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Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for NA Week Nine/Day One


The best matchup's of the day are C9 vs. TDK, TSM vs. NME, and TL vs. T8.




Must Play: Quas (TL) ($1312) vs. T8: He's the most expensive top laner on a day when it's going to be hard to fit all the top options in, but he probably has the most upside.


Sleeper: Balls (C9) ($1067) vs. TDK: C9 have been playing much better sicne Hai rejoined and I think they will beat TDK. Balls is a nice cheap option with good upside.


Bust: ZionSpartan (CLG) ($1198) vs. DIG: I'm avoiding this game entirely as CLG players are expensive and I have no clue how to predict DIG's games.




Must Play: Santorin (TSM) ($1325) vs. NME: Steady jungler in a game TSM should win.


Sleeper: Hai (C9) ($1072) vs. TDK: Hai is dirt cheap in a game I think C9 will win. Even though he hasn't been jungling long it's clear that his shotcalling had been missed.


Bust: Rush (TiP) ($1182) vs. GRV: I think Rush will try too hard to make up for the loss of XiaoWeiXiao and that'll cause some sloppy play. Not worth the risk for his price.




Must Play: Bjergsen (TSM) ($1854) vs. NME: He's really expensive but in this match up he's definitely worth it. Expect a huge game for Bjergerking.


Sleeper: Keane (GRV) ($1246) vs. TiP: I expect GRV to bounce back and win this game and Keane will be laning against Gate who was originally listed as the incoming Support. He's also cheaper than Gate and should provide nice upside.


Bust: Gate (TiP) ($1277) vs. GRV: He's a support main playing in his first game of the LCS and he's also the fourth most expensive mid laner. Stay away.




Must Play: Piglet (TL) ($1563) vs. Team8: Good match up and he's been playing very well. It's really hard to fit him into a lineup with the other expensive must plays unless you punt however.


Sleeper: Sneaky (C9) ($1254) vs. TDK: Another cheap C9 option in a game I expect them to win.


Bust: Doublelift (CLG) ($1610) vs. DIG: He's just too expensive for me to use in such a random game. I never know what is going to happen with DIG.




Must Play: Lustboy (TSM) ($1180) vs. NME: He's expensive but probably will put up the most points of any support this week.


Sleeper: LemonNation (C9) ($980) vs. TDK: Cheaper option in a game C9 should win.


Bust: Aphromoo (CLG) ($1148) vs. DIG: Like his teammates he's too expensive for me to want to use in a game that could go either way.


Here's my lineup for Week Nine Day One in the NALCS:


Top: Quas (TL) ($1312)

Jungle: Santorin (TSM) ($1325)
Mid: Bjergsen (TSM) ($1854)
ADC: Sneaky (C9) ($1254)
Sup: LemonNation (C9) ($980)
Flex One: Dyrus (TSM) ($1195)
Flex Two: Hai (C9) ($1072)
Flex Three: Ninja (TDK) ($996)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Nine/Day Two




Must Play: sOAZ (OG) ($1224) vs. ROCCAT: I expect Origen to win this game even though ROCCAT gave them a hard time last time. sOAZ has been pretty solid all split and comes at less than a $300 price tag than Huni who is in a little tougher match up anyway.


Sleeper: Werlyb (GIANTS) ($1151) vs. CW: I find it hard to trust GIANTS and CW are on a hot streak but I think GIANTS will ruin CW's dream of staying in the LCS and Werlyb could have a solid game.


Bust: Huni (FNC) ($1584) vs. UoL: He's just so expensive for what could be a very tricky match for FNATIC. He's probably a solid option but I'm not sure I trust him to outperform a sOAZ, Odoamne, or others by such a huge margin that he'd be worth the price.




Must Play: Amazing (OG) ($1245) vs. ROCCAT: Like yesterday I think Amazing is the best play as he's cheaper than Reignover and has a better match up. He's been solid all split and should have another good game.


Sleeper: Dexter (EL) ($1097) vs. SK: Dexter and Froggen have been hard carrying Elements this split and I think they will continue the trend in a win over SK.


Bust: Jankos (ROCCAT) ($1116) vs. OG: I think ROCCAT will struggle in round two against Origen and that'll lead to not many points being scored.




Must Play: Ryu (H2k) ($1229) vs. GMB: Although H2k have been under performing recently, I think they can bounce back with a win over a Gambit squad without Forg1ven. Ryu has been solid all split and is at a nice price point to outperform his cost.


Sleeper: Froggen (EL) ($1232) vs. SK: Like I said about Dexter, it applies to Froggen. He's been hard carrying Elements all split in their wins and I expect them to win today against SK.


Bust: Pepiinero (GIANTS) ($1526) vs. CW: CW have posted back to back wins and are fighting for their lives to avoid relegation and while it's possible this game could go either way I think Peppiinero is just too dangerous. He could go off or could be way too over aggresive and not worth his high price.




Must Play: Niels (OG) ($1532) vs. ROCCAT: I think Origen will beat ROCCAT pretty solidly and Niels will have a big game.


Sleeper: Hjarnan (H2k) ($1255) vs. GMB: He's too good of a player for this cheap of a price and I think he's a must play. GMB is missing their main ADC and Hjarnan and Kasing have been good for most of this split. Look for a big game.


Bust: Rekkles (FNC) ($1706) vs. UoL: Again a tough match up + his high salary + the potential to not have a ton of fantasy points in this game make me think he won't be worth his high price.




Must Play: kaSing (H2k) ($1121) vs. GMB: Facing a team without their main ADC and in a good spot to pick up a win.


Sleeper: Nyph ($993) vs. SK: Cheap option in a game I think SK will win.


Bust: YellowstaR (FNC) ($1462) vs. UoL: Just plain and simple he's way to expensive even for the upside.


Here's my lineup for Week Nine Day Two of the EULCS:


Top: sOAZ (OG) ($1224)

Jungle: Dexter (EL) ($1097)
Mid: Ryu (H2k) ($1229)
ADC: Hjarnan (H2k) ($1255)
Sup: Kasing (H2k) ($1121)
Flex One: Froggen (EL) ($1232)
Flex Two: Niels (OG) ($1532)
Flex Three: Amazing (OG) ($1245)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Nine/Day One


One week remains in the LCS as teams jostle for playoff positions and to avoid relegation. There are some big match ups this week including Elements vs. Gambit and GIANTS vs. UoL. Let's take a look at this weeks picks as we enter the final week of the LCS regular season.




Must Play: Huni (FNC) ($1564) vs. SK: SK have died a ton this split and Huni has the best match up of day one. He's almost $400 more expensive than the next top laner though so it may be difficult to fit him into a lineup. There is some risk involved as well as FNATIC keep winning, but at times play very objective focused which limits their point outputs.


Sleeper: Steve (ROCCAT) ($1175) vs. CW: CW may be fighting for their lives to get out of relegation, but ROCCAT are fighting for a playoff spot and I think that will drive them to win this game. ROCCAT have been getting better, while not dominant, all split. Steve has been a big part of ROCCAT's wins this split and I would expect him to have a good game.


Bust: None. In my opinion all top laners are reasonably priced based on their match ups. sOAZ and Odoamne face each other so they have tough match ups, but are not so far overpriced that they aren't useable. I'd avoid freddy122.




Must Play: Jankos (ROCCAT) ($1356) vs. CW: Jankos has been very good all split for ROCCAT and I'd expect him to have a good game against CW. Like Steve he's been very involved in his teams kills this split.


Sleeper: Amazing (OG) ($1178) vs. H2k: Even though this is a tough match up for OG, Amazing has been steady all split averaging right around 20 points per game. He's relatively cheap as well.


Bust: Diamondprox (GMB) ($1107) vs. EL: This game could go either way, but the thing about Diamondprox is that he just hasn't put up very many fantasy points this split. He's only averaging 13 PPG and I just don't think he's worth using.




Must Play: Nukeduck (ROCCAT) ($1502) vs. CW: Again the match up is in favor of ROCCAT and Nukeduck has been the main carry for ROCCAT all split. The fact that Soren provides almost no kill pressure in lane also builds the case for Nukeduck.


Sleeper: PowerofEvil (UoL) ($1214) vs. GIANTS: I think even though Pepiinero presents a tough match up, UoL will win this game. PowerofEvil has been playing really well the last two weeks scoring over 30+ points a few times.


Bust: Febiven (FNC) ($1651) vs. SK: He's safe and will probably have a fine game, but do to his price tag he's going to need to give you 30-40 points and I'm not sure he'll get there. As I said about Huni, FNC have been winning, but the fantasy points aren't quite there.




Must Play: Niels (OG) ($1322) vs. H2k: It's a tough match up but he's cheaper than MrRallez and I think he's safer. Hjarnan and Kasing are a tough duo, but I think Origen will win this game and Niels will be a big reason why.


Sleeper: Vardags (UoL) ($1122) vs. GIANTS: If you are in on UoL this week then Vardags becomes a cheaper upside option who could have a very good game.


Bust: Rekkles (FNC) ($1715) vs. SK: Like Febiven he's safe and will probably have a nice game. But he's the most expensive player on the day and he's almost $300 more expensive than the next ADC. If you feel comfortable that he'll outscore all other ADCs in a range to justify his price then feel free to spend up for him, otherwise stay away.




Must Play: Mithy (OG) ($1073) vs. H2k: He's a safe option who is pretty cheap. I feel comfortable that he'll score around 20 points which is a good buy for a support at this price.


Sleeper: Hylissang (UoL) ($1035) vs. GIANTS: The cheapest of the supports I expect to win today. He does come with risk as he's had an up and down split but I think UoL will win this game and allow Hylissang to put up a solid point total.


Bust: YellowstaR (FNC) ($1469) vs. SK: Just like his brothers in FNC he's solid but expensive. He only scored 14 points last week, or one point per $100. Just not worth the price.


Here's my lineup for Week Nine Day One in the EULCS:


Top: Steve (ROCCAT) ($1175)

Jungle: Jankos (ROCCAT) ($1356)
Mid: Nukeduck (ROCCAT) ($1502)
ADC: Niels (OG) ($1322)
SUP: Hyllisang (UoL) ($1035)
Flex One: PowerOfEvil (UoL) ($1214)
Flex Two: Amazing (OG) ($1178)
Flex Three: xPeke (OG) ($1204)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Eight/Day Two


So about that GIANTS feeling yesterday.... Hopefully today goes better that's all there is to say.






Must Play: sOAZ (OG) ($1208) vs. SK: freddy has died a ton this split and this is a game OG should win. sOAZ is also quite cheap today which makes him my favorite play of the day as his upside should out value his price.



Sleeper: Cabochard (GMB) ($1176) vs. UoL: Gambit are starting to come together nicely and Cabochard has been there main carry all split. Throw in the fact that he's cheap and he makes for a nice sleeper play.



Bust: Vizicsacsi (UoL) ($1211) vs. GMB: UoL looked terrible yesterday and may need some time to mesh with new Jungler Gilius.






Must Play: Amazing (OG) ($1115) vs. SK: Again, SK have died a ton this split and Amazing has scored a lot of points with good aggression to be involved in a lot of Origen's kills. Like sOAZ his price is pretty cheap as well making him a great play.



Sleeper: DiamondProx (GMB) ($1049) vs. UoL: Hope for Diamond to play Nidalee again as we saw yesterday in two games that the champion is high in early aggression.



Bust: Gilius ($1075) vs. GMB: Again I'm going to wait and see how the new UoL jungler does this week before using them. They're the fourth most expensive in their role today as well.






Must Play: Ryu (H2k) ($1512) vs. CW: I think H2k have the best match up of the day and even though they've been poor of late they should bounce back with a win against CW. Ryu has the best mid lane match up against Soren who doesn't provide much kill pressure.



Sleeper: NukeDuck (ROCCAT ($1119) vs. GIANTS: Giants looked awful yesterday and ROCCAT have been steadily getting better this split. Nukeduck has quietly been a pretty solid performer all split and he's dirt cheap today.



Bust: PowerofEvil (UoL) ($1518) vs. GMB: I think its possible he has the best game of any UoL player against Betsy, but UoL were awful yesterday and with his price being over 1.5k I'm looking elsewhere.






Must Play: Hjarnan (H2k) ($1448) vs. CW: Best match up of the day and one of the top ADC's this split. Should be a big game.



Sleeper: Forg1ven (GMB) ($1293) vs. UoL: Forg1ven is finally showing why he was considered one of the best ADC's coming into this split, even winning a game on Lucian yesterday. He's a nice upside play for a cheap price among ADCs today.



Bust: CandyPanda (SK) ($1254) vs. OG: He's been playing better but I think this match up will be preventative of scoring points for SK. Stay away.






Must Play: KaSing (H2k) ($997) vs. CW: Great match up again, KaSing has been solid all split, and he's under $1000? Sign me up.



Sleeper: Mithy (OG) ($1033) vs. SK: He's relatively cheap and although OG had a tough game yesterday, expect them to bounce back vs. SK.



