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An idea is nothing without execution!

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vVv Kraft


So something interesting. I came up with a simple idea of a weekly video where I could just go over recent news in the gaming industry. Whether it's competitive play, new trailers, new games, updates etc.. just good news which fuels us each week. So I approached a friend who works with a lot of local media companies in Vancouver and he was pumped to jump on it with me after explaining my idea. A few days later, I message him about when we should meet up and start to plan this out. He gets back to me and has already got an online website who already wants us to be on the site as a new weekly video column and we found a videographer / editor for our show. Sunday November 6 I have a meeting with a couple guys and it's time to get to work.. the correct way.

Looking back on past projects and ideas I have, there was always a fundamental problem with everything I've attempted to do. Some of these problems consist of being way over my head. I love to brainstorm and be overly creative with my ideas. I blame being an artist and having the large teams around me for the past 5 years of doing animation. Other problems were partners I chose slowed me down and did not put in the right amount of effort. You must be on the same page as your partner/s. The last issue I have was trying to do everything by myself. It's tough to do it all alone when you don't have an open schedule to dedicate your time to something. I needed a team for when my next idea would come to mind.

So now I'm onto my next concept and this one is already on a good path.

Found another passionate gamer who I am not very close friends with. He was a past co-worker so our relationship will be very professional. Working with friends has only ever led me to failure but working with someone who's not your friend, you need to be sure that you will get a long well enough to complete your tasks. I'm going to focus on what I need to do now for this show to be successful and leaving the filming and video editing to someone who's studying and learning that as a career.

I don't have a name yet for the weekly show but once things are up and running, I'll be back here to keep everyone posted!

For now, I hope these words of wisdom can help anyone else starting up an idea.


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Sounds awesome, I like that you said that working with your friends has only led to failure, it made me realize that working with people that you aren't as close with is probably much more efficient. good luck on your series, ill be sure to follow it!

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