I'm taking with my suitemate.

In the meantime, to keep you people sane, since I do not have the time to write up a new entry on my own I'm sending you all to read a truly stellar piece I found on 1Up about Metal Gear Solid 2 by Jeremy Parish. It's a really deep article on the twists and weird realities of the plot in what ended up being a pretty crazy (and negatively received, unfortunately) game.

Take a look: http://www.1up.com/features/metal-gear-solid-2-gamings-greatest-con-job

My apologies for not having something original, but once finals are done, I'll be back in business!


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