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NBK's Halo adventures.

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NWS: Reach


^ Thanks NiteyNite! ^

Well it's finally here, Halo: Reach. The midnight release was planned over a month in advance. It would be myself and Malfunction at his house for at least 2 days for just straight gaming. A week before the release we added Magus to our roster of people at Malfunction's for Reach. Sunday before the midnight release I brought my viewsonic, xbox, and astros to get them set up so we wouldn't have to the night of the release. Come midnight release, we get Magus set up at about 8. I hopped on Modern Warfare 2 for a minute, my xbox was running smooth. Few hours later, we get back to Malfunction's with 2 standard copies, and 1 legendary (Malfunction's). I ripped that thing open and quickly put in my disc tray to find my screen saying " Open tray. " I opened it, closed it.. Again.. same message. 30 minutes go by, I'm hitting open and close, hitting my xbox, hoping it'd read the damn disc. No luck. My xbox had broken down on me the moment I put my copy of Reach in it. Words cannot describe the fury I wanted to unleash upon that stupid machine, the ultimate nerd rage was about to destroy that thing. I calmed down, called up my amazing friend Corey who lived just a bit away from Malfunction's house to see if I could use his xbox for the night. He said yes, and we met him at Burger King to get his xbox. I gave him the biggest hug ever, took his box, and we did about 70 down the residential streets to get back to Mal's to finally play the game we've been waiting so long to.

Malfunction, Magus, Myself and our friend Oni started up the campaign on Legendary. We tore through it in about 4 1/2 hours, it was a good campaign. I'm glad I played it with friends, it made it so much fun I wish we could do it everyday. Afterwards we immediately jumped into matchmaking. Arena was down, so team slayer was about to get rocked. Our first game we had Pinnacle Snipers, we beat the other team 50 - 7. Oni eventually got off, he had class at 3 that day so he needed some sleep. Magus left around the same time. Malfunction and I gamed until about 1 A.M that night. I played Halo: Reach for 24 hours straight, and loved every second of it. We had to get Corey's xbox back to him, so we dropped that off for him and Mal took me home. I couldn't fall asleep I just kept thinking about how much I wanted to play that game, and that I couldn't. My xbox wasn't going to work, I have no money to purchase one, D.C is a month away and if I send it in I won't have an xbox to play on for probably 3 weeks minimum. So much running through my mind as I was trying to sleep, it sucked. :(

I wake up, hook up my set-up and gave my xbox the old college try. No luck at first, my persistence is one of my better qualities. I sat there for an hour and a half, opening and closing the disc tray hoping to hear my xbox spin the disc and read it. It worked. I was so happy. I played throughout the day and into the early morning. I left my xbox on so I wouldn't have to try and do that again. Played one more day before shipping my xbox out to Microsoft, thank god I had my warranty until November. Before I shipped it out, Malfunction confirmed he got a team pass for D.C and we began running games with Landit, whom I teamed with for Raleigh (a 24 hour thing). We had very good teamwork, chemistry, and we're all Chicago locals. We were looking for one before I shipped out my xbox.

The day I shipped my xbox out, I was reading bungie.net's weekly update. Towards the bottom I read this:

" If you find yourself lumped in with the


NWS: What's next?

After the Chicago Combine, we were unsure what was next. When we picked up Rawdilla, we made it clear we wanted to stay together for the next event we would be attending: Denver. He never gave a straight answer about wanting to go, and a few days after Chicago he told us he wouldn't be going to anymore events this season. We had a lot of potential with that line-up, in my opinion. Rawdilla was a valuable player on our team, but it was his decision to make. We fell out of practice and never really got around to looking for a 4th team mate right away.

About a month ago, we started getting back into it and looking for someone to join our team for Denver. Randomly one day Malfunction was playing with one of my good friend and Malfunction's former teammate, bASHER. They somehow got on the topic of whether bASHER would be attending any more events this season. Being a website owner (www.gamerlogos.net) and student, he didn't have the funds to make it to events. Malfunction brought up the option of him funding him for Denver, where the roster would be Hype, Cassidy, bASHER and Malfunction. They would've had top 16 seed easily (Cassidy, bASHER, and Hype made top 32 at Chicago and Cassidy also placed top 48 at Nashville) with their amount of combine points. Malfunction told me before making the decision to join that team, so that it wouldn't seem shady. I told him he should go for it, because I knew they would do very well at Denver with that roster. I wished him luck, and started to look for 2 teammates for myself and Mevs for Denver. About a week and a half later, Malfunction blew up my phone one day and we started talking about eachother's teams. I knew early on in the team change that Malfunction wouldn't enjoy teaming with them. Cassidy works two jobs, and rarely hops on to play. bASHER like I said runs a website and takes classes, and in general doesn't really get online to play. Hype was more of Cass and Bash's friend than Malfunction, so they never got ahold of eachother to play at anytime. I think out of that whole week they played 1 hour together, and Mal didn't like that one bit. He confessed he rushed his decision on his team change, and asked to join NWS again. I welcomed him, and brought up the idea of bringing in Cassidy in for our 4th. Cassidy said he was down to run games, but later on we found out he had other more important things to do so he would've been unable to really practice/play at Denver. So once again, Mevs Malfunction and I were searching for one.