Bust: Hylissang (UoL) ($1132) vs. GMB: I have UoL in a few bust spots mainly because they're more expensive than GMB. If GMB were more expensive they'd be showing up in this spot instead. I think this game could go either way but Hylissang is the second most expensive support and I'd rather use any of the two listed above or Mithy first.



Here's my lineup for Week Eight Day Two in the EULCS:



Top: sOAZ (OG) ($1208)

Jungle: Amazing (OG) ($1115)
Mid: Ryu (H2k) ($1512)
ADC: Hjarnan (H2k) ($1448)
Sup: Kasing (H2k) ($997)
Flex One: Huni (FNC) ($1486)
Flex Two: Cabochard (GMB) ($1176)
Flex Three: Mithy (OG) ($1033)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Eight/Day One


There are a few good matches on Day One including FNATIC vs ROCCAT and EL vs. CW. Elements are priced pretty well to be able to spend up elsewhere. I have a sneaky feeling about GIANTS beating H2k this week for some reason. But I'll try not to go overboard on GIANTS players. UoL should beat SK and ORG should beat GMB but both games could be close. Let's take a look at the players.




Must Play: Huni (FNC) ($1545) vs. ROCCAT: FNATIC have a great match up in a game you'd expect them to continue the win streak. Huni is pricey but is one of the three cheapest FNC players. I think you're going to want to try and get some exposure to FNC, but Rekkles and Febiven are hard to fit into a lineup.


Sleeper: Jwaow (EL) ($1062) vs. CW: CW are still a mess and EL should take this game. Jwaow provides a nice cheap option to save some money while hopefully outperforming his value on day one.


Bust: Odoamne (H2k) ($1385) vs. GIANTS: I think H2k are a pretty strong team and will bounce back from their recent slump. However, I have a feeling that GIANTS are going to win this game this week making H2k's players not worth their high prices. Odoamne has been fine all split, but for his price I'm looking elsewhere today.




Must Play: Reignover (FNC) ($1429) vs. ROCCAT: Reignover has the most assists and second most kills in the EU LCS this split. I think FNC will beat ROCCAT and this provides Reignover a nice opportunity to have a strong game.


Sleeper: Dexter (EL) ($1261) vs. CW: He's been performing quite well lately even in games EL lose and this is a game they should win on day one. He's been leading the aggresion for EL and he sits in a great spot to have a strong game.


Bust: Dan/Gilius (UoL) ($1127) vs. SK: I'm going to be using the wait and see approach to the new UoL Jungler this week. Replacing Kikis is so small task and I'd rather see how the new jungler does than start him straight out of the gate.




Must Play: Froggen (EL) ($1319) vs. CW: Again the match up is great and Froggen has proved he's a top mid laner even when EL lose. Soren also provides little to no kill threat in lane. Look for Froggen to have a huge game.


Sleeper: Pepiinero (GIANTS) ($1269) vs. H2k: GIANTS are inconsistent and H2k had been really strong until lately, but I have a feeling GIANTS are going to win this game. Pepii has proved he is the carry for GIANTS and has put up large point totals in wins and losses. I like him this week for his depressed price.


Bust: Ryu (H2k) ($1600) vs. GIANTS: For the reverse reasons I listed above I'm staying away from Ryu. He's been very good all split but the match up could be a tough one.




Must Play: Rekkles (FNC) ($1647) vs. ROCCAT: Like the rest of FNC Rekkles has been great all split. He leads the LCS in kills and assists from the ADC position and against ROCCAT he should have a nice game.


Sleeper: Adryh (GIANTS) ($1178) vs. H2k: I'm not going to use him, but I can see the upside. They have a tough match up against a strong H2k bot lane, but if you think GIANTS are going to win like I do it may be worth using him. He seems to get his fair share of kills and assists but is also prone to error and dying a bit. Risky, but not without upside.


Bust: None: All the ADCs are pretty reasonably priced honestly. Hjarnan comes with his fair amount of risk this week in my opinion, but other than that there are no ADCs who's price reflects a terrible buy. That said, stay away from Freeze.




Must Play: YellowStaR (FNC) ($1332) vs. ROCCAT: By far the best support in the game. He's been so great this split. Think about this, in 14 games he has 14 deaths, or one per game, while racking up 190 assists. That is an amazing KDA and in a great match up he's a must play if you can fit him in.


Sleeper: Nyph (EL) ($1014) vs. CW: Great match up and Nyph is priced reasonably. I think he's a solid bet to put up a decent total if you don't want to pay up for Yellowstar.


Bust: Mithy (OG) ($1360) vs. GMB: I think Mithy can have a fine game, but he falls here because he's more expensive than Yellowstar and I expect Yellowstar to have the better game. If you're paying up avoid Mithy.


Here's my lineup for Week Eight Day One in the EULCS:


I'm going to use two cheap Giants players in order to fit the rest of the players I want into my lineup. It's risky, as if GIANTS lose I'm probably screwed, but if they win this could be a great lineup with tons of upside.


Top: Huni (FNC) ($1545)

Jungle: Fr3deric (GIANTS) ($937)
Mid: Froggen (EL) ($1319)
ADC: Rekkles (FNC) ($1647)
Sup: YellowStaR (FNC) ($1332)
Flex One: Jwaow (EL) ($1062)
Flex Two: PePiiNeRo (GIANTS) ($1269)
Flex Three: G0DFRED (GIANTS) ($862)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for NA Week Seven/Day Two


Today the best match ups belong to DIG against C9, GRV vs. NME, CLG vs. TDK, and TIP against Team8. Let's take a look at each lane.




Must Play: Hauntzer (GRV) ($1326) vs. NME: I think he's the safest option of the day over Impact who can at times be a little riskier. Hauntzer has performed well all split and should continue the trend against NME.


Sleeper: ZionSpartan (CLG) ($1255) vs. TDK: Reasonable price in a match up you'd expect CLG to win. Gives a little bit of savings over Hauntzer.


Bust: Gamsu (DIG) ($1283) vs. C9: In theory he has a great match up and should go off. But his play along with DIG's has been so unpredictable this split that I'm not sure he's worth it. In a tournament I have no problem using him, as the potential is there to go off, just hope he doesn't bust.




Must Play: Rush (TIP) ($1341) vs. Team8: Rush leads the TiP attack and the aggresive style usually pays off big in terms of fantasy points especially against weak teams like Team8. I think he's got the highest upside of the day.


Sleeper: Xmithie (CLG) ($1152) vs. TDK: Risky again, but you'd expect CLG to beat TDK and due to the fact that TDK tend to overextend, the points could be there in the form of ganks for Xmithie.


Bust: IWillDominate (TL) ($1211) vs. TSM: Tough match up hurts Dom on day two. I think for his price I'd rather look elsewhere.




Must Play: XiaoWeiXiao (TiP) ($1576) vs. Team8: The match up provides huge advantage for XwX and the rest of TiP, but he's expensive and you'll have to make cuts somewhere, so you may not be able to fit him in.


Sleeper: Pobelter (CLG) ($1431) vs. TDK: He's reasonably priced against TDK and an at times over aggresive Ninja. Pobelter could punish that and have a nice game.


Bust: Fenix (TL) ($1329) vs. TSM: Fenix has been pretty good all split, but I could never recommend anyone against Bjergsen. It's such a tough match up and even though Fenix has a depressed price I don't think he's worth the risk.




Must Play: Altec (GRV) ($1718) vs. NME: He's been solid all year averaging 20+ PPG each week. The match up is a strong one and he looks like the safest bet. He's expensive but worth a look for sure.


Sleeper: Apollo (TiP) ($1594) vs. Team8: You can safe a bit of money with Apollo who has almost as appealing of a match up. He's a little less steady as Altec but on day two you need to safe a little as again there isn't much value and Apollo looks to be a good pick.


Bust: CoreJJ (DiG) ($1427) vs. C9: Like Gamsu, the match up suggests using CoreJJ but he's been random in terms of scoring this split and is averaging only 16 PPG. I can't fault anyone for using him but just know there's risk involved.




Must Play: BunnyFuFuu (GRV) ($1305) vs. NME: Best match up but he's so much more expensive today compared to yesterday that I just can't fit him in.


Sleeper: KiwiKid (DiG) ($1143) vs. C9: I've been talking about the randomness of DIG and Kiwi also comes with some risk, but he's the cheapest of the supports in favorable match ups and you'll probably need to use him.


Bust: Aphromoo (CLG) ($1329) vs. TDK: I think he'll have a good game, but he's here because he's way too pricey and it's just way too hard to spend up on a support today.


Here's my lineup for Week Seven Day Two in the NALCS:


Again I have to punt and am using the two cheapest players possible to fit in my top plays. I'm still toying with this strategy to see if it's worth doing, but there isn't a ton of value in the NALCS at the moment.


Top: ZionSpartan (CLG) ($1255)

Jungle: Move (GRV) ($1238)
Mid: Keane (GRV) ($1475)
ADC: Doublelift (CLG) ($1648)
Sup: KiwiKid (DIG) ($1143)
Flex One: Dyrus (TSM) ($1163)
Flex Two: Xmithie (CLG) ($1168)
Flex Three: Dodo8 (Team8) ($875)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for NA Week Seven/Day One


TSM, TL, and GRV have the best match ups on day one. Try to use as many players as you can from these three teams. CLG are also in a good matchup, but they're recent 0-4 run makes them risky. I'd reccomend avoiding TiP vs. DIG as I have no clue how that game will turn out.




Must Play: Hauntzer (GRV) ($1276) vs. C9: He's been very solid all split in both wins and losses and GRV probably have the best match up against C9 who have been poor all split. Hauntzer is reasonably priced and he's the cheapest of the top laners with the best match ups.


Sleeper: ZionSpartan (CLG) ($1196) vs. NME: He's cheap comapred to a lot of top laners and CLG have a match up you'd expect them to win against NME. The recent 0-4 streak is scary though, but it could be worth the risk.


Bust: Gamsu (DIG) ($1312) vs. TiP: Like I said above I'm avoiding this entire game as it's not easily predictable which way it'll go. Gamsu is also the third most expensive top laner and for the risk involved I don't think he's worth it.




Must Play: Santorin (TSM) ($1399) vs. Team8: TSM have a great matchup and exlcuding the match against GRV last week Santorin has been the most reliable jungler this split. He has a great KDA and seems like the best option on day one.


Sleeper: Xmithie (CLG) ($1219) vs. NME: Like Zion, Xmithie is cheaper this week after the 0-4 run CLG have been on. He comes with a fair amount of risk as he hasn't really been great lately, but CLG should break their streak of bad luck against NME and for his price he's worth a look.


Bust: Rush (TiP) ($1411) vs. DIG: He's the second most expensive jungler on the day in a game that I have no clue what to predict. He could either go off for big points or die so much he's not anywhere near worth it. I'm staying away.




Must Play: Bjergsen (TSM) ($1783) vs. Team8: Great match up, but with that comes his huge salary. There isn't a ton of value on day one so I think it's almost impossible to fit Bjergsen into a lineup. I'm punting one spot in my line up for day one and still can't fit Bjergsen in. He's worth the price, it's just tough to make a lineup work with him in it.


Sleeper: Keane (GRV) ($1482) vs. C9: Keane is reasonably priced compared to the other mid laners, fifth most expensive on the day, and his match up could prove to be the most favorable. For his upside in a game GRV should win handily, he's certainly a good bet. Fenix and Pobelter also have good match ups on day one.


Bust: XiaoWeiXiao (TiP) ($1574) vs. DIG: He's too expensive and with my match up concerns I'm staying away.




Must Play: Altec (GRV) ($1568) vs. C9: Great match up and Altec has been pretty solid all split. He's a bit pricy, but if you can fit him in I'd definitely use him. C9 have been a mess.


Sleeper: Doublelift (CLG) ($1476) vs. NME: I think CLG will beat NME and look for Doublelift to have a nice game. He's been the main carry for CLG and will be the biggest reason why CLG come out on top. He's also reasonably priced compared to other ADCs and should be able to outperform his price.


Bust: CoreJJ (DIG) ($1487) vs. TiP: I've harped on this game enough, but I'm avoiding CoreJJ as he hasn't really been that great all split even when DIG win, he's the fourth most expensive ADC and I'd rather look elsewhere.




Must Play: BunnyFuFuu (GRV) ($1023) vs. C9: Bunny has been really good all split and has really improved in his new role as the shotcaller for GRV. The match up is favorable and he should enjoy a nice game at a pretty cheap price.


Sleeper: Bodydrop (NME) ($897) vs. CLG: Alright, due to the fact that there isn't much value to be had on day one, I am using Bodydrop and Bunny on day one. This is strictly a punt, but it's the punt with the most upside as CLG have been sloppy during this 0-4 streak and bodydrop could pick up a fair number of assists.


