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If I think it, I write it.

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Wealth in the word

What is true wealth? Is it something you can hold, is it a number in a bank account, or a car in your driveway? Is wealth something something solely based upon what you can hold, or what you can attain. Why do we place so much value on things that can lose value in an instant? Why do we place so much value on things that can be taken from us as if it was never there? Lets look at some facts before I continue. The price of one ounce of gold since the 1800s 2000 $272 1995 $386 1990 $424 1985 $354 1980 $641 1975 $151 1970 $38 1965 $36 1960 $37 1955 $35 1950 $40 1945 $37 1940 $35 1935 $35 1930 $21 1925 $21 1920 $21 1915 $21 1910 $21 1905 $21 1900 $21 1895 $21 1890 $21 1885 $21 1880 $21 1875 $23 1870 $23 1865 $30 1860 $21 1855 $21 1850 $21 1845 $21 1840 $21 1835 $19 1830 $19 1825 $19 1820 $22 1815 $22 1810 $19 1805 $19 1800 $19 http://www.findgoldnz.com/goldimages/1ozgold.jpg This is one ounce of gold. As you can see something most people hold is such high value, loses and gains value over time. I think believe the written word is our greatest treasure, it can never be taken away from you, and always retains all of the value that it started with. I think now in this depression we are in as a nation, need to realize that something is wrong with our old way of thinking. I think this stands to be true, we got ourselves into this depression with the thoughts of greed and lust over oil and power, I think now is the time that we need to realize that oil and gold are not our greatest treasures, our literature is, what we learn from our past works of literature is our greatest treasure.