One of my old teammates, Magus started getting back into Halo 3. When I played with him, I could tell his skill level was pretty solid despite his long absence, but since it had been so long since he played competitively his decision making skills were a little off. Malfunction, one of the smartest and most analytical players I've ever had the pleasure of playing with, decided he would kind of take him under his wing and go over gameplay with him and try and teach him some better decision making skills. We decided that we would stick with Magus for Denver, although early on into playing with him Mevs said clearly he had his doubts about the pick-up. About a week ago, we were all on to practice except for Mevs. When he got on, he was on Modern Warfare 2 playing Search and Destroy (which on a side-note he's a beast at). He sent me a text saying he felt uncomfortable playing with Magus, " he doesn't play on our level. ". He basically said as long as Magus was on our team he wouldn't continue playing with us. We decided to stay with Magus and see if we could find a fourth. 2 weeks til Denver, this kind of put us in a rough spot. I personally am tired of picking up a 4th just a few weeks before an event, I'll say that now. We sent out numerous messages to people asking if they needed a team for Denver, a few replied but nothing really followed up after that. We even tried getting bASHER on the team, seeing as Magus is his brother, and Malfunction offered to pay for him before. We noticed how much it'd run Malfunction a lot of money to fly Bash out to Denver, and us not even having a hotel lined up we were stumped on what to do. I myself haven't had a job in several months, I didn't have the funds for Denver. We decided to not go to Denver, and just see if we could find a more suitable fourth for Raleigh and practice for it.

Lately Malfunction, Mevs, Magus, and I have been playing a lot of Modern Warfare 2. We have been playing a lot with our friend Goodfella, who is back from school for the summer. We felt like a pretty solid team, and we decided to make a gamebattles team for fun. vVv Buzz started playing with us also, and informed us of a local MW2 MLG Variant tournament which I personally have a lot of interest in. I'll let you know how that goes, but back to Halo :).

Malfunction, Magus and I just got back from a Halo 3 LAN last night. We've been playing MW2 pretty much all week, and it was a lot of fun coming back to Halo (especially on LAN). Me and Malfunction got to talking about our plans for the rest of the season, and our plans for Halo in general. We talked about a plan for Raleigh where I pointed out Reach's release date was just a few weeks after that event. I personally am going to whore the shit out of Reach, and Malfunction said he'd be doing the same. Thinking it over, we really questioned whether Raleigh would be worth playing if we would be focusing on Reach after that. Even if we did well at Raleigh, this is probably the last season of Halo 3. Following what has happened in the past, Halo 2 to Halo 3, the points achieved in the previous game did not transfer over to the next. So basically our thinking (and joke) is even if we win every event for the rest of the season: what's the point if it doesn't help us in Reach? To add on to that, I really don't know how my financial situation will be around Raleigh so would I have the money for it? A bunch of things were pointed out, and we decided not to attend anymore Halo 3 events this season unless it was for fun. He asked whether or not I'd go to the Washington D.C combine, and I said if I had money or someone would pay for me I would. He pretty much offered to pay, and I said I'd think about it. I want to attend D.C more for the vVv Gathering than the combine itself, honestly.

I'll still be playing Halo 3, but I think I'm about done competing. I'd rather focus on other things, think about the future of my gaming career, and just have fun with the game like when I did what feels like forever ago. Most of all, I really want to use more of my time to get more involved in working with vVv Gaming. It might seem kind of stupid but I guess this is my unsuccessful retirement... Haha. I've had a lot of ups and downs in Halo 3, probably more downs than ups :P, but I really have enjoyed my time playing this game competitively. I didn't achieve what I worked so hard to, but I still carry that same spirit and passion for Halo and gaming. Reach will be a fresh start, and I really can't wait to start practicing with NWS for it. There will be No Warning Shots in Reach, I promise you.

:Bowdown::thanks: Thanks to everyone who has supported NWS in Halo 3, I'll be sure to keep everyone (well, whoever reads this thing) updated on our progress. Who knows, maybe Malfunction and I will play at the Washington D.C combine, we will just have to see. :)

. vVv Solid


I'll start off by saying I had a great time at this combine. I had tons of friends there, got to meet even more great people.