Bust: KiwiKid (DIG) ($1119) vs. TiP: He's too risky due to the match up but also because he can tend to play over aggressive and have poor games. No thanks


Here's my lineup for Week Seven Day One in the NA LCS:


Top: Hauntzer (GRV) ($1276)

Jungle: Santorin (TSM) ($1399)
Mid: Keane (GRV) ($1482)
ADC: Doublelift (CLG) ($1476)
Sup: BunnyFuFuu (GRV) ($1023)
Flex One: ZionSpartan (CLG) ($1196)
Flex Two: Xmithie (CLG) ($1219)
Flex Three: Bodydrop (NME) ($897)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Seven/Day Two


Day Two has some nice match ups to exploit, namely the cheap options on SK vs CW and by using these cheap players you can afford H2k players against ROCCAT. I also think UoL are priced pretty moderately against Elements in a game they can win. I'm hesitant about picking anyone in the FNC/OG game as FNC are expensive and both teams are a bit risky. Lets take a look.




Must Play: Odoamne (H2k) ($1372) vs. ROCCAT: H2k have a great match up against ROCCAT today and I like a lot of their players. Odoamne has been one of the best top laners all split and add to that the amount of deaths Steve has had and this makes for my favorite match up of the day for top laners.


Sleeper: freddy122 (SK) ($1099) vs. CW: SK have been playing better lately, especially against weaker teams. CW are the team to pick on right now in EU and I expect SK to be able to win this game. Freddy is also cheap which helps out a lot.


Bust: sOAZ (OG) ($1371) vs. FNC: Tough match up for Origen combined with his high salary makes me want to stay away. If you think OG can take down FNC then maybe he's worth it.




Must Play: Loulex (H2k) ($1279) vs. ROCCAT: Loulex has been solid all split and H2k have a favorable match up against ROCCAT. For his moderate salary I think he's a little safer than more expensive options like Amazing or Reignover.


Sleeper: Svenskeren (SK) ($1137) vs. CW: Again SK have punished weaker teams lately and like freddy, Svenskeren has upped his play to help SK be a bit better the last few weeks. Expect Sven to have a nice game against CW.


Bust: Reignover (FNC) ($1560) vs. OG: He's extremely expensive in a game that could go either way. He probably will have a good game as FNC have been great all split, but I like the safer picks for less money listed above.




Must Play: Fox (SK) ($1257) vs. CW: Again the match up is the most appealing and although Fox has died a lot this split, Soren offers almost no kill pressure in lane. Ryu is probably the true must play but due to his price you need to decide which three members of H2k you want to spend up for between Ryu, Hjarnan, Loulex, and Odo.


Sleeper: PowerofEvil (UoL) ($1173) vs. EL: Dominant performance yesterday and although Froggen is a little scary, UoL have been looking good and should win this game. I think for his modest price PoE can outperform his value.


Bust: xPeke (OG) ($1496) vs. FNC: Tough match up again combined with his high price makes me want to stay away. I think the two options above are safer.




Must Play: Hjarnan (H2k) ($1611) vs. ROCCAT: Favorite play of the day as I think H2k will handle ROCCAT and Hjarnan will be a big reason why. He's pretty steady, especially against weaker teams, and I think he has a big day. I'll use my shotcaller bonus on him.


Sleeper: CandyPanda (Sk) ($1382) vs. CW: After a slow start CandyPanda has been much better lately like the rest of SK. The favorable match up also gives him a boost.


Bust: Niels (OG) ($1559) vs. FNC: Was a non factor in the first meeting and although he's been really good this split I'm staying away.




Must Play: kaSing (H2k) ($1226) vs. ROCCAT: He's been great all split and is probably the best option of the day due to his match up. Like usual I am spending up elsewhere and can't pay up for him.


Sleeper: GosuPepper (GMB) ($986) vs. GIANTS: I think for his price he has solid upside potential. GIANTS can be sloppy at times and the synergy is finally starting to come together for GMB.


Bust: Mithy (OG) ($1189) vs. FNC: Like Niels he wasn't much of a factor against FNC last time and combined with his high price he's a good fade.


Here's my lineup for Week Seven Day Two in the EULCS:


Top: Odoamne (H2k) ($1372)

Jungle: Loulex (H2k) ($1279)
Mid: Fox (SK) ($1257)
ADC: Hjarnan (H2k) ($1611)
Sup: Gosu Pepper (GMB) ($986)
Flex One: freddy122 (SK) ($1099)
Flex Two: PowerofEvil (UoL) ($1173)
Flex Three: Svenskeren (SK) ($1137)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Seven/Day One




Must Play: sOAZ (OG) ($1390) vs. GIANTS: Posted a 1/2/12 KDA against Giants in Week one and has been a consistent fantasy performer much of the split.


Sleeper: Cabochard (GMB) ($1162) vs. SK: Gambit have been playing much better lately, going 2-0 last week, and Cabochard has been stepping up his game lately as well. For his price I think he is in a very good match up against SK. I think Steve is also a nice sleeper one day one.


Bust: Odoamne (H2k) ($1170) vs. FNC: Odo has been very good all split, but he was dominated in the first match up against FNATIC and there's a good chance it happens again. You would think FNC have to lose at some point, but who can predict when?




Must Play: Kikis (UoL) ($1177) vs. CW: UoL have the best match up of the day against CW and expect Kikis to be a big reason why they win. He provides good value as the fifth highest salaried jungler and could outproduce other top options against a CW side who dies a lot.


Sleeper: Diamondprox (GMB) ($1043) vs. SK: He's cheap and against an SK team who have members near the top of the most deaths in each role this split. There is definitely risk involved though as the SK/GMB game could go either way.


Bust: Svenskeren (SK) ($1191) vs. GMB: He's the fourth most expensive jungler on day one and although he's been playing a lot better I think SK could struggle against an improved Gambit limiting his output.




Must Play: PowerofEvil (UoL) ($1286) vs. CW: Best match up of the day and Soren doesn't provide much threat in lane. PowerofEvil hasn't been great this split but should have a nice game on day one.


Sleeper: Betsy (GMB) ($1109) vs. SK: Fox has the most deaths among mid laners this split and while Betsy hasn't been great, I think GMB have a good chance to win this match up.


Bust: Pepiinero (GIANTS) ($1377) vs. OG: Tough match up vs. OG and although he is GIANTS main carry, it's possible that OG look to shut him down because of that fact. He could have a good game, but he could also be shut out from carrying.




Must Play: Niels (OG) ($1711) vs. GIANTS: Niels has been great all split and I expect that to continue against GIANTS. This game could turn into a bloodbath and I think Niels has the most upside to capitalize on that.


Sleeper: Vardags (UoL) ($1292) vs. CW: Again UoL have the best match up and Vardags has been steady all split. I want exposure against CW and Vardags is a cheap option.


Bust: Hjarnan (H2k) ($1300) vs. FNC: He's really cheap and it almost makes me want to play him because of it. But he's in a tough match up and the risk probably outweighs the upside.




Must Play: Mithy (OG) ($1256) vs. GIANTS: Good spot for OG to pick up a win and for Mithy to get a lot of assists. He is pricy, so it's up to you whether to use him or not.


Sleeper: Gosu Pepper (GMB) ($998) vs. SK: Gambit have been looking better including their bot lane and he's so cheap that I think I'll be using him.


Bust: Kasing (H2k) ($1120) vs. FNC: Like Hjarnan he's in a tough match up but he's also kind of pricey. I'm passing.


Here's my lineup for Week Seven Day One in the EULCS:


Top: Cabochard (GMB) ($1162)

Jungle: Diamondprox (GMB) ($1043)
Mid: PowerOfEvil (UoL) ($1286)
ADC: Niels (OG) ($1711)
Sup: Gosu Pepper (GMB) ($998)
Flex One: Vardags (UoL) ($1292)
Flex Two: sOAZ (OG) ($1390)
Flex Three: Steve (ROCCAT) ($1103)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for NA Week Six/Day Two



I hope everyone had a good holiday and are ready to get back to business on Vulcun today. I think today the most important thing is going to be picking correctly in the TDK/NME game and the C9/Team8 game. If you pick the right side you could be in business. I'm on the road today and posting from mobile this morning so I can't go as in depth as usual.

EDIT: I'm going to just elaborate on the match ups a little bit:


NME vs. TDK: If you're going to use anyone from this match up, and I suggest it because there's value here, you have to decide who you think is going to win and play some players from that team. I'm leaning towards TDK and would be willing to use Seraph (flaresz most deahts), Kez, and Emperor (looked strong in first game last week). Ninja makes me a little nervous because innox has played well all split, but i can't fault anyone for using him.


CLG vs. TiP: CLG have looked poor three games in a row. Double that with how expensive they are and I think they're a good fade. If you think TiP can make this a high kill game they're worth a play. I like Impact and Rush, who has been on fire, the best and don't love Apollo.


TSM vs. Gravity: Big game here. This is one of those times I'm not willing to pay up for Bjergsen. He struggled vs. Keane in the past and this game could go either way. I like the solidness of Santorin and Hauntzer if I'm using anyone.


DIG vs. TL: TL looked really good yesterday but DIG could pose a threat. I'm leaning a bit toward TL though (however I admittedly have been wrong almost every game about DIG) and am going to probably use Fenix. He's been pretty good the last couple weeks. I can't fault anyone for picking either side though.


T8 vs. C9: Like the first game you have to decide who you think is going to win. I'm giving C9 the benefit of the doubt but maybe I shouldn't be. I honestly don't know how this game will go so I can't fault anyone for picking either side. Nien is a really cheap high upside ADC pick for this day.



Here's my lineup for Week 6 Day 2 of the NALCS:



Top: Impact (TiP) ($1224)

Jungle: Rush (TiP) ($1215)

Mid: Fenix (TL) ($1308)

ADC: Emperor (TDK) ($1238)

Sup: LemonNation (C9) ($977)

Flex One: Incarnati0n (C9) ($1111)

Flex Two: Santorin (TSM) ($1403)

Flex Three: Sneaky (C9) ($1242)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for NA Week Six/Day One


Yesterday I found myself on the wrong side of the Gambit/ROCCAT game and it cost me. Can't get them all right I guess. Happy Fourth everyone, here are my picks for Week 6 Day 1 of the NALCS.




Must Play: Impact (TiP) ($1434) vs. NME: TiP have been putting up some big fantasy totals lately and their bloody style of play has paid off in terms of production. Impact has the best matchup of day one against NME and Flarez who has died the most this split.


Sleeper: Hauntzer (GV) ($1247) vs. CLG: There isn't much in terms of value on day one in the top lane. Hauntzer is a little bit cheaper and has been solid for Gravity all split even in games they lose. GV will give CLG a good game and I expect Hauntzer to have a solid point total.


Bust: ZionSpartan (CLG) ($1336) vs. GV: He's expensive and if you believe in the CLG second half collapse jinx then you're better off staying away. The match up is no sure thing either




Must Play: Rush (TiP) ($1363) vs. NME: He's been spearheading the TiP attack the last couple weeks playing aggresive junglers and looking great in the process. The match up against NME makes me think he's in line for another big game.


Sleeper: IWillDominate (TL) ($1229) vs. C9: He's a little cheaper and C9 have looked awful all split. Factor in that Hai will be jungling this week and I think Dom may have his way in the jungle.


Bust: Xmithie (CLG) ($1287) vs. GV: He was awful last week and he's pretty expensive this week. The match up vs. Gravity is no sure thing either and for his price I'd look elsewhere.




Must Play: Bjergsen (TSM) ($1891) vs. TDK: He's so expensive and there is hardly any value on day one that it's probably impossible to fit him in. But he has the best match up of the day against TDK.


Sleeper: Fenix (TL) ($1578) vs. C9: He's $300 cheaper and the match up is almost as favorable. C9 have been poor and Fenix has been looking pretty good the last couple weeks. For the savings he might be the way to go.


Bust: XiaoWeiXiao (TiP) ($1577) vs. NME: Good match up vs. NME and he probably has a solid game, but for the price there isn't as much upside. Innox has been solid all split and that may limit the output potential for XWX. Just pay one more dollar for Fenix.




Must Play: Apollo (TiP) ($1516) vs. NME: I don't need to keep harping on the match up but Apollo has been really good all split and is primed for a big day.


Sleeper: Emperor (TDK) ($946) vs. TSM: This one is really risky. But if you believe the TDK miracle season has started then he is worth a look. He looked really good against DIG last week and with TSM playing Keith the synergy may not completely be there.


Bust: Keith (TSM) ($1568) vs. TDK: Like I mentioned above the synergy may not be there for Keith today and he's the second highest ADC. I'm looking elsewhere




Must Play: Adrian (TiP) ($1154) vs. NME: Best match up of the day but pretty expensive. You probably can't pay up for a support today.


Sleeper: Smoothie (TDK) ($831) vs. TSM: To go along with the upside of Emperor and also it might make sense to just punt on your support and take the cheapest one possible as there isn't much value in any role on the day.


Bust: Aphromoo (CLG) ($1136) vs. GV: Match up is no sure thing and he's expensive.


NA LCS Week Six Day One Lineup:


I'm actually not sure if I'm going to even play today with it being the fourth and all I won't be around. But this is what my lineup would look like if I did.


Top: Impact (TIP) ($1434)

Jungle: Rush (TIP) ($1363)
Mid: Fenix (TL) ($1578)
ADC: Apollo (TIP) ($1516)
SUP: Smoothie (TDK) ($831)
Flex One: IWillDominate (TL) ($1229)
Flex Two: GoldenGlue (T8) ($1052)
Flex Three: Emperor (TDK) ($946)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Six/Day Two



Yesterday was a great day for me. I was able to take third in two separate tournaments with a lineup I loved. Today's lineup looks pretty strong once again, although with less potential than yesterdays. Good luck to everyone playing today!