The Female Gamer

The Female Gamer "Is that a little boy, or a just a girl?" Chances are that it is a young boy with a squeaky voice, but it could also be a female. If it so happens to be a female gamer she is more than likely now offended and in defensive mode, "I'm a girl she retorts, and I'm going to own you." Now with your gaming, prowess insulted you reply back "Don't you have some dishes to do?" And so begins the all to familiar interactions of male and female gamers. During my time spent gaming I have encountered plenty of game lobbies in which there is a female gamer. And once its known that a girl is in the lobby, the outburst that ensues is outrageous, the amount of demeaning and derogatory phrases that are aimed at her is enough to make anyone female or not, want to leave the lobby and sell their xbox, but yet she stays and either defends herself and or ignores the entire uproar. Most of the female gamers I know ignore the entire scene, it would seem that if a female gamer can ignore and rise above the harassment, that the whole situation solves itself. The mute button is a good way to deal with the situation, this solves the entire thing, if you cant hear the harassment it cant bother you. But If she chooses to give into the harassment she is only digging herself deeper into the situation. I have ran into many a female gamers that have more than there fair share of harassment and insults to dish out without any provocation. Also something I've noticed, most female gamers have a general motto "Yes I'm a girl, Yes I just beat you." female gamers need to get over the whole "oh I'm a girl I play games look at me" thing. They are asking to be treated as equals yet when they get trash talked all they do is victimize themselves, if you think about male gamers hate on each other too, racial slurs get thrown around and little kids get harassed as well. I believe that if female gamers want to be taken seriously they need to show the guys that they are tough and can handle playing with the boys; trash talk or not. Girls who flaunt the famous "shoot like a girl" are ignorant in my eyes and are only further digging themselves in a deeper hole,its like politics, People say there will never be a female president, and they say there will never be a true pro female gamer, but yet plenty of all female gaming communities can boast professional females whom are the best at the game they play. I interviewed a few of my friends, male and female about the issue of females and online gaming, and the results are as follows: Interview Between The Last Sage and xGeTxFaDeDx The Last Sage: Do you verbally harass other gamers while playing online? be honest. xGetxFadedx: Not really I try not to talk to other players I don't know, overall I don't really talk that much in game. The Last Sage: Do you harass Female gamers more than Male gamers? if so why? xGetxFadedx: No I think it is childish to harass female gamers, most female gamers I know don't even talk in game because if they do the other players will harass them, so no I would not ever do that. . The Last Sage: Do you feel that Females have a place in online gaming? Why or Why not? xGetxFadedx: Yes they add a whole new angle to the online community, they are rare but are growing to be some of the best gamers out there. I personally know female gamers that are the best at what they play. So yes they definitely have a place in the online gaming community. The Last Sage: You hear your other Male friends harassing a Female gamer, do you tell you friend to stop? Or do you allow this to go on? xGetxFadedx: No one should allow this to happen It is demeaning and it is part of the reason female gamers do not appear as often as they would like to, they should not be harassed in any way shape or form. The Last Sage: Do you see anything wrong with harassing Female gamers? If so what do you do to correct this? xGetxFadedx: I see alot of things wrong with the harassing of female gamers, it's just not right to harass them because they are females. If you are harassing them you're just straight up stupid. The Last Sage: Do you think that all Female Gaming Teams are a good way to combat Female gamer Harassment? xGetxFadedx: Yes, they show how strong the female community is. The Last Sage: Do you think that Female gamers often bring the harassment upon themselves? If so what do they do to provoke the harassment? xGetxFadedx: Sometimes they do if they start the fighting or provoke male or other female gamers into starting a fight, in that case its there own fault for any harassment they receive. The Last Sage: How do you feel about the all to common Female Gamer motto " Yes I am a Girl, Yes I just beat you". xGetxFadedx: I feel as tho it brings up the fact that just because they win a few games and think they are good they think they're the best. that's what this motto says to me, it's just to cocky. The Last Sage: Look I know that its fun to get a female gamer wound up by saying "Hey are you a little boy? Or a girl?" Or "Is that a girl on the other team?" And I am guilty of doing it, but I think that we (Males) need to mature up, and accept the fact that Females game too, and instead of criticize and harass, we should embrace and enjoy the presence of Females that choose to Game along with us. Don't you? xGetxFadedx: I agree, personally I think that having a girl on my team is fun, it mixes it up a bit. Interview between The Last Sage and xHeR HiGHnessx The Last Sage: Have you been harassed verbally while playing online by other players? xHeR HiGHnessx: Yes, usually without even saying anything at all. They just go by my gamertag. The Last Sage: Who do you get harassed by more often by, Male of Female gamers? xHeR HiGHnessx: Male gamers mostly, but sometimes I do get female haters, Its seems they have just about the same things to say as the guys do. The Last Sage: In what way have you been harassed by other gamers? xHeR HiGHnessx: Pictures of them naked, their genitals and other lewd things. They yell insults to me, send me hate mail, spam me etc. The Last Sage: What are some of the common insults or forms of harassment? xHeR HiGHnessx: Usually guys say I'm fat, ugly, or some pretty horrible things involving prostitution. They send nasty pictures and messages filled with as many hateful and profane words as possible. The Last Sage: Does the Harassment affect your enjoyment of playing online games? xHeR HiGHnessx: No, I actually use it to relieve stress by yelling back/insulting. I tend not to let ignorant people get to me. Thats why there's a mute option. The Last Sage: Why do you think, Honestly, that you are harassed by other Male / Female gamers? xHeR HiGHnessx: Usually its after I score well that they begin insulting me; saying my brother has the controller, or I spend all my time on the box. I believe some of these people are insecure and haven't adjusted to the fact that girls play and some are good. Female gamers, however, have harassed me, and everyone knows as much as I do they are feeling intimidated. Most of the time they are not on the top of the leaderboard and I think thats their fuel. The Last Sage: Do you do things to provoke other Male / Female gamers to harass you? If so why? xHeR HiGHnessx: Sometimes, but only to male gamers who annoy me (singing, yelling etc). I never trash talk a lady unless she bashes me first. I respect female gamers enough to give them peace and quiet, because I know what they're going through. The Last Sage: How do you deal with the Harassment? Do you give into it, or do you ignore it? xHeR HiGHnessx: At times I just feel like arguing, but other times I go straight to the mute button. The Last Sage: Do you have any advice for other Female gamers that are harassed online while gaming? xHeR HiGHnessx: Just toughen up, because its a cruel world out there and begging and pleading wont change anything. Complaining wont help either. Its online, PlayStation, PC or Xbox live and it comes with the territory.



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