Well, Thursday night Malfunction picked Mevs up from his hotel in Rosemont (he was also attending another convention that weekend and that's where he was staying) and dropped him off at my house. We got some solid split screen practice in, and to be honest we went to bed a little later than we wanted to around 5 a.m.. We woke up and got situated around 1 P.M. since the FFA didn't start until 5:30 P.M.. So we drove back to Rosemont (I spent more time driving than playing this weekend, it's ridiculous) to his hotel for him to take a shower and grab a change of clothes. We finally got back around my house at about 3:30. We had lunch with our coach Oni, at which we performed one of me and my friend's greatest rituals: Rock, Paper, Scissors for who drives to the event that day. 2-0'd his ass in the best of 3, so he would be driving us. He wound up having to go to the bank, get gas, stop at Jewel for redbull, and we barely made it there at 4:50 to get registered. 10 minutes later and we would've been screwed.

Anyway, finally the FFA starts. We expected to be called in the later stations, but Malfunction got called right off the bat at station 1. He made it through his first round, and hit a rough spot in his second FFA. ACzDC, Mikwen and Adrenaline (the Nashville FFA winner) were along in his FFA. Those 2 of which made it to top 12 in FFA. He had a rough bracket, we weren't disappointed with his placing in just the 3rd round. Myself and Rawdilla had a bye, so we played a little later. I was so anxious to just play. Mevs wound up getting round 3, he was a little nervous. I myself was nervous and wasn't sure how I would do in the FFA, but I wanted to get it out of the way. Rawdilla wound up having a rough game himself and got knocked out I think 3rd round?

I played well in my 3rd round, and made it to the 4th round game, where I was matched up with two friends of mine Fletch and Soki. Fletch was a very solid player, and on a team with 2 of my good friends bASHER and Cassidy. It was tough in the first few minutes, Fletch was doing a great job of keeping an eye on my screen and cleaning up my kills and just over-all picking up kills pretty easily. Soki was doing well between 1st and 2nd place battling for the lead. Fletch was in 3rd most of the game while I fell in either 8th or 7th. I was getting down on myself seeing that, and just shook it off, sat a little closer, and focused in. It was a minute left, I was down by 12 kills. Soki and Fletch were in 2nd and 3rd by this point. I went huge, started to catch up quickly. I was 1 shot several times, but kept racking up kills while no-shields. The crowd and my friends behind me were going nuts. I didn't notice the score, I just kept focusing on my playing. 4 seconds left I die and look at the score, 57 - 55 in my favor. I was shaking, I stood up turned around and did the cliche " LET'S GOOOOOOO! ". Fletch wound up losing 4th place by a kill or so, and Soki was I think in 2nd or 3rd. It was the best FFA match I had ever been in, I was in shock at how I played in that FFA. Every player in that FFA looked over at me " You're Solid? You were shitting! " I was pretty happy with myself. I found out a few minutes later that 5th round was full screen. Rawdilla did the math, there were technically 128 people left in the FFA at this point. I sat down for my FFA 5th round, looked across and saw ARealyGoodNoob playing at my station. The transition from split to full screen was a little hard, and I wound up going -3 losing 4th place by just 2 kills. I was still pretty happy with my performance in round 4, but disappointed I lost barely in round 5. Round 4 will be one of my favorite memories at any event I've ever been to. I had several friends who I consider MUCH better than me walk up to me and just say how great I played in that round. I made it farther than them and they were shocked at my performance.

Me and Mevs get to my house around Midnight and we got something to eat and relaxed for a bit, checking the Combine website for placings. I somehow got 142 in the FFA, although I was a part of the last 128 player pool. Oh well, I was feeling good about it. Mevs passed out around 1:30 while I couldn't sleep. I was nervous, what can I say. Fell asleep around 3 and woke up at 7 so we could get there at 8 for warm-ups.