Must Play: Huni (FNC) ($1634) vs. CW: It's going to be a common theme on day two that FNATIC have the best match ups against a CW team that is a bit of a mess at the moment. Huni is the best play in the top lane but is also the most expensive.



Sleeper: Cabochard (GMB) ($976) vs. ROCCAT: I like Cabochard again today as a cheaper option with good upside. Steve has the most deaths in the LCS among top laners and Cabochard has been pretty solid all split. If you're looking to save in the top lane go with Cabo.



Bust: Jwaow (EL) ($1021) vs. OG: He's the fourth most expensive top laner but goes against Origen in a game I expect Elements to lose. Usually when a team loses it's hard for the players to score valuable points. sOAZ is also the hardest top laner to kill and I just don't see the upside to Jwaow for the price.






Must Play: Reginover (FNC) ($1511) vs. CW: Like Huni, Reignover is expensive, but provides the most point potential. It's going to be hard to fit a lot of FNC players into your lineup today so you are going to have to pick and choose where you pay up.



Sleeper: Fr3deric (GIANTS) ($1013) vs. SK: It's been an up and down split so far for Fr3deric and GIANTS but they're currently in fourth place and should have a solid game against SK. There is no guarantee that GIANTS beat an improving SK team but I think Fr3deric is in a good spot to put up solid points for a good price. SK have died a lot this split and Fr3deric has shown he can be aggresive in helping snowball lanes.



Bust: Dexter (EL) ($1008) vs. OG: He's not priced that highly but I don't see much upside in a tough match up. Origen are tough to kill and usually play very smart making it hard for them to be ganked. I'd look elsewhere.






Must Play: Febiven (FNC) ($1823) vs. CW: Again he's the most expensive player on the day, but I think he's worth it and will probably look to fit him in again. I've already talked about the nice match up for FNC against CW, but Soren offers almost no kill threat in lane and Febiven should have a really nice game.



Sleeper: Nukeduck (ROCCAT) ($1255) vs. GMB: GMB vs. ROCCAT could be a bit of a bloodbath and I find myself leaning in favor of ROCCAT, and for that reason I like Nukeduck against Betsy. Nukeduck has been pretty solid all split, currently third in assists for mid laners, and Betsy is second in deaths. For a nice cheaper upside play you could do worse than Nukeduck.



Bust: xPeke (OG) ($1708) vs. EL: I think xPeke has a solid game and in your Fantasy LCS format you definitely start him. But he's the second most expensive mid laner and for his price I think there's more upside elsewhere. Maybe I'm showing Froggen too much respect but he's proved he can have good games even when Elements lose and it may limit Peke's point output.






Must Play: Rekkles (FNC) ($1754) vs. CW: Rekkles was great yesterday and looks like he'll have another big game against a weakened CW side. Niels is also in a good spot to put up some points today, but comes with a bit more risk.



Sleeper: MrRallez (ROCCAT) ($1201) vs. GMB: He's a nice play at a cheaper price. The Gambit bot lane has been poor all split, compare the fact that Forg1ven has only one more kill in six more games than MrRallez, and that GosuPepper leads in deaths in the support role and I think MrRallez is in a good spot for a nice game.



Bust: Forg1ven (GMB) ($1132) vs. ROCCAT: I'm not going to pay up for him while he's over $1000 on Vulcun. Like I said above he's been poor all split and I just don't see the upside.






Must Play: Mithy (OG) ($1245) vs. EL: I like Mithy even more than Yellowstar today for the upside. Both will have good games. That said, I can't pay up for a support today as there isn't much value to be had in a lot of the other roles. I'm going to use the support position as a savings spot today. Mithy was poor yesterday, but I'm thinking he and OG bounce back nicely today.



Sleeper: nRated (SK) ($767) vs. GIANTS: The main reason I like nRated is because he's so cheap. I think this is a game that could go either way, but with the improved play of SK, nRated is a nice buy at this price. If you go this route you don't need him to put up huge point totals but just have a decent game and allow the savings you get from using him to pay up for some of the big names to carry your team.



Bust: Everyone but the top three: This is a day where you need to either save and go with the cheap option with the most upside in nRated or pay up for Mithy, YellowstaR, or Kasing. I just can't pay up for one of them today. No real support has a great match up this week outside of the top three.



Here's my lineup for Week Six Day Two in the EULCS:



Top: Cabochard (GMB) ($976)

Jungle: Fr3deric (GIANTS) ($1013)
Mid: Febiven (FNC) ($1823)
ADC: Rekkles (FNC) ($1754) Shotcaller
Sup: nRated (SK) ($767)
Flex One: Nukeduck ($1255)
Flex Two: MrRallez ($1201)
Flex Three: Jankos ($1156)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Six/Day One


Welcome to week six everyone. I'd love to hear from some of our members on their first week experiences with Vulcun. How's it going so far? Have you won money? Which games are you playing? I'm interested in who's playing and how it's going. Remember, use this link:

https://vulcun.com/a/vVvgaming, when signing up to get a 100% deposit match.


I absolutely love my lineup for day one of the EU LCS this week. There are a lot of really good value plays this week that make it possible to get some of the top players. Because I like my lineup so much I'll probably even play a tournament or two on Thursday in addition to a 50/50 game. Let's take a look.


EU Day One Picks:




Must Play: Cabochard (GMB) ($950) vs. CW: I'm a big fan of two value plays this week in the top lane and Cabochard is my favorite play of the week in this role. CW look a bit of a mess right now with lineup changes and some drama going on within their ranks, GMB are no sure thing but I think they pick up the victory this week. Cabochard was one of the best top laners last split and has been playing solid all split. I expect him to have a nice game against CW.


Sleeper: freddy122 (SK) ($949) vs. ROCCAT: I'm on the bandwagon with SK this week. They started this split horribly but things have been looking up the last couple of weeks and it has a lot to do with improved play from freddy. After dying 37 times the first three weeks he's only died seven times the last two while racking up 12 kills and 41 assists. I think for his price he's a very good choice on day one.


Bust: None. I really don't think there's a bust on day one in the top lane. You have Odo, Huni, and sOAZ as the most expensive but if you wanted to play any of them they're all in good match ups. I like my two value picks I listed above better because they allow me to spend up in other roles on day one. That said, I'd stay away from Steve, Jwaow and Lenny, who is CW's new top laner.




Must Play: Reignover (FNC) ($1485) vs. GIANTS: He's very expensive, and I won't be using him because of it, but he's definitely in a great spot to put up major points on day one. FNATIC should beat Giants and Reignover will look to punish the aggressive Spanish side with lots and lots of ganks.


Sleeper: Svenskeren (SK) ($882) vs. ROCCAT: Much like I talked about above SK have been playing a lot better the last two weeks and like freddy, Svenskeren's improvements have been a big reason why. He has a 10/10/46 KDA the last two weeks and his extremely cheap price make him my favorite option in a game I think SK will win.


Bust: Shook (CW) ($1083) vs. GMB: He's the fourth most expensive jungler and I'm not sure why. I know Gambit haven't been great this split, but CW look like a bit of a mess at the moment. It's possible he could have a decent game, but I'd rather save some money and use Svenskeren than use Shook on day one.




Must Play: Febiven (FNC) ($1815) vs. GIANTS: Here's where I start paying up a bit. Febiven is the most expensive player of the day but I think he's worth it. He leads the EU LCS in Kills and Assists from mid laners and has the third least deaths. Pepiinero is a solid mid laner, but I expect FNATIC to win the game and for Febiven to win the match up in the mid lane making him a great play.


Sleeper: Fox (SK) ($1159) vs. ROCCAT: Fox, like the other members of SK I've mentioned, has stepped up his game the last two weeks. Nukeduck is a decent mid laner, but since I think SK will win this game I think Fox is a nice cheaper priced mid laner if you want to spend up elsewhere.


Bust: Ryu (H2k) ($1545) vs. EL: I think H2k will beat Elements and Ryu will have a solid game in the process. But the risk lies with the fact that he's the third most expensive mid laner, and also that Froggen has proved he can have a big game even when his team loses. I think for the price Ryu isn't worth it in this match up.




Must Play: Rekkles (FNC) ($1680) vs. GIANTS: Rekkles will be in my lineup this week as he's been able to punish overly aggresive teams so far this split and has been solid all split. GIANTS tend to over extend at times and I expect Rekkles to be able to dish out a major amount of damage against them. He's my favorite play of the day and I'll be using my "Shotcaller" bonus on him on day one.


Sleeper: CandyPanda (SK) ($979) vs. ROCCAT: I'm personally not going to use him, in fact I'm going to use a second support over him for the same price, but I debated putting him into my lineup. He could have a nice game vs. ROCCAT, but in the end I decided he was too much risk. I like the other cheap SK members much better than CandyPanda.


Bust: Forg1ven (GMB) ($1321) vs. CW: He's the fourth most expensive ADC against CW who have looked pretty poor lately. But, he only has 15 kills the entire split and just hasn't looked like himself. Compare the fact that MrRallez has 14 kills and has played six less games than Forg1ven to understand just how much he's been struggling. GMB vs. CW could potentially be a bloodbath, but I'm kind of nervous about picking to heavily in either direction. Better to just stay away.




Must Play: YellowstaR (FNC) ($1096) vs. GIANTS: Been the best support in the EU LCS so far and is pretty cheap (he's almost $400 less than Kasing). I think the nice match up against GIANTS coupled with the cheap price make him by far the best play of all the supports.


Sleeper: Mithy (OG) ($979) vs. UoL: I'm going to do something I'd usually advise against: play two supports this week. There is so much value in this role this week with YellowstaR and Mithy that it makes it possible to pay up for two ADCs and Febiven. I can't pass up Mithy for such a cheap price when he's been so good all split.


Bust: Kasing (H2k) ($1476) vs. Elements: Good match up, will have a good game. But he's so expensive and I'm not paying up for that. Especially when you can get the two guys listed above for so much less.


Here's my lineup for Week Six Day One in the EULCS:


I love my lineup. If SK wins as I expect it should be a really strong lineup. I'm using Mithy over CandyPanda as they're the same price, but the risk isn't there with Mithy like it is with CandyPanda. I'm thinking my value plays have good games and they allow me to pay up for Febiven, Rekkles, and Hjarnan who I expect to carry my lineup.


Top: Cabochard (GMB) ($950)

Jungle: Svenskeren (SK) ($882)

Mid: Febiven (FNC) ($1815)

ADC: Rekkles (FNC) ($1680) Shotcaller

Sup: YellowstaR (FNC) ($1096)

Flex One: freddy122 (SK) ($949)

Flex Two: Hjarnan (H2k) ($1643)

Flex Three: Mithy (OG) ($979)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for NA Week Five/Day Two



Welcome in everyone. This is my first official blog post since we partnered with Vulcun. What's Vulcun you ask? Check

this out for more information. Here are my picks for week five, day two of the NA LCS.



NA Day Two Rankings:






Must Play: Gamsu (DIG) ($1273) vs. TDK: I'm all in on DIG this week after hating on them most of the split. They play TDK who still look to be a mess and Gamsu will be facing off against Seraph who has the most deaths in the top lane this split. Look for Gamsu to also be a big reason why DIG dominates team fights.



Sleeper: Dyrus (TSM) ($1150) vs. CLG: Dyrus has been playing really well lately including in the week two win over CLG when he put up a 2/1/8 KDA. He's cut back on his deaths this split and although CLG provide a tough matchup, TSM have been CLG's Achilles heel.



Bust: Quas (TL) ($1310) vs. GV: He's expensive, GV provides a tough match up for Team Liquid and Hauntzer has been very good this split. For his price there are better options available.






Must Play: Rush (TIP) ($1380) vs. C9: I used him yesterday and it worked out well but he was cheaper than he is today. I think he could have a really nice game against C9 but due to his high price I think I'll look elsewhere. If you can fit him in he's definitely a nice play.



Sleeper: Helios (DIG) ($1250) vs. TDK: I want as much exposure to DIG in this game for the cheapest price. Helios provides a nice bargain at Jungle in a game that should hand DIG a lot of kills.



Bust: Meteos (C9) ($1017) vs. TIP: Meteos is cheap today but I don't see the upside. He's last in kills and assists for all full time junglers in the LCS and C9 haven't looked good all split. Not a risk due to price, but I don't see the production being there today.






Must Play: Fenix (TL) ($1380) vs. GV: Bjergsen is actually the best play, but he is SO expensive it's really hard to fit him into a lineup. Fenix looked awesome on Azir yesterday and has a good match up against Keane who has died the most of any mid laner in the LCS.



Sleeper: Innox (NME) ($1227) vs. Team8: Innox has quietly been very good this split and is a good pick for today going up against Team8 and their back up midlaner goldenglue. He comes at a nice price discount as well and has a good chance to out produce his salary.



