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TL;DR My personal transition out of league of legends

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The Transition

Hello vVv Community, Many of you in the community know me from the League of Legends ever since I became a member of vVv. However after taking a closer look into my life I realized that video gaming no longer made me happy. I was constantly angry and I became very cynical towards others in my actual life that I was actually pushing my friends and family away. So I decided to just play some non-multiplayer games to take a step back and really evaluate what was going on in my life that was causing all this inner animosity. So what I did was every week I would stop playing one multiplayer game and then record my moods/feeling for that week while absent of that game. I did this for about five weeks until it was the week were League of Legends was up. At first I thought it was going to be a rough week and even make me angrier because I was going to be absent from the game that I loved and cared about the most. However as the week progressed I started to see myself more as me instead of the angry shell that I had become. I then decided to stop playing League of another week to see if I got the same results, and I did. I would be lying to you all if I said that League hasn't changed my life. League of Legends drew me to this community that I know and love, League of Legends brought me together and solidified everlasting friendships. At one point in my life it was the medicine that I wanted and needed, but over time it slowly became the poison. Now its been a little over a month since I have even logged in to League. And my life has never been better. League will always be apart of my life in the way that it shaped me, however I cannot see myself returning to it any time soon.

Plague of Rats

Plague of Rats

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