We picked up my girlfriend and headed over to the event. Rawdilla was already there, but we had trouble getting a hold of Malfunction. We prayed that he didn't over sleep, we needed warm-ups badly. He eventually got there and we got a few good games in with some good teams, and we did surprisingly well against them. We were feeling good, our FFA placings had gotten us the 58th seed or something. We had a bye through 1st round so we watched Chibee's team play. THAT'S ANOTHER STORY.. i'll let him blog about his experience and games. 2nd round rolled around and we faced a team called " Level 99 Charizards ". First game, Narrows Slayer. It's about 30 kills in, pretty close game. They started to run our lobby to get a spawn trap going, then all of the sudden as we were pushing them out of our lobby 8 people joined our game and screwed up the spawns and we got caught in a cycle or two of spawn killing. I called this to the ref's attention, because I've seen this situation happen where the ref simply restarts the game. He said that is not in the rules where if that happens, he has to restart it. Whatever! MAKE THE RULE. IT'S BULLSHIT. Game 1, loss. Going into Game 2 our Astros stopped getting sound, we checked our splitters, replaced the batteries, called an Astro guy over to check what's wrong, and he simply told us: I don't know what's wrong. Sweet, we had no headsets for the rest of that series. Malfunction and Rawdilla are quiet, and used to their headsets so I could barely hear them in Game 2 Heretic Flag. It was back and forth most of the game, 4 - 4 eventually. They got a flag pull on us and we stopped it pretty close.. It was such a sick play. I pull flag, run it, and score it. I was pumped at this point. Next game was Pit Slayer. Mevs was choking.. 30 kills in he still had between 1 and 3 kills. It started to look bad when they were up 40 - 46 in their favor. We came back to 46 - 49, but eventually we lost it. Our communication was so off during those last two games, we weren't on the same page. Losers round 3 was a different story, we got the headsets to work on another station and we pretty much dominated that team. Our teamwork was perfect, Mevs was playing well at that point. We tried to work with him in Slayer games, he seems to get a lot of assists, but a lot of deaths as well. He stopped challenging and pushing so much and he wound up doing most of the dirty work in that series. Losers 4, we faced Aftermath who had a couple pro points. They were a good team, we wound up losing the 1st game by just a few kills, won the Heretic Flag game, and then in the last Narrows Slayer game they just got behind us every time and we couldn't work together to get them out of our base. Losers 4 was as far as we got. Second time in a row.


I didn't make it there.. :whistling:

Well, thanks for reading. Shout out to Buzz and Chibees, who I got to chill with a bit at the Combine. Be sure to go check out the vVv Gallery for the few pictures my gf took while she was there Saturday. I will not be attending Columbus, but I'll be gaming for the Denver Combine. Keep an eye out for NWS!



Wanted to give an update about what's going on with my team going into the Chicago Combine.

The roster for No Warning Shots is Solid, Malfunction, Mevs, and Rawdilla. We're all Chicago are players, and we're all pretty selfless players so I think we've got a good roster. We picked up Rawdilla probably 2 weeks ago, and we've LAN'd twice with him and once with Mevs. We've got a LAN coming up against Space Bandits, who consist of a bunch of close and skilled friends of mine so I'm looking forward to that. they'll be a tough team to beat. Just this past weekend, 3/4 of my team scrimmed 3/4 of vVv Chibee's team. No offense to Inception, but NWS dominated that LAN. We didn't drop a single game. At another LAN, we scrimmed another local team called Do or Die. We had lost to them pretty badly 6 - 1 online, but on LAN we made quick work of them :P. I'm feeling good going into this combine, although the practice with our 4th could've been better we're still pretty optimistic going into it.

To all attending the combine, can't wait to meet you and I hope you guys can come cheer little ol' Solid on.

Also good luck to anyone participating in the Combine whether it be for FFA or 4v4! Shout out to Chibees for being Mexican...

Thanks for reading!

. Solid


My Orlando Write Up!

First official event for Major League Gaming's 2010 Pro Circuit starts off in Orlando, and this will be a very exciting tournament. This blog will be dedicated to the Championship Bracket. and my predictions.

Now, if you have been living under a rock for the past couple months, there were team changes in EVERY top 16 team over the off-season, but rosters were locked not too long ago, and the official seeds are the following:

1. Triggers Down


Team Situation

So a bit has happened in the past month or so.

I mentioned in a previous entry that Cable Guy left the team, and quit Halo pretty much as a whole. This kind of started a chain reaction of events. We began running games with other players, and it wasn't going too well.

The day I got back from Cable Guy's, Hahn started working again. He does roofing, and works from like 5 A.M til the afternoon. We had worked around this in the past (before Orlando), even though it kind of killed our practice time. Me and Koochie are kind of late night players. I didn't say anything about the practice times, and I didn't think it'd be a big deal. So a few days later I was talking with Malfunction and he was telling me that he had a conversation with Koochie about our team. Malfunction has wanted to team with me since he found out that I was good. I'd love to team with him again, we had really good team work. But anyway.. Malfunction was telling me about the conversation and I guess Hahn was talking to Koochie about dropping me from NWS because I'm not dedicated. First of all, I started No Warning Shots back in Halo 2, and I started it in Halo 3 again. Me and Malfunction started this team, and we picked up Hahn and Koochie. So the thought of him dropping me was simply stupid, if he doesn't want to team with me he leaves the team.. not the other way around. Koochie and me had a pretty good conversation about it all, and he didn't say whether he'd stay or go with Hahn. Another thing.. I'm not dedicated? I play more than I sleep. I'm always on, and Hahn's work schedule killing our practice time was sign that his ability to be on effects his dedication. With me and Kooch having basically the same schedule, he should be the one either changing his schedule ( which he can't since it's a work schedule ) or leaving. A few days later, I got a message from Hahn saying he was an F/A.. So me and Koochie were looking for two.