Bust: Pobelter (CLG) ($1498) vs TSM: For the price, he's the third highest priced midlaner, I'm going elsewhere. Tough matchup against Bjergsen and TSM. Not worth the risk.






Must Play: Otter (NME) ($1163) vs. Team8: Otter is a nice cheap option at ADC but has huge upside. Nien has not looked very good since joining Team8 and Otter has been not outstanding, but solid, all season. He provides some salary relief with the potential to have a very good return on investment.



Sleeper: Altec (GV) ($1514) vs. TL: He's more expensive than Otter by quite a bit but I don't see as much upside. I think Altec could have a very good game, that's why he's listed here, but is no sure thing that's why he isn't my must play.



Bust: Apollo (TiP) ($1568) vs. C9: This has more to do with his price than his match up as I think he will have a good game against C9. He's the most expensive ADC though and I like the two names listed above a little bit better for the price.






Must Play: KiwiKid (DIG) ($1104) vs. TDK: Again I want the cheap DIG exposure. He's reasonably priced with high upside in a great match up. I'm not paying up for CoreJJ, but I want his Support in my lineup.



Sleeper: Bodydrop (NME) ($1009) vs. Team8: Good cheap option against a weak team. If you need to save a little bit of money I don't think he's a bad pick.



Bust: Xpecial (TL) ($1188) vs. Gravity: I don't like paying top dollar for supports and Xpecial is the second highest priced on the day. His match up is no sure thing and I don't think he's worth this high price.



Here's my lineup for Week Five, Day Two in the NA LCS:



Top: Gamsu (DIG) ($1273)

Jungle: Helios (DIG) ($1250)
Mid: Fenix (TL) ($1380)
ADC: Otter (NME) ($1163)
SUP: Kiwikid (DIG) ($1104)
Flex One: Dyrus (TSM) ($1150)
Flex Two: Rush (TiP) ($1380)
Flex Three: Innox (NME) ($1227)


Vulcun Daily LCS: An Introduction


Exciting news yesterday as vVv Gaming announced a partnership with Vulcun.com! Vulcun offers daily fantasy tournaments for LoL, DOTA2, CS:GO, Hearthstone, and CoD. Use this link: https://vulcun.com/a/vVvgaming when signing up for 100% deposit bonus!


If you saw this information yesterday and were wondering, what the hell is this? Do not fear, I'm here to help you gain some basic understadning of how daily fantasy tournaments work. Daily fantasy sports has risen to ascendancy in the last few years. Daily and weekly games on sites like Draft Kings and Fan Duel offer a cash prize in various game forms. Head to Head games against another person, 50/50 games where players in the top 50% win money, and Guaranteed Prize Pool tournaments where the big payouts are. Vulcun is now offering this same format for LoL, CsGo, and DOTA 2, Hearthstone, and CoD.


I am going to be specifically focusing on League of Legends, but the general information I provide here goes for all games. The scoring for other games will obviously be different but the general principles of daily fantasy are the same. Before you begin my first piece of advice would be to watch the following video after you sign up:




Also please read the contest rules provided by Vulcun here: https://vulcun.com/main/contestrules you can search by each individual game for important information like how to draft, what roster roles you need, and the most important: how you score points.


Vulcun users can construct a team of eight players using a salary cap format of $10000. Each player you choose from has a set price. The roster construction includes one player in each role, plus three flex roles where you can use anyone. It is important to note that these prices influence the game greatly. It is hard to fit in all the top players making bargains a huge deal. You expect Bjergsen to play well each week and as such he will always be priced highly. But who are the value plays that have an easier match up you can use to fill out your roster? You need to consider the pricing when looking at who to select on any given day.


Alright here is my general advice for Daily Fantasy eSports:


  1. If you're wondering how much you need to deposit to start with, the general rule is to start with $100 if you can afford it. I'm not telling you that you have to deposit $100 but that is a good starting point when looking to get into daily. However, deposit whatever you're comfortable with to start.
  2. Let's talk about bankroll management, or how to manage your money once you've made a deposit. Once you've made a deposit, no matter how much it is, it is strongly advised to only play 10% of your bankroll on a given day. So for example, if you deposit $50, your first day you would only play $5. This keeps you from burning through your bankroll too fast and keeps you in the game. Now, if you play that 10% and lose it, you would go from $50 to $45 making your 10% for the next day only $4.50. You can use this 10% rule whether your bankroll increases or decreases. If you don't need to worry about how you spend your money then this 10% rule doesn't apply.
  3. PLAY 50/50 TOURNAMENTS! We all have dreams of winning huge sums of money playing daily fantasy, but let's be real it's not that likely. Sure it could happen, but the best way to steadily increase your bank roll is to play 50/50 tournaments. In this format you only need to place in the top 50% of all competitors. Contrast that to a tournament where the top prize is huge, but steadily decreases with less spots to even finish in the money. My general rule I use for myself in daily is that if I am not cashing in my 50/50's I do not allow myself to play in tournaments. 50/50's are the best way to increase your bankroll.
  4. This one goes hand in hand with #3. If you can, play in 50/50's with large player pools. On Vulcun you can play in 50/50's with 10 people or 100 people, but give yourself the better odds to finish in the top 50% by playing with more people. The variance will be less and although it's still the top 50%, it's easier to take top 50 out of 100 than top 5 out of 10.
  5. Don't get discouraged if you aren't cashing in tournaments. You really aren't supposed to win your tournaments on a consistent basis. The player pool is much larger making the competition stiffer. That's why I recommend playing 50/50's to start.
  6. Last but not least - HAVE FUN. It's what it's all about. Oh, and don't get addicted. If you're having a rough go of things getting started, there's no shame in taking a break for a day.


I hope this general information helped. Remember to check out the links above for Vulcun's contest rules and information. Good luck!


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for NA Week Five/Day One


Sorry for missing EU Day Two today. I saw Rush in concert Thursday night and Unfortunately had to travel four hours to do so and with Alpha Draft not having pricing information available I was unable to get a blog post together in time. Let's get back to work and take a look at NA Day One for Week Five.


Note: If you see me referring to price below, it's for AlphaDraft's pricing of players for their daily tournaments. If you're not playing AlphaDraft, don't fear, the analysis should work for Fantasy LCS as well.


NA Day One Rankings:




Must Play: Gamsu (DIG) ($8700) vs. Enemy Esports: After hating on DIG in previous weeks I'm all in on them this week. They play NME on day one and will have a favorable match up. Gamsu played pretty great last week and Flaresz leads the LCS in deaths for top laners. Gamsu is the second most expensive top laner, but looks like he'll be worth it if he can play like he did last week again.


Sleeper: Hauntzer (GV) ($8200) vs. TIP: Hauntzer leads the NA LCS in top lane kills and Impulse have been a bit sloppy at times. He doesn't provide much savings with a high salary so he may not be able to provide the kind of upside his price suggests.


Deep Sleeper: Seraph (TDK) ($6300) vs. Cloud9: He's really cheap and really risky. He has the second most deaths but Balls is right behind him and doesn't provide much kill pressure in lane. I think TDK are unfortunately a mess right now but it's possible Seraph could have a decent day against C9.


Bust: Balls (C9) ($8400) vs. TDK: He's the third most expensive top lane player which has more to do with facing TDK than it does his own play. Both Balls and C9 as a whole have not been great this split and I think you can look elsewhere, especially for the price you have to pay for him. I think one thing to keep in mind though is that TDK cannot ban Rumble and if Balls gets his hands on Rumble, he may be worth the price.




Must Play: Santorin (TSM) ($9100) vs. Team8: Has a 13/8/88 KDA record coming into the week and faces a weak Team8. He's the most expensive jungler but should be worth the price.


Sleeper: Meteos (C9) ($7700) vs. TDK: Faces the worst team in the LCS and although C9 are no sure thing, he should be able to have a pretty good week for a reasonable price.


Bust: No Jungler. To be honest all the NA junglers on day one are pretty reasonably priced. The biggest risk might be Xmithie who is priced at $8100, $1100 less than Santorin, but I think he has a good enough game that that price shouldn't scare you off. Other than that there's no one who's price really represents much bust potential. I would however stay away from Porpoise even though he's only $6000.




Must Play: Bjergsen (TSM) ($10700) vs. Team8: He's the most expensive player on day one and for good reason. He leads the NA LCS in kills from mid laners and faces a replacement mid laner for Team 8. If you can fit him in he looks like a sure thing this week.


Sleeper: Innox (NME) ($7400) vs. DIG: Innox has actually performed quite well this split, fourth in kills, seventh in assists, and has the least deaths among all full time mid laners in NA. Shiphtur and DIG have been really good this split, but I think Innox can have a nice game for a cheap price.


Bust: Incarnati0n (C9) ($8300) vs. TDK: He's near the bottom in kills and assists and doesn't quite provide the upside you'd want for his relatively high price. I'd rather go elsewhere.




Must Play: Doublelift (CLG) ($9300) vs. TL: Although TL are no cake walk, Doublelift has been the best ADC so far this split and CLG have looked very good. I was considering putting WildTurtle here as his match up is very favorable against Team8. But I'm not sure how well he can play for his $9000 price. Doublelift gets the nod here.


Sleeper: Lattman (TDK) ($7100) vs. C9: Sneaky and LemonNation have not been playing well making it somewhat appealing to use Lattman in a tournament format. You'd have to be pretty confident though as Lattman has the most deaths and least kills from the ADC position this split.


Bust: Sneaky (C9) ($10000) vs. TDK: As I said above he faces the ADC who has the most deaths and least kills this split making it a pretty tasty match up. But he hasn't played very well this split and is the most expensive ADC. I don't think he's worth the price personally and am going to use a different ADC.




Must Play: Lustboy (TSM) ($8000) vs. Team8: He's the most expensive support option and I won't be using him because of that. That said, he has the most favorable match up against a weak team8 and will probably be worth the price.


Sleeper: Smoothie/Baby (TDK) ($3200) vs. C9: Whichever player starts, their price is so ridiculously cheap that I think in a tournament its worth the risk. I don't think TDK will beat C9 but at $3200 their support player can have a decent game and be worth the price while allowing you to fit some of the top plays into your lineup this week. C9 haven't been great and who's to say TDK can't score some nice fantasy point totals even if they don't win the game?


Bust: LemonNation (C9) ($7100) vs. TDK: Simply too expensive for me to want to use this week, like I said above he hasn't been playing well and even though he's in a good match up I'm going elsewhere.




Must Play: TSM ($4000) vs. Team8: They're the closest thing to a sure win on Day One. Near the top in Baron Kills, Dragon Kills, and Tower kills while team 8 is near the bottom in all 3 categories. Expect a nice point total from TSM.


Sleeper: Cloud9 ($3400) vs. TDK: They've been pretty poor this split, but TDK are a mess. Expect C9 to win, but I'm not sure how high of a point total they can put up even with a win.


Bust: CLG ($3900) vs. TL: TL will push CLG to the limit and have had good control of objective kills this split which may limit CLG's team total point score on day one. I'd rather spend $100 more and get TSM who are more of a sure thing this week.


My Lineup for NA Day One/Week Five:


Top: Gamsu (DIG) ($8700)

Jungle: Rush (TIP) ($6700)

Mid: Bjergsen (TSM) ($10700)

ADC: Doublelift (CLG) ($9300)

SUP: Baby/Smoothie (TDK) ($3200)

Team: TSM ($4000)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for EU Week Five/Day One



This week I want to make a slight switch by taking a look at each day separately from the entire week. This gives a better idea of how match ups can benefit or hinder a certain player or team. I'm certainly still trying to learn the best way to go about this whole Fantasy LCS stuff, but for my first time doing it I think its going pretty well. I appreciate all the views. Lets take our first look at Week Five starting with EU Day One.



Note: If you see me referring to price below, it's for AlphaDraft's pricing of players for their daily tournaments. If you're not playing AlphaDraft, don't fear, the analysis should work for Fantasy LCS as well.



EU Day One Rankings:






Must Play: sOAZ (Origen) ($7900) vs. Gambit Gaming - Cabochard is a pretty solid top laner and has been playing a lot better, but sOAZ provides much more to his team than just in the laning phase. sOAZ leads the EU LCS in Assists and is third in kills among all top laners. With Origen a good bet to beat Gambit and sOAZ moderate price, I think he makes for the best top lane pick day one.



Slepper: freddy122 (SK Gaming) ($6800) vs. Elements - In split long I think Jwaow is actually a better play this week. But when I look at this from a daily perspective, Jwaow is the second highest priced top laner this week ahead ahead of sOAZ and only $300 less than Huni. The huge savings with freddy and the potential for SK to win this game makes him the better sleeper. SK went 2-0 last week and looked better as a team including much better performances from freddy and Svenskeren. This is a little risky because freddy has died a TON this split, but I think he could definitely out perform his price on day one.



Bust: Huni (FNATIC) ($9000) vs. H2k - Don't take this the wrong way, if you have Huni in the split long Fantasy LCS format you start him. But he is the highest priced top laner on AlphaDraft and I think there's some risk involved. Odoamne has also been one of the best top laners this split, H2k are a good team who don't give up a lot of fantasy points, and Huni could be targeted in terms of bans and in early gank pressure. Huni will still probably have a good game, but for his price I'm going elsewhere.






