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My Time With vVv - Keykat

Hello Hello!
So I figured I should write a hopefully small blog about my time with vVv and the people within it.
I joined vVv in April of 2014 and was kicked from vVv in June of 2015 so i just passed my 1 year mark. At the time vVv was about the Community and the people it strived to create and mold into awesome gamers that you'd want on your team.   To start the story off I'll talk about my first encounter with vVv. I was introduced to Rob and Jerry through an old member named Ivan. Ivan would rave about vVv and would never shut up about how awesome and great the community was for his career for whatever the heck he wanted to be (he could never decide). One day in April Ivan and I went to one of the League's LCS games and that's where Ivan introduced me to Rob. One way or another we all end up at the vVv gaming house chatting the night away about many topics and this is where I was introduced to Jerry. Now I already heard many things about vVv from Ivan but to talk directly to the owner himself, that's a way better conversation in itself. I've never been sure if Jerry actually didn't mind me as a human but in my eyes I had some what of an approval from him. I mean the first day I met him he was trying to recruit me into vVv and talking about being on staff. So that night I Google the vVv page and started my journey as an applicant!   As an applicant of course I wanted to be an "A+ student" so i did my forum post, I was in Mumble all the time and tried to make it to events. Sooner or later i ended up getting my Vs! And not so soon after I was put on staff. I was the application manager and oh man how I loved to tell people about it events XD I'm sure I had a few eyerolls about it but I was proud! Proud to have my Vs and be apart of the process for others! Although I could never make staff meeting because of my weird schedule, I would write reports on all the applicants and talk to the other staff about it as much as possible. One day I actually was able to make an event; The glorious ADL I've always heard about but never able to attend! I was so excited since a friend of mine picked me and we won both games! But then I get pulled to a room by the ADL Lead at the time Pleague and told that I can't play in ADL anymore because I was reported for spamming laugh. Now for me, I'm a silly person some times and I like to make League a fun environment but when told that for spamming laugh I can't play anymore is quite absurd. So I blew it off, I mean I never make the event so it didn't seem to be a problem. But for Pleague that apparently was and he brought it to Sugarbear's attention right afterwards to where the three of us were in a channel talking about not two minutes later. Pleague believed that I should have a harsher punishment because I, at the time was staff, but Sugarbear said it being ban for awhile was a fine punishment and we left it at that. To me it was all just a pointless battle.
But that very weekend after the incident the staff meeting was canceled because Jerry had Sugarbear as a guessed in his home, and that Sunday November 16 i got a message saying "I just wanted to send you a message letting you know that we're going to be going through some changes in how we run vVv. As a result of those changes we won't need you on staff anymore and want you to return to being an awesome community member."
Once I saw this in my head and even out loud I said "Wait, What?! Why????" No explanation nothing to tell me if I did anything wrong or why I wasnt apart of the transition to the new staff team and even when I did ask I never got a straight answer. Here I was think I was doing a great job getting good community members into vVv and lightening the load on the other staff members at the time. Of course I was quite upset, very pissed off actually. How could some one just throw away another person so emotionlessly? It broke my heart to have to be forced out of my place and thrown aside with out even a tissue from the other party. But I continued on as a member but a bit of me was now disconnected with vVv and its unprofessional like ways made me salty towards it.

The best part of vVv is it's members old and new. God these guys are amazing people! And I really do mean that. The only great thing i honestly got out of vVv was these friendships and bonds I've created.
PAX South was coming around in January and a group of us plan to go. And we all thankfully got to go together and have a blast! We went as vVv repping gear and looking awesome and I'm so glad I was able to met up and hang out with people I talked to every day in Mumble.
But then PAX East came around in March OHHHH BOY!!! The group at PAX east was amazing as well and I loved how well some of us got along and some of the people I went with are very dear to my heart now. But it was 5 of us in a room for 4 nights and of course most of us were already comfortable with one another and we joked and drank. But we had a complication within the room, there was a snorer. Only one. And non of us minded but if you didn't have earplugs you might as well been sleeping next to a freight train. Now every night we were all drinking and every night we had to deal with snorebear and on I believe the Sataurday morning(4am) I decided to Snapchat a ten sec video to just the others in the room of the snoring. The video was pitch black and you could faintly hear the snores in the video, no name was placed just blackness and the sound. Of course when every one awoke they saw the video and it was the talk of the morning. Apparently that was not okay in Sugarbear's eyes because on the Monday morning when everyone was leaving I was threatened in front of everyone in the room. Sugarbear told me if he ever hears of me doing that to another community member he would delete me from vVv and make me disappear from the community and wouldnt be able to communicate with anyone from the community. Yeah what a heavy goodbye morning we had. So here was another tick away at vVv in my eyes and I unlatched myself from vVv for a bit because of that. How could a blatant joke made for only people within the room be so blown out of proportion? But yet again here I was joking around with some one who I considered as friend and then given an unprofessional and robotic response.   Then 3 months passed and I've been semi afk with the vVv community, mumble and forums because of the incidences.
I was just about to start coming back from this when I finally figured out why my mumble wouldn't let me log in, I thought I was ban and I was like "oh no.... it's happening." But the servers changed and I logged on to see one of my friends there. We started talking and then he told me the news about the chop list. I was on it and so i logged onto the forums once again to see the list but...you have to be a member to see it ( which personally I think is fucking stupid because if I didn't have my friend to tell me, I would still be sitting here saying "oh im still in vVv" so that shit needs to be seen for the people chopped also maybe a twitter blast about dat shit? like come on! half the community has twitter ffs.)
No explanation for why I was chopped either, not one message or note, anything to tell me what is going on. Which once again shows me how unprofessional some people are. Ex. Hey we're going to fire you from your job and not tell you so you'll still come to work until one of your co-workers go "dude didn't you hear? you got fired last week."
^ In no way is that acceptable so why is vVv doing that? Because it's a community? This is not in anyway a good reason for this behavior. We applied for this, we waited our months through the process and we donating time and money to it, so why is it so hard to tell some one a simple "Hey, I'm sorry to tell you this but we are going to have to cut you from our team for "reasons listed". Because nothing makes a better experience in ending a relationship than doing it the RIGHT WAY! Why is the vVv staff so impersonable about these things and yet screams that we are a "Community" based organization? This baffles me to even think that this is the same vVv! The same one that Ivan told me about what feels like so long ago.
Now that vVv is making changes towards Pro-gaming I think it just switched tracks all together and said hope all the passengers survive.  
So here I am post vVv and yet I feel that the only thing tying me to it is the people.
I'll possibly still be around every so often just to chat with friends.
And sadly this didn't end as a shot blog as i hoped sorry ^u^;;;
Thanks for reading ^w^ and good luck gamers!



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