We ran games with Mevs, who is a Chicago player that I've known for about 2 years. We also ran games a good friend named Sokomi, who I've coached before. Mevs back when I met him wasn't the best player, he was always messing around.. but he got a lot smarter, and a lot better. Sokomi took a break from playing for about a year, but his skill was still pretty decent when he came back. After running some games and stuff, we never made anything official. After a few days me and Mevs kept talking about teaming and Sokomi. Soki is good, but his break from Halo we felt was too much for him to catch back up to help our team. We pretty much decided we'd run games with someone else instead.

That's pretty much where I'm at right now.. I'm probably forgetting a lot of stuff, but I'll make another entry later with updates on what's going on with me and my team.

As always, thanks for reading.



It's 9:18 in the morning as I begin to write this.. I've not slept yet.. So maybe these thoughts I'm having are thanks to sleep deprivation or I'm having a few moments of clarity about what I've been doing, have done, and will do.

I look at people around me that play like I do, we're the same in the way we're trying to get somewhere in all of this. But most people play for the money... NOT ME. To get so good to the point where you're just in it for the money, what happens when a game is downsized from a new title release, and the cash stops flowing to the victors? You'll probably quit all together or move on to the next title. Why am I different? I'm not in it for the money. I'm in it for a form of recognition. If I play a game to the point where I make money, sure I get some cash.. but all I really want is people to realize what heart I've put into getting that good. People to realize that I am one of the best at what many others try to do. I want to be seen, known, and hell maybe praised for what I've done to get where I wanted to be. Call me what you want, I don't care. I just want to be remembered for striving to be. Next year, Halo 3 will probably be gone from competitive LAN tournaments. That's fine, but if I make it somewhere before then at least people will see my name and remember " Solid, oh yeah. He played really hard to get where he got. He put a lot of work and dedication in. " That's a 1st place in my mind. To know that people will remember what I tried to do, and that I did.

Now I'll be realistic. It's hard to get there, for me.. For anyone. There's always some cock-block that prevents people from achieving what they deserve or want. I've formed many teams, all have failed to either stay together or if we stayed together we played at an event and failed to play to our potential. Many things can get in your way, and many people let those things discourage you. My teams fell apart for 2 years, but I still kept playing.. Kept trying to get that one team together so that we could make it. My teams have failed, but did I quit? No. I became more dedicated after every possible thing that would make most people quit. I'm still working for it after everything, and you're quitting after one thing. That's what separates me and small percentage of gamers from the rest. I'll be honest, after everything I do I still probably will not get that achievement I desire and that I think I deserve: Recognition for my perseverance.

There is hope, even if i do fail. Sure, it is a new title.. But it's got a meaning behind it in my mind. Halo: Reach. No being from Heaven, Hell, or the living can stop me from REACHING what I want, what I desire, what I think I deserve in Reach.. It's a fresh start, and I've spoken to my friends in depth about what I want to achieve in Reach. I put together a good following of this mentality, we're all going to stick together for this title from the start. When Reach comes out, I'm going to try harder than I've tried in anything to get where I want to go. My dedication will not be rivaled in this title, it will not falter. I may hate the game, who knows.. But quote me.. I'll do it, I'll make it. For all you Gears players that may feel the same way that I do, I know if you pursue GoW3 like I'm going to Reach.. You'll make it, too. I may hate Gears with all my heart, but in no way do I want you to fail on your journey to success. I want you succeed, as much as I want to.

It's 10:14. I've written everything off the top of my head, I'm not going to re-read it because I feel it takes away from what I'm trying to share. If you don't understand, or think I'm arrogant for my thoughts... Then I apologize with all my heart. <3

I wish the best of luck to any gamer out there that's down on themselves because they haven't gotten there yet. Don't give up. If you really want it, Reach for it.

:thanks: for reading.



It's been a while, I've been super busy between working with vVv's Halo teams and practicing with my own team. Yesterday I got back from Cable Guy and Hahn's place. I stayed there a total of 8 days and probably got about 4 days of practice out of it. It made me really mad that we didn't use our time wisely. I wanted to play every day, and Cable Guy wanted to drink every day.

When we did play we were getting destroyed by a lot of good teams. Our teamwork wasn't flowing very well, and our slacking in practice was starting to show. One day we were driving to get some food, Cable Guy let me know how he felt about the team. Basically he said he thinks that we should go to the Chicago combine instead of Nashville so we could get more practice in. We already have our pass for Nashville, so unless we can get the pass transferred to the next combine we're going.. That's what we decided on. Few days later I'm home just relaxing after a week of sleeping on a wooden floor.. And i get a text from Hahn. He tells me that Cable Guy just told him he's quitting Halo 3. I thought he was joking, but well... He wasn't. We're now a team of 3 with 3 weeks left until the competition. FML. I hate this kind of situation. We're still waiting to see if the pass can be transferred, and looking for a 4th right now.


Before I begin, we began.

NWS stands for No Warning Shots, my Halo 3 team. I was sitting down the other day watching T.V and True Life was on. I thought it'd be cool to put a spin on that kind of thing and I came up with this. This being me blogging daily, or as often as I can, about my Halo 3 team. I'll fill you in on successes, failures, and day to day things me and my team go through as we practice for the 2010 MLG Season. Today, 2/05/2010 will be the start.

*Note* I'm writing this all the way through, not stopping to re-read. Gimme a break if I'm repeating myself or dragging it on.

Day 1:

Well a little more of an introduction for my team should probably start us off. This might be lengthy..

No Warning Shots: Solid, Koochie, Hahn, and Cable Guy. How did we start? Well back in the beginning of Halo 3 I started this team and it consisted of myself, Sudou, Magus, and Partyboy. We had a lot of potential, and a lot of immaturity about us. They were all younger than me, barely in highschool at the time. Sudou and Magus were good friends of mine in real life, but in Halo we didn't get along all the time. We wound up breaking up before the first event of Halo 3 even took place. After that, I just went solo and tried getting my skill up. Fast-Forward to 2 years or so later. It's around Dallas 09, and I find myself ready for an event. I had coached and spectated at 2 events so far, and I honestly was tired of being on the sidelines.

I attended a local LAN with good friends of mine, and at that LAN a player I only knew of attended named Malfunction. I didn't talk much to him at all at first, but after several hours of playing he approached me. We had played before a bit on Live, and let's be honest I sucked at that point in time. He literally walked up to me and said " Dude you've gotten so much better since the last time I played with you. " I won't lie, I was a lot better. I was DESTROYING at that LAN. I had some of the most ridiculous plays I've ever done during some of those games. Anyway, he and I kept talking and he brought up teaming. I was excited, to say the least. He was a good player. He placed semi-pro back in H2, and he was pretty good at H3. We picked up 2 of my friends, Pattywack and Technicolor. Two very good XBL friends of mine. Technicolor was beastly, but Pattywack just got his xbox back after he had red-ring. PWack just wasn't doing well for us, so we dropped him.. And that's pretty much as far as we got to Dallas. We never found a 4th, and never got to attend that event. Anaheim was approaching, and Malfunction called me up again about teaming. Me, Mal, and Technicolor were going to find a 4th and go to Anaheim. had it all planned out, had a team pass reserved thanks to Mal. But somehow again, we just couldn't find a 4th and didn't attend. At this point in time I was pretty pissed off about this whole team situation. I had been practicing a lot, and I couldn't show it at an event without a team.

Orlando was approaching and Malfunction still had his pass, and wanted to use it. Technicolor got a job and couldn't commit to a team so me and Mal were left looking for 2. We wanted locals, or at least Illinois players. I contacted a guy I had on my list from IL named Hahn. Me, Mal, and Hahn had natural chemistry. We had a good team shot, and he fit in with me and Mal. I am a support/objective player, Mal being a support/slayer, and Hahn a slayer. We just need another player to fit in with us. Randomly playing customs I invited Koochie in to be on our team for the game. Remember how I said Mal placed semi-pro in H2? Yeah, well he did it with Koochie. He was from New York, and had a relatively close schedule to me and Mal's nightowl life-style. Anyway, we ran games.. AND RAN TRAINS. Oh my god the team work was so ridiculous without ever playing a game together until that night. Kooch fit right in, and we picked up him. Over the next few months we got a little practice in. Our schedules conflicted. Hahn worked mornings, I worked late nights, and Kooch worked and went to school during the day. It was tough, but we got a little practice in.

Fast-Forward to the week of Orlando. Kooch flew into Chicago earlier in the week so that me, mal, and him could drive down to Hahn's town to LAN with a dude named Cable Guy and a couple other pretty good locals. I didn't know Kooch had never LAN'd before, and I honestly couldn't tell once we got into the LAN. The kid was just a straight up LAN monster. It didn't make sense, he was naturally good at LAN his first time playing. Our LAN went well except for Narrows. Narrows anything.. We just couldn't keep control on that map and we lost every Narrows match at the LAN. We loaded up a memory card of gameplay and went over it at night before we went to bed. We started getting better at Narrows, but it remained our worst/most hated map. Halo-wise our team was pretty good, we had a lot of potential and we were confident in our teamwork. Outside of Halo, that's another matter. Me, Hahn, and Kooch got along great. We were always messin with eachother, goofing around, having fun. Mal was a loner, socially awkward and just kind of a sore thumb in our group. We noticed this right away, and we already had talks of a team change. Days before the event, they were talking about removing him. I was pretty mad, but honestly I agreed at the same time. I told them to just relax, and focus on this event not the next. They agreed and we just went on with our practice.

The car ride down was pretty tough, 18 hours from IL to Orlando. In the van it was Cable Guy, Hahn, Kooch, Malfunction, and myself. We decided it'd be best if we drove in shifts, but I had driven to Dallas from IL the pervious year. I drove 8 hours straight during that trip, and like 12 hours total.. I wanted to beat my record, and I did. I drove 18 hours between there and back. I beasted, haha. Like 3 days before the event, we needed a coach so I called up good ole Pattywack and asked if he was down to go. He was, so on the way down, we picked up Pattywack from outside Atlanta, Georgia. God that kid is hilarious. He had everyone dying of laughter,and we all had a good time with Pwack.

Vroom vroom vroom few hours later bam we got into Orlando the day before the event (Thursday). It was like 6 A.M, we all didn't get much sleep during the car ride down, so we were tired. I had slept less than an hour so I was interested in one thing and that was a bed. We got up into our room and stuff. We all took showers to wake ourselves up. Why? Because if we went to bed then we wouldn't be able to get good sleep for the event the next day. It was cold.. In Florida.. What the fuck. We stayed in the hotel room for a while just talking and stuff, joking around and stuff. We were feeling pretty good, not nervous at all. Like 10 AM rolled around, I walked outside and it magically turned beautiful. No more clouds, the sun was out, it was getting warmer. YES, THIS IS FLORIDA WEATHER. Kooch and Hahn went on a walk to see where the venue was while Mal and Cable Guy took a power nap. Me and Pattywack set up my hookah ( I don't go far without my hookah haha ) out on the balcony. Sat on the floor for like 3 hours and just talked about real shit. We had some pretty deep conversations, some good jokes, and it was a good start to the NWS Florida adventure. Kooch and Hahn came back and joined us for some hookah and then Cabbie (Cable Guy) finally awoke from his beauty sleep. Mal had yet to take a shower, since he went straight into power nap mode. We had to wake up him, we didn't want him to not sleep the night before the event. Finally got his ass up outta bed and told him to take a shower or join us at the pool/jacuzzi. Being the kind of guy he is, he chose to stay back, take a shower, and chill in the hotel room. Me, Cabbie, Hahn, Pwack, and Kooch went to the pool and had fun launching eachother in the air and stuff. Good times.

Later that night everyone was getting ready for sleep early, like 9 P.M. I go outside and chill on the balcony smoking my hookah again. Hahn joined me and we start talking about tomorrow. I getting nervous. Hardcore. Hahn just kinda reassured me that we'll be fine and we just talked for like an hour or so before I decided to walk to the IHOP next door and buy a few cups of fruit for everyone to help for tomorrow. I get back, and go to bed. Tomorrow was the big day. No matter what Hahn said, I was still nervous going to bed.

We wake up, not feeling the greatest, and make our way to the venue. We get all registered, the doors open, and we bum-rush the stations to get some practice in before the tournament started. We started off good, then slumped, then came back. We won probably 70% of our practice games. I don't mind much that we lost games, just cause it was helping me get less nervous by playing in that environment. The ceremony finally ends and they start calling the tournament matches. It felt so fast. They called our team and the station. We sit down, wish the other team good luck and get to business. We 2-0'd them pretty easily, we were on the same page for that series. Waiting for the next round you play in is probably the worst thing ever.. At least for me. Winners Round 2, they call our team to play Bigger is Better. They're good, I knew who they were. First slayer game we kept it close up until probably 35 kills then they took off with a good 10 kill lead. We brought it back but couldn't catch up. They beat us first game. Second game.. Narrows Flag. Great. 4 minutes later, we're knocked into losers. They destroyed us, no lie. We weren't on the same page, and it didn't help that it was our worst map. That series pissed me off because they knew they were better than us, and one of them stood up at the end of the Narrows game and just looked at us and said " GET RAPED IN 4 MINUTES OH MY GOD " I stood up and looked at him.. First of all, he's got man titties. Those are not better when they're bigger hahaha. I just said " Is that really necessary? Did we trash talk you at all during the game? " I just gave him shit for doing that. It was completely unnecessary for him to be like that. His teammates apologized for him and shook our hands. Then the mother fucker had the balls to try and shake my hand. I gave him the middle finger and just walked off. They were seeded like top 20 on gamebattles, and top 50 seed over-all I remember Hahn telling me later.

We had to play in Losers Round 2 next. We show up to our station and sit down. The other team wasn't there yet so we started an FFA. A few minutes went by and they still weren't there. The ref said if they weren't there in the next 5 minutes, the forfeit their first match. After another 5, they forfeit entirely. Well, 10 minutes went by. We made it past the first day.. Barely. We got up and walked around a bit until we found Cabbie's team, and we watched them for a bit. It was during that series that I grew to hate MLG a little more. Cabbie's team was a mess, they formed literally at the last second before the event. They had no practice, and Cabbie was pretty much carrying them game to game. They lost the slayer, and Narrows Flag was the 2nd game. It was 1-1, past regulation.. Next cap wins. Cabbie's team got 3 down on the other team and pulled flag. They ran it all the way to their flag to score it, but the guy on the other team pulled Cabbie's flag and threw it off the map as they tried capping it. Illegal much? Seriously? Cheating at a Live event? They wound up not getting the cap, and yelled to the ref for a foul. They ended the game to review the film. They called like 3 officials down to watch it, and they declared it legal. What the fuck? It's in the rules on the website it says you cannot pull flag and put it an illegal spot to prevent a flag cap. He clearly just threw it off like it was his job. Cabbie was out for the rest of the tournament. I felt so bad.. He's good, he should've gotten a lot farther. As we're walking out of the venue, the team that beat Cabbie's team looked over at us as we're walking and just started talking shit. " Oh you guys suck " They kept going on and on. I'm not going to lie, if I wasn't still in the tournament I would've knocked the kid out. Whatever, we all walked back to the hotel. We needed to rest up for tomorrow.

Me and Hahn started up my hookah out on the balcony while everyone was starting to sleep like the night before. We talked about dropping Mal again. We talked about who we could pick up, and Cable Guy was the first person who came to mind. We just put it aside like before and focused on tomorrow. Losers Round 3. They cut the warm-ups by like 2 hours. We got like 3 games in, it was terrible. The games we did play we weren't on the same page, we made stupid mistakes and it was frustrating. The games were Construct Slayer, Pit CTF first two games. We were pretty good on Construct and Pit. Construct slayer was close until like 35 kills when they pulled away by like 6 or 7. We had to do something. I picked up snipe and went closed street to look lobby side as Kooch pushed c3. I put 3 body shots in guys walking through lobby. Mal pushed open purple and pushed another 1 shot guy into lobby. Kooch walked through lobby and just cleaned everyone up for an overkill. We were pumped now, we had a good chance.. then Mal died a bunch of times in a row and couldn't keep calm.. They wound up winning like 50 - 43. Pit CTF we wound up losing 2-1 after regulation was over. Mal went -10 least kills, least assists, most deaths. I went -2 with most assists, a good amount of kills, and a flag cap. Hahn went even and I think Kooch went +1. Mal cost us the Losers Round 3. I didn't want to say it, but if we had someone else we probably could've won both those games. I knew it, Hahn and Kooch knew it.. And I think Malfunction knew it too.. He kept to himself for the rest of the day pretty much.

A few hours later me, Hahn, Kooch, and Cabbie were over by the Dr. Pepper station chillin. Hahn knew the guy who ran the playing station, and introduced us to him. He got us some game-time on there. Me and Hahn were right, Cabbie would be a great pick up. He's a better version of Malfunction, pretty much. He's a very smart player, and can do anything we need him to do in game. Me, Hahn, and Kooch just looked at eachother and we all kinda just knew this was going to be the team for next season. We talked to him about it, and he said he would think about it.

Fast-Forward one last time, I know this thing has been going on forever.. I've gone through like 4 cans of pop and one of my playlists on iTunes. ANYWAY, FASTFORWARDING... We practiced more online and did a few games on GB. Did pretty well, beat a few pretty good teams on there. Our schedule was a lot easier than before because Hahn and Cable Guy played at the same house. We're confident in our team more than any other team we've been with before.

We played a good amount together up until a week ago. My internet went out.. and yeah.. From here on out it'll be fresh info on our road to 2010.

If you got this far, thanks for hanging in there and reading the whole thing.

Hope you enjoyed... :smiliz12: Also, next write I'll break down each player so you can get to know us.

See ya next time. :smiliz14:

- Solid

No Warning Shots