Must Play: Amazing (Origen) ($8,600) vs. Gambit - It's going to be a common theme in this post today as I think Origen have the best fantasy potential of any team on day one. But because of that they're also highly priced making it hard to fit them all into your lineup. Amazing leads EU in kills and assists from the jungle role and against a Gambit team that dies a lot, he's a good bet to have a great game. If you save at another position you may be able to fit him in... if not try this next player.



Sleeper: Loulex (H2k) ($5200) vs. FNATIC - This one is all about value. At $5200 Loulex is priced lower than every Support player besides GosuPepper. To me thats crazy! I know H2k play FNATIC and it will be a tough game, but Loulex has been pretty great this split. He's third in assists and while he doesn't get as many kills as other junglers he's also died less than all but one player. I'm using his depressed price to buff my lineup elsewhere. I think he will out score his price by far this week. I also think Kikis is a nice option as well this week, but hes a bit pricier.



Bust: Fr3deric (GIANTS Gaming) ($6400) vs. UoL - Giants have been trending downward after their hot start and I expect it to continue vs. UoL. It's possible this game could turn into a blood bath with huge fantasy totals, but I think Fr3deric is risky as he's died a lot the last two weeks with not as much to show.






Must Play: xPeke (Origen) ($9000) vs. Gambit - Another Origen player tops the list. Peke is the third most expensive mid laner this week but faces Betsy who ranks second in deaths, and second to last in kills and assists from the mid lane.



Sleeper: Nukeduck (ROCCAT) ($6600) vs. CW - If you are spending big elsewhere and need to save at mid, Nukeduck could provide good value this week. I think this match up could prove to be a sloppy one with lots of kills going around, but Nukeduck could take advantage of that. He will be laning against Soren who has the least kills and assists in the EU LCS this split so far making the kill threat not bad. Nukeduck also ranks fourth in assists among mid laners, making his upside pretty solid for his price.



Bust: Froggen (Elements) ($9700) vs. SK - He's a good play in split long with two pretty solid match ups this week, but on AlphaDraft he's the second most expensive player in any role. With that in mind I'm fading him and looking elsewhere. I think Froggen can have a good game and week, but for the price he'd need to put up 60+ fantasy points on day one. While possible, I don't think it's likely.






Must Play: Niels (Origen) ($10000) vs. Gambit - The most expensive player in AlphaDraft this week but worth it in my opinion. He's second in kills, first in assists, and second to last in deaths and faces an aggressive Gambit team who he can punish. If you can fit him into your lineup do it, he's going to be worth it.



Sleeper: Hjarnan (H2k) ($7900) vs. FNATIC - Not really a sleeper as he's been the best ADC in EU lately, but I'm putting him here in case the match up scares you. Rekkles and YellowstaR have been great, but Hjarnan's upside and his value (there are six ADCs priced ahead of him) provide a nice play. He may not have his best week, but I like his depressed price even against FNATIC and think he's worth the play.



Bust: Adryh (GIANTS Gaming) ($8200) vs. UoL - He hasn't been as effective the last two weeks as Giants have crashed back to earth. He's more expensive than Hjarnan and has a tough match up against UoL. I'd rather use the better player for the lower price in Hjarnan than go with Adryh.






Must Play: Mithy (Origen) ($7800) vs. Gambit - The best option and also the most expensive one. I recommend never spending up for supports, but if you have the extra money you could certainly go this route.



Sleeper: Unlimited (CW) ($6000) vs. ROCCAT - Lowest PPG total, most deaths, second least assists. Am I crazy? It's possible honestly... I was debating between Unlimited and Vander, but here's the thing. ROCCAT have just added MrRallez and the synergy was not there last week. Freeze has punished weaker teams this split and could have a really good game boosting Unlimited's value. If you go this route just hope Unlimited doesn't die a ton and it could pay off. Vander is the exact same price so if you'd rather go with him I can't fault you.



Bust: Promisq (Elements) ($7600) vs. SK - He's the second most expensive support and I just don't think he'll be worth it. Never pay up for a support player if you can help it.






Must Play: Origen ($4000) vs. Gambit - I have all their players ranked as the top in their position so this was probably a given. Their second in the EU for dragon kills, baron kills, and third in tower kills, which is where you get your points. Gambit also rank near the bottom for all of those categories, making this an appealing match up.



Sleeper: H2k ($3200) vs. FNATIC - It's too risky for me personally, but if you think H2k can beat FNATIC you can save $800 to use elsewhere. I'm personally not going to be this ballsy.



Bust: CW ($3800) vs. ROCCAT - They're the third highest priced team in a game that can go either way. They're also last in turret kills, baron kills, and second to last in dragon kills. No thanks.



Here's my lineup for Week Five Day One in the EU:



Top: sOAZ (OG) ($7900)

Jungle: Loulex (H2k) ($5200)

Mid: xPeke (OG) ($9000)

ADC: Niels (OG) ($10000)

Support: Unlimited (CW) ($6000)

Flex: Hjarnan (H2k) ($7900)

Team: Origen ($4000)


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, Busts for Week Four



Welcome back again everyone. I hope you all had a successful week three and can keep things rolling in week four. I was able to take 20th out of 7000+ participants in a tournament on AlphaDraft Sunday using analysis that I provided here in this column. It's easier to take things one day at a time in terms of picks, which may be something I do in the future instead of looking at the entire week. Anyway, let's see how my picks went last week.



NOTE: MrRallez has replaced Woolite as ROCCAT's ADC starting this week. Goldenglue is in as Team8's starting Mid laner with Slooshi away for an unknown time. TDK gets their starters, Ninja and Emperor, in this week as well.



Must Plays:



TSM and Origen- Both teams went 1-1 including surprising losses to DIG and ROCCAT. It's hard to really put up worthwhile points as a team if you only go 1-1 but TSM managed to total 29 points this week. I usually like to try to get at least 30 points from my team so they didn't quite meet that. Origen only totaled 21 points. Despite the 1-1 week every member of TSM finished in the top five of their respective roles so the TSM call will count as a good call while the Origen call counts as a bad call.



Freeze - Finished 14th at ADC. Not a good call.






Adryh - Unfortunately, I could not have predicted that he would play Mid against FNATIC and one of the best mid laners in Febiven. That didn't really help this pick at all. He finished 15th in PPG for ADCs. Not a good call.



Werlyb - Another bad call. Only averaged 10.12 PPG and finished 15th in the Top Lane. Bad week for GIANTS.



Odoamne - Got back on track with this pick. H2k look really good in general and Odoamne had another good week totaling 54.22 points good enough for third on the week.



Loulex - Also finished third this week in his role with 49.55 total points.



XiaoWeiXiao - Had a really good game against TDK but TIP struggled on Sunday against Team Liquid and his PPG was only good enough for 9th this week. Not terrible, but not really a great week.



TIP - Like XiaoWeiXiao, most of TIP's points came against TDK. They finished sixth as a team with 29 total points so a solid week.



GV and NME - Finished with 20 and 18 total points respectively, not worth.



C9 - Hopefully you used C9 on Sunday if you played in a daily format. Went 1-1 and only totaled 23.50 points, most of which came on Sunday. Not really worth it in a weekly format. I used Sneaky, Incarnation, and Lemonnation Sunday as part of my team that took 20th out of 7000+.






Froggen - Good avoid here. Only finished with 23.52 total points.



Jankos - A down week for Jankos even with the surprising win over Origen. Finished 14th in PPG for all junglers.



DIG - Beat TSM surprisingly, but still only finished with 21 total points. Good avoid, as even when they win they have no players close to the top ten in points.



Giving myself a 7-8 record in terms of good calls to bad calls. Not my best. Let's look at this week.



Must Plays:



Hjarnan - He looks like the best ADC in EU at the moment. H2k play CW and GIANTS this week who have solid bot lanes, but Hjarnan has shown value throughout the laning phase and in team fights. Hell, maybe Pepiinero's arrogance will have him play ADC again and make things even easier for H2k.



Mithy - Origen fell for the first time to ROCCAT last week and have a tough match up against FNATIC in their first game this week. Even with the tough matchup I think the potential for points from both teams is there. Mithy has been a steady and solid performer and if they lack for points against FNC they will make up for it against Elements in game two.



CLG - CLG are playing really really well at the moment and have a pretty easy week against TDK and a struggling C9. Start CLG with confidence.






Steve - ROCCAT have actually played decently this split despite what their record shows. Steve has died the second most of any top laner this split, but I like him this week. He's involved in a lot of kills and goes up against fred122 and Jwoaw who are also near the top of deaths for top laners. Steve has a good chance to perform well this week at a cheap price.



Jankos - Jankos has looked pretty solid against weaker competition this split for ROCCAT and ROCCAT have a good schedule for him to put up points again this week.



ROCCAT - I think ROCCAT can go 2-0 this week against weaker teams and get to that 30+ points we're looking for out of our teams. I see myself using a lot of ROCCAT players in AlphaDraft this week.



XiaoWeiXiao - TIP have looked good against weak teams and have a weaker schedule (although maybe I should stop underestimating DIG) this week and I think XiaoWeiXiao can take advantage of that. Going back to the well on this one.



Altec - Gravity have a tough match up against TSM but also have an easy game against Team8 this week. Altec has been a steady performer scoring over 39 points in every week so far. Whatever they don't get against TSM, Gravity can make up for against Team8.






GIANTS - I'm a little salty over GIANTS performances last week especially Pepii going ADC against FNC. Come on man. Anyway, GIANTS showed some weakness last week and have a tough game against H2k and a game against an improving Gambit. I'm not expecting huge points from GIANTS this week.



TSM - This pertains to using them as your team, not the individual players as TSM have a tough week against Team Liquid and Gravity. Sure they could easily go 2-0, but they haven't been as dominate this split and could go 0-2 as well. I think TSM are safe to start, just don't expect them to all go top five in their roles again this week.



Good luck in week four!


I hope everyone had some success in week two. Last weeks column was very up and down. Let's take a look.



Must Plays:



Huni - Had a better week, but still only fished as the seventh best top laner in terms of scoring. He's been targeted a lot both in bans and in getting camped in the top lane. If he gets put on a carry top lane champion he is still amazing. Anyway, I consider this a loss in terms of whether he was a good pick or not last week.



Amazing - Averaged 34.55 PPG this week in two blood baths that Origen dominated. Carried quite well with good ganks and all around good play. Good call here.






Impact - Finished 12th among top laners and only averaged 12.95 PPG. We needed more kills boys!



Pobelter - Not bad, finished seventh among mid laners and averaged over 20 points a game. Couldn't take on Bjergsen head to head which limited his upside. That was the risk involved in taking him, but not an awful week.



Team Liquid - Went 1-1 and totaled only 23 points. Not a good call



Adryh - scored 62.58 points and looked really good in both games for Giants. Finished only behind Niels in ADC PPG this week.



Team Dignitas - Another good call as they went 2-0 and scored the second most points behind TSM with 43.






Gambit Gaming - Scored 12 points and went 0-2.



FeniX - Good call here as he only averaged 9.3 PPG this week, 16th among Mid laners.



Altec - Had a second strong week in a row, Gravity looked very good this week as well. Averaged 21.3 points good for eight among ADCs.



Apollo - Decent week averaged over 18 PPG. Finished 11th among ADCs. I kind of gave myself a cop out I notice now saying that Altec/Apollo wouldn't finish top six, so I guess these count as good calls.



I'm giving myself a 7-4 score in favor of good calls to bad ones. What about this week? Let's check it out below. Once again I'll try to focus on the less obvious names when providing my picks for the week.



Must Plays:



TSM and Origen- It probably goes without saying but I'm going to say it anyway. TSM have an extremely favorable schedule this week against DIG and TDK. Yes DIG are 3-1 but they've had a pretty light schedule and I think this is the week they come crashing down. Start your TSM players and expect a big week. Origen are the best team for fantasy points at the moment and have another great chance to go 2-0 if they keep up with how they've started the split.



Freeze - I know CW were bad last week, trust me I saw it first hand in the vVv Fantasy League, but Freeze had a great week one and I think he is a good bet to provide solid fantasy points this week as well. GosuPepper and Promisq are near the top of the support role in terms of deaths and Forgiven is tied for third in deaths from the ADC role. I think CW can go 2-0 this week and look for Freeze to lead the scoring for them.






Adryh - This paid off big last week and I'm not sure he can really be called a sleeper anymore, but just in case you aren't buying in I'll leave him here. He's fourth in kills and assists for all ADCs in the LCS. I know they play FNATIC this week, but Giants have looked good and FNATIC is sloppy at times. Expect the bulk of his points to come in Day 1 against ROCCAT and Woolite who has died more than any other ADC in the LCS.



Werlyb - Same here. I know Huni is the best top laner, but if Giants take after what other teams have done they will target ban Huni and then look to gank him early. If Huni isn't on a carry top laner he provides much less of a threat and Werlyb has looked good. Like Adryh, look for big points in Day 1 against ROCCAT and Steve who has died 27 times already this split.



Odoamne - H2k have looked good so far and while they have a tough matchup against UoL this week I think Odoamne will be able to hold his own. He carried last week on Rumble and while the UoL matchup looks tough he also gets to go against SK and fredy122 who has died 27 times this split.


Loulex - Same as Odoamne, expect big points against an SK team that has died a lot so far this split.


XiaoWeiXiao - Faces two mid laners this week who are near the top in deaths while his KDA ratio of 17/7/21 is solid after two weeks. Good bet to win his lane in both matchups



TIP - Hinted at above but I think TIP are in a good spot this week to go 2-0. They should beat a struggling TDK and I think they can take Team Liquid to the wire and possibly beat them as well.



GV and NME - Both have tough matchups against CLG, but is this the week we start to see CLG slow down after their loss to TSM? It's possible and I think NME and GV can have good weeks even if they go 1-1. NME have an easy match up against Team8 and should put up big points there while I expect Gravity to beat DIG.



C9 - Risky, they've looked pretty bad the last two weeks. However, if they come out this week at their best they can beat Team Liquid and should roll Team8. Play at your own peril.






Froggen - Elements looked pretty rough last week and I wouldn't go near Froggen until things turn around. He's fourth among mid laners in deaths and faces Febiven and Soren, who may not have the star power of Febiven but hasn't died much this split.



Jankos - Second among all Junglers in points last week, but I wouldn't expect anywhere close to that against Giants and Origen this week. Nothing to see here.



DIG - The cinderellas of the split so far as they're tied for the lead in NALCS with a 3-1 record. But they've played three of the worst teams, record wise, to achieve that mark. This is the week DIG start to fall behind against TSM and Gravity. I wouldn't expect much out of the team or the players this week.



Good luck in Week Three!


Fantasy LCS: EU Week Two Day Two Notes




*GMB much better ban/pick including the pick of Sivir for Forgiven even though he doesn’t like playing her.

*Betsy has been the best player for GMB so far this split, did a good job of poking down Febiven early and dealt the most damage of any player in the game

*Cabochard not as comfortable on Ryze as others in Day One

*GMB were better on a better comp but still were outshined in the team fights by FNC ultimately leading to the loss


Giants vs SK


*Really close game, Svenskeren looked much better on a tankier jungler but still died too much.

*Werlyb was dynamic on Jax and helped carry the game

*Adryh with another strong game, pick him up if you need ADC help

*Fredric looked good again on Evelyn, look for that to be banned against him in the future

*SK are dying a ton, use that to your advantage when facing them


UoL vs ROC


*Really nice early game pressure from both Junglers as they were involved with most of the early game kills

*UoL started the game a bit sloppy, especially Vizicsacsi on Nocturne

*Hylissang also played sloppy, dying a lot and missing flash tibbers

*Nukeduck countered PoE’s Kog’maw well with LB early

*Vander’s thresh hooks were really good helping Woolite get big

*UoL’s wave clear ability was able to keep them in the game

*ROCCAT had a pretty strong week, but lost because they let the game slip away. Woolite needs to work on his positioning to become a better ADC option.


EL vs H2k


*Rough start with Jwaow and Promisq getting killed early while trying to ward

*Good early gank from Dexter gets Elements back in the game. Dexter has been a solid jungle option so far this split.

*Odoamne was able to heavily out farm Jwaow and provide a big advantage early picking up an assist and two kills

*H2k are a strong team to use on your roster if you’re in need. They have a strong team that takes control of objectives very well.


OG vs CW


*I don't have a ton to say because it'd all be me repeating myself about Origen. They are extremely well coordinated. The good synergy across the team is producing big fantasy numbers thus far.

*CW will have better weeks, the UoL game could’ve went either way, but I think they were always expected to lose against Origen.


Fantasy LCS: EU Week Two Day One Notes



EL vs. GIA



*Giants dominated Elements, great team fight comp. Pepiinero and Adryh can carry and should be picked up if available. Werlyb great on Maokai.

*Elements struggled for control.






*ROC heavy pressure on Huni early to shut down Huni but also to build confidence on Steve

*Huni first pick Ryze, advantageous for FNC to know how to use Ryze ahead of the LCS curve. Ryze been used in Korean pro play.

*YellowstaR 3 kill steals on Huni early

*ROCCAT dominated team fights early with back to back aces at one point. Strong early game ganks, lost control mid game.

*ROCCAT focused Huni hard all game which allowed Rekkles and Febiven to farm and carry. You can shut one door on FNC but they have too many options.

*FNC were sloppy but still good enough to win. Against stronger teams they may be punished.



H2k vs Gambit



*Gambit had a weird champ select with Gragas top and Volibear Jungle again

*Gambit’s communication is not there. The aggressive style of the Gambit bot lane gives up too many early kills.

*H2k had an early lead before getting a little bit greedy allowing Gambit a 3 for 0 to get back into the game

*Hjarnan looks like one of the top ADCs in the LCS so far

*H2k dominated with superior team play. Gambit just aren’t functioning at the moment.



SK vs OG


*Both Lane swaps were effective in denying the top lane players farm and experience. But Soaz did a great job catching up.

*Both teams respected each other early game, swapping towers while SK took first dragon, until the first team fight where OG took a decisive 3 for 1. SK was able to take second dragon.

*SK didn’t play poorly, with good objective control, but OG was able to dominate the team fights and kills eventually giving them the huge advantage

* Origen are a force to be reckoned with and each member is a must owns and must starts depending on your other options. Everything is calculated right now and they are playing smart and safe

*Svenskeren and Fredy are dying a lot in the early part of this split

*Mithy and Niels look like the best duo in EU at the moment.



CW vs UoL



*Vizicsacsi looked good on Ryze getting an early double kill to help snowball

*CW feared Ryze as airwaks did not commit to ganks that he could’ve made

*UoL got a good amount of roaming picks to help push themselves ahead

*UoL dominated the objectives and brought the stronger team fight comp

*Much better day for Vardags but still only 3 kills, Power of Evil looks like a strong mid lane option

*Kikis had some great barrels and a strong showing on gragas.


Fantasy LCS: Must Plays, Sleepers, and Busts for Week Two



The following rankings are for Week Two of the LCS. We saw a lot of action in week one, some good, some bad, some surprising. How can we apply that for week two? These projections are based on current form of players/teams combined with the schedule for week two in order to figure out where the upside can be found. These projections also only reflect week two. I am trying to focus on less obvious picks, obviously if you have a player like Febiven, you don't need to be told to use him.



Must Plays:



Huni - The entire team is a must play for this week, and to be honest, they're probably going to be must plays all season. Fnatic are the dominant team in Europe at the moment and with a weak schedule against ROCCAT and an under performing Gambit Gaming this week they should be a lock to go 2-0. Look for Huni, who had a modest week one, to get back to top PPG payout this week, especially against ROCCAT's Steve who was picked on heavily in week one.



Amazing - Origen have started strong and look like they could push Fnatic for the top spot in EU at some point this split. While we wait for that match up to come, let's take advantage of the OG lineup. Amazing is in a good spot this week to put out a lot of points against Copenhagen Wolves, who usual have longer games which lead to more points, and SK, who are floundering at the moment and had a staggering amount of deaths in all lanes week one. Look for amazing to gank heavily this week.






Impact - Impact faces two top laners this week in Balls and Dyrus who do not present much threat of kill pressure in lane, something Impact can take advantage of. His favoring of carry style top laners give him an opportunity to put out a good kill total coupled with his strong CS skills. If he can cut down on his deaths he's a good bet to pick up solid points this week.



Pobelter - This one is a bit riskier, but Pobelter had the best week of any mid laner in the entire LCS week one. CLG were clicking on all cylanders in week one as well and I think they can carry their form over to week two. Pobelter has a favorable match up against Team 8 and Slooshi on day one in a game CLG should win pretty handily. Day two is where the tricky part comes in. Against TSM and Bjergsen, Pobelter will be tested. Look for CLG to put early pressure on Bjergsen to try and get Pobelter the advantage, if he can capitalize he is in a good spot to have another solid week.



Team Liquid - Fnatic and Origen are the top two teams this week, but I think Team Liquid should go 2-0 which usually equates to at least 30 total points for the week. They were tied for second in dragon kills, led the league in baron kills and in PPG week one. I think they will be tested by NME and Gravity, but have a good chance to go 2-0.



Adryh - Adryh quietly had a very good week for GIANTS Gaming putting up the seventh best PPG total. He carried quite well in Giants win against CW on Kalista and faces an aggressive Elements and a struggling SK this week. I think the potential is there for another good week.



Team Dignitas - This one might be a bit of a surprise after the weird week DIG had. I'm not saying you have to play DIG as you probably have a better option available. But in something like Alpha Draft or a Vulcun daily/weekly league DIG are a good contrarian pick for tournaments. They showed their best against C9 and face two weak teems this week. I can see DIG going 2-0.






Gambit Gaming - For now I think it needs to be recommended to sit any Gambit players you have. I wouldn't cut bait on Cabochard, Diamond, or Forgiven especially just yet. Gambit came into week one without practicing for a week due to issues at their gaming house. I think Gambit are too talented to be as bad as they were this week and expect them to turn things around. It just might not be this week. If you have other options, I'd sit Gambit's players for the time being.



Fenix - Fenix had the second highest PPG total in the LCS for mid laners in week one, but his death total was also the second highest. I think Fenix can have a solid week again, but I wouldn't expect the second most PPG in the LCS this week.



Altec/Apollo - Both had top six weeks for the ADC role, but expect some regression as they face smart bottom lanes in all four of their games this week. They can still be solid, just may not carry your team.



Good luck in Week Two!


Monday Musings:


Welcome back to the blog guys. I hope you were able to take advantage of the tier rankings during your drafts and scored a solid team to go into the split with. If you weren't able to get all the picks you wanted, that's ok. The point of the tier rankings was to help you identify value and where the drop offs came at each position. Even if you didn't end up with the top option in every role (impossible to do anyway) you still could put together a strong roster.


So how did everyone's week one go? For me, not so well to be honest. I lost in the two leagues I care about, including the vVv Fantasy League. If you lost this week let me start by stressing this point: DO NOT PANIC. It's only one week, there's no need to panic. Some of the best options from last split had down weeks while some players you wouldn't expect led their role in points. Things happen, don't go cutting some of the best players based on one bad week to add a flash in the pan. Anyway here are my thoughts on Week One of the LCS in terms of fantasy aspect.




What a dominating week from CLG, going 2-0 including a performance against DIG where they didn't even relinquish a tower. CLG also took down a strong TIP roster and looked good doing it. Is CLG back on track to be a top team once again? It looked that way after the first week. The two carry options in particular, Pobelter and Doublelift had huge weeks each leading their respective roles in PPG. Aphromoo also ended the week as the top support, while ZionSpartan and Xmithie posted top three weeks at their positions. This looks like a strong roster going forward. If Pobelter is still available in your league he should be a priority pick up. This week, CLG take on Team 8 who they should be able to handle, and then get a test against TSM. The TSM game could really show us how well CLG will perform this split.


Speaking of TSM, they went 1-1 this week losing to Cloud 9 in a close game but defeating Enemy ESports. TSM will be fine, although they let a lead slip against C9, Bjergsen was still dominate. He remains a top option in any role for fantasy purposes. C9 is a tough matchup for any team (well except maybe DIG this week) and TSM showed a lot more fantasy upside against NME. All TSM players besides Dyrus are a must own, and even Dyrus looked good on a more carry based champ like Rumble against NME.


I don't know what to make of Dignitas. They get dominated by CLG on day one, unable to kill a tower, and then turn around and destroy C9 on day two doing to C9 what CLG did to them the day before. Fantasy wise none of their performances stuck out in terms of PPG with all five members being near the bottom of their respective roles. Azingy looked very strong on Zac against C9 and turned in a 5/0/7 final stat line. Keep an eye on DIGs performances but I can't say any of the members are a must own yet. The same can be said about Cloud 9 who should be a top team, but in terms of fantasy they just don't show those huge PPG totals that other teams do.


Team Liquid looked very good this week against two of the bottom teams in the league. With any easy schedule again this week TL could be in a great spot to score more points. Team8 and TDK had rough weeks going 0-2. TDK look like a mess at the moment having to play with subs in the squad, but keep your eye on Slooshi and Porpoise as neither performed terribly and could have more upside in the future. Gravity ended the week 1-1 but could've easily finished 0-2 or 2-0. They played a few close games but didn't look dominate in either. Bunny FuFuu enjoyed a strong week finishing third in PPG for supports. NME look at the very least like they're going to be able to compete with the top teams this split. Keep Otter and Innox on your watch list as both look capable of carrying at times. If Trashy can become even more involved that may help going forward.




How good did Fnatic look? They were a little sloppy against SK but still looked dominate in every position. Fnatic's aggresive play style makes every one of their players extra appealing in fantasy. All five members are most owns and could definitely repeat as top options in their positions come season end. While Huni looked average this week, I would expect him to bounce back in a big way against ROCCAT this week. Fnatic play ROCCAT and the underperforming Gambit in Week Two which could easily be another 2-0 week.


CW are on the ascension as well having a big week in terms of fantasy production. I came into the split pretty high on Freeze recommending him in the same tier as big names like WildTurtle and Forgiven, and so far I look smart there. I have a TON of shares of Freeze in all my leagues and couldn't have been happier as he led the LCS in kills this week and looked strong doing so. I picked up Freeze in the fourth round of my eight man leagues where he will be a huge bargain for that price if he can keep this up. CW will be tested this week but look like a strong group of players to use going forward in fantasy.


Origen burst onto the scene with a 2-0 week including a good win over H2k. Most of you knew about sOAZ and xPeke coming into the split but Niels had a great first two games in the LCS posting 14/2/14 stat line over the two games. All five Origen members should be owned going forward. Giants gaming picked up a nice win over CW this week with Adryh enjoying the fourth most PPG total in the EULCS this week. If you're in need of an ADC and Adryh is available, he could be worth a pick up.


The surprise of the week for me was Gambit going 0-2. They really under performed against an overhauled Elements and a sub par ROCCAT. It's not time to panic yet as things may still be gelling for Gambit. Forgiven remains a top ADC option as his aggressive style pairs well with Gosu Pepper and they could still end up a top bot lane option in terms of fantasy. However, this may not be the week that happens as Gambit face H2k and Fnatic in a tough week of games.


The final point I'll make is that UoL and H2k but in good games this week but ended up 1-1. Tough match ups against Fnatic and Origen stopped the teams from going 2-0 but against weaker competition these teams should be able to perform quite well. Stay on board with these players as UoL and H2k could easily go 2-0 this week.


Remember, if you are 0-1 after one week DON'T PANIC. Continue to show faith in your top players there's still plenty of time to turn things around! Tomorrow I'll be posting my rankings for week two.




Today I'll finish my rankings of each role by taking a look at the support position as well as our rankings of the LCS teams. If you missed any of my previous rankings you can check them out

here. Let's take a look at the support role first.


Player - Team - PPG


YellOwStaR - Fnatic - 22.25


Lustboy - TSM - 18.71


nRated - SK - 18.46


EDward - Gambit - 17.1


Aphromoo - CLG - 16.99


kaSing (12 games) - H2k - 16.58


Bunny FuFuu - Gravity - 15.79


Unlimited - CW - 15.76


Hylissang - UoL - 15.74


Adrian - Impulse - 15.66


LemonNation - Cloud9 - 14.35


Xpecial - Team Liquid - 13.7


Dodo8 - Team 8 - 13.41


VandeR - ROCCAT - 13.03


KiwiKiD - Dignitas - 9.93


Rydle - Giants - 7.55


Mithy* - Origen - 21.2


Smoothie* - TDK - 17.25


Bodydrop* - Enemy - 16.9


* Indicates the player was on a challenger series team that was promoted to the Summer LCS. All LCS players are based on 18 Games while all Challenger Series players are based on 10 games, unless otherwise noted in parenthesis.


In your drafts you'll looking to select only one support for your team. In my opinion, most of the PPG totals are so low after a certain point that it is wiser to select back ups at other positions than a second support. Also, I would recommend waiting to select your support rather than taking one early as the PPG totals of the top eight players become relatively even after the top dog. Speaking of which...


Top Tier: YellowStaR




YellowStaR is the only support player worthy of being put into the top tier. He was the only player to top 20 PPG on average and has been the top support in each of the past two splits. With the return of Rekkles to Fnatic and the bot lane synergy already in place, expect YellowStaR to have another strong split. A case could be made to select YellowStaR early in your draft if available. It is up to your discretion whether to do this or not. If a top player in any other role is available I would still recommend taking them over a support. But, if the top ADC, Mid, and Top players are all gone, I would never fault anyone for taking YellowStaR and separating themselves from the rest of the support players. I'm not sure I'd do this strategy, but it is something to consider for sure.


Mid Tier: Lustboy, nRated, EDward, Aphromoo, kaSing, Bunny FuFuu, Unlimited, Hylissang, Adrian


If you don't end up drafting YellowStaR, this is the group of players you'll be waiting and taking a support from. The point totals don't really difference themselves too greatly from top to bottom in this tier. If you create a strong roster while waiting to take a support from this group, I think you'll end up with a strong team. One thing to note, Lustboy has the top rated ADC partnering him in the bot lane and with a strong team around them I think Lustboy has a chance to move into the top tier with YellowStaR by the end of the split. He's a strong play maker in his own right and has shown to be a top support player, expect the PPG total to match that this split.


Low Tier: The rest of these players are undraftable. The PPG totals are way too low to consider them serviceable in your starting role. As I've stated before you're only looking to grab one support player for your team and there are simply better options available. That said, always keep an eye on how players are performing and if anyone from this group rises above their ranking, you could snag them in free agency.


New for this Split: Mithy, Smoothie, Bodydrop, promisq


Promisq joins Elements as one of four new members to their team this split. A high ELO player, Promisq has no LCS experience and I would reccomend waiting to see how the new bot lane performs for Elements before drafting him. The same is recommended for Bodydrop and Smoothie as neither LCS experience and only put up decent PPG totals in the Challenger Series. One note on Bodydrop, while figuring out his PPG totals from the Challenger Series, I noticed that he peformed extremely well on Morgana and extremely subpar on any other champion. That's something to watch this split as Morgana may be banned often against Enemy.


Mithy is a different case as he has the experience and is playing for one a team expected to be one of the top in EU. He averaged the highest PPG total of any Challenger Series support player and has the top ADC from the Challenger Series as his bot lane partner. I could see Mithy ending up in the mid tier and thus making him worth of being drafted.


Now let's look at the team rankings for the Summer Split. These are my actual rankings, even though the PPG from last split may be out of order in terms of ranking. I expect these teams to be the best for fantasy purposes this split.


Team - PPG (Spring Split)


Fnatic - 15.94


SK - 17.11


TSM - 14.67


CLG - 15.56


H2k - 15.28




Cloud 9 - 15.39


UoL - 13.33


TiP - 13.28


Gambit - 13.78


Elements - 11.61


Team Liquid - 13.11


Gravity - 13.17




Team 8 - 11.94


ROCCAT - 11.17


CW - 10.94


Giants - 9.22


Dignitas - 9.11




When drafting, like supports, I recommend taking only one team. You're better served to use the back up roster spot on players rather than a second team. If needed you can swap out teams during the split.


Fnatic is the top dog in terms of Fantasy LCS. Go back and look through my individual rankings and you'll notice a trend, at each position a Fnatic player was the top scorer last split and one of those players actually got replaced! I expect Fnatic to have another strong season.


There aren't many surprises here as the top teams are ranked accordingly in fantasy as they would be otherwise. Origen is a top option as I really feel they could be a top team in EU and have the players to score a lot of fantasy points for your teams.


Thank you for reading my tier rankings for the Summer split. I'm looking for seven other people to join me in a vVv Fantasy LCS league. Please let me know if you're interested.




New week, new look at LCS rankings today starts our last week of rankings with the ADCs. If you've missed any of my other entries you can check them out here:



ADCs, along with Mid Laners, are a major priority when drafting. ADCs average the most amount of points per game making it extremely viable to fill your flex spot with a second ADC. Eight players averaged over 20 PPG last split providing further evidence of this drafting strategy. ADCs are the most likely first round pick you will make, depending on if an advantage can be found in another lane or not. If not in your first round, you should definitely have two ADCs by the time you've made your first three picks. Lets take a look at the rankings:


Player - Team - PPG


Steelback - Fnatic - 25.84


WildTurtle - TSM - 24.01


Freeze - CW - 23.15


FORG1VEN - Gambit - 22.68


Cop - Gravity - 21.91


P1noy - Gambit - 21.75


Apollo - Impulse - 20.13


Hjarnan - H2k - 20.01


Doublelift - CLG - 19.93


Sneaky - Cloud9 - 19.47


Vardags - UoL - 19.08


Rekkles - Fnatic - 18.48


Woolite - ROCCAT - 17.09


maplestreet8 - Team 8 - 16.07


CoreJJ - Dignitas - 14.08


Piglet (12 games) - Team Liquid - 13.92


Adryh - Giants - 13.32


Niels* - Origen - 24.7


Otter - Enemy - 19.4


LouisXGeeGee (8 games) - TDK - 13.88


* Indicates the player was on a challenger series team that was promoted to the Summer LCS. All LCS players are based on 18 Games while all Challenger Series players are based on 10 games, unless otherwise noted in parenthesis.


Of the 20 players listed above 11 are draftable to be used in your starting line up. The crazy thing about this class is that the top scorer from last split (Steelback) is now a sub for Fnatic and sixth highest scorer (P1noy) is also now a sub for Gambit. It's unfortunate that these two players are subs as it shrinks the pool of players that are draftable in an eight team league. If you're going to go for two ADCs in your starting lineup you need to get them early as after the top eleven the drop off becomes not worth targeting.


Top Tier: Steelback, WildTurtle, Freeze, FORG1VEN




With Steelback's move to the substitute bench this top tier from last split looses as a member. WildTurtle becomes the top option after a strong split where he averaged 24.01 PPG. WildTurtle paced the LCS in kills from the ADC position with 108 to 42 deaths. His strong KDA and ability to win lane with a strong support make him a viable option to be the top ADC this split. This marks back to back splits of over 18 PPG for the TSM ADC. Freeze posted a strong split coming in fourth for both kills and assists, but it was his league leading CS score of over 7,000 that propelled him into this top tier. If his CS falls off some it could be the difference that drops him into the second tier.


FORG1VEN provides a curious case. Known as one of the best ADCs in Europe, he moves to Gambit after requesting his release from SK. FORG1VEN is a good player, but it'll be interesting to see how the change of teams affects him.


Upper Mid Tier: Cop, Apollo, Hjarnan, Doublelift


If you miss out on the top three players in the first round of your draft do not fear, this tier is still quite strong. All four players averaged over 20 PPG except Doublelift who finished with 19.93. If you end up with a pick at the end of the first round, I would almost recommend going back to back ADCs and look to get two players from this tier, depending on what is still available. It is conceivable that by the eighth pick in round one, all three top tier ADCs, the top two Top Laners, and the top two mid laners will already be drafted. I've already recommended waiting until a little later to select a jungler so this leaves you with a choice, you can select one ADC and one mid tier player from another position, or you can fill your ADC position and grab a second ADC for your flex spot. I think the second option is the better choice as the upper mid tier of ADCs will average you more points than a mid tier player at another positon.


With that said, Cop is the strongest option in this tier. The Gravity ADC has had back to back seasons with over 19 PPG in the LCS. He finished second in kills to WildTurtle last split and could possibly continue his upward trend into the top tier of ADCs this split. P1noy falls out of this tier as he has been moved to a substitute role with Gambit.


Lower Mid Tier: Sneaky, Vardags, Rekkles, Woolite


This tier is all about value. If you draft near the first pick in your league you will be waiting awhile to select another player, meaning at most you'll have one ADC when 14 other players are taken before your next pick. If you take a Huni, or a Bjergsen with your first pick, you're going to want to look at whats available and decide if you go two ADCs with your next two picks. The good news is you should be able to snag one of the upper mid tier ADCs and an ADC from this group.


I think Sneaky and Rekkles are very strong picks from this group. Sneaky is trending upward after posting back to back splits of over 17 PPG. He's on a good team in NA with a strong support helping him out in the lanes. If Sneaky is your second ADC I think you're going to be alright while having an advantage with a top Mid Lane or Top Lane player.


Rekkles also is a strong option. He had a down split with only 18.48 PPG but it should be noted that his move back to Fnatic could be beneficial for all involved. He already has a strong synergy with YellOwStaR and the last time the two played together Rekkles led the LCS with 23.5 PPG.


Low Tier: You're better off waiting awhile to take one of the remaining players as there are better options available. Piglet had a rough split, sharing time with Keith as Team Liquid's starting ADC. He finished the playoffs as the starter and I expect him to begin the season as the starter and bounce back.


New for this split: Niels, Otter, LouisXGeeGee, Tabzz, CandyPanda


There are a lot of ADCs coming in this split either from the challenger series or to replace outgoing ADCs for teams. Lets start with Tabzz and CandyPanda, who replace Rekkles and FORG1VEN respectively. I think both provide some sleeper potential to be strong ADCs this split. They are both experienced and should be able to play to a high level. Tabzz last split in the LCS saw him finish third in PPG with 21.2 while CandyPanda averaged 18.3. As long as there is no rust both should be draftable.


Niels had a pretty dominating split for Origen in the EU Challenger Series averaging 24.7 PPG. He had strong KDAs in every game but one and should provide a solid option on a team expected to push for a top spot this split. Otter had a pretty strong split for Enemy, but with a team inexperienced to the LCS format and going against some strong NA bot lanes, I'd expect Otter to finish in the lower mid tier. LouisXGeeGee is undraftable to begin with, he only averaged 13.88 PPG in the challenger series and with the addition of Emperor to TDK his starting spot is in question.


I hope you enjoyed this look at the ADCs, Wednesday we'll look at the Support